Make Images Look DRAMATIC in SNAPSEED | SNAPSEED TUTORIAL | Android | iPhone

Make Images Look DRAMATIC in SNAPSEED | SNAPSEED TUTORIAL | Android | iPhone

This is a mobile captured a bit overexposed image, which I will try to turn to something very dramatic using the free app Snapseed. First in Tune Image, I’m gonna bring the overall brightness down And increase the shadow values for some details from the darker parts. Now I’m going to use a bunch of effects with the Curves tool and a lot of selective masking for further edits. You can notice some blue color in the background sky. I also want to increase the colors of the vegetation. To do that, opening the curves tool here and below selecting the blue curve. Here I’m gonna move the blue curve towards right. Moving left adds blues but moving right removes the blues and also adds the opposite color yellow. Now the colors look better but not on the stairs. So going to masking. Tap on the ‘Stacks’ icon on the top right, View edits, latest Curves and Brush. Here with the effect enabled and the brush value at zero, I’m going to brush out the effect on the stairs. Zooming in to get precise selection. Applying it. Next with the curves again, I’m going to darken the image by bringing down the top point of the curve, also the middle part. And with masking, with the effect enabled brushing out the parts where I want to keep the light. Varying the transparency levels of the brush to not crush the details in the darker parts. To further darken the bottom part especially the stairs there, I’m gonna again use Curves with masking. Next to create sunlight with some morning fog, using Curves, I’m gonna crush the blacks by moving the bottom point up. Then applying this look with masking around the gap here where I want the sun rays to come. Varying the transparency values to give the foggy effect a more natural look. Next to further brighten the part where the light is coming, again brightening with Curves. Also adding yellowish tone by dragging the blue curve right and applying it with masking. Now some Selective filters. On the greens here to make them pop a bit. Also one on the stairs. One around here to darken the sky on these parts. Next for a warmer look, increasing the temperature and tint. As the stairs look too reddish now, I’m going to remove the effect a bit there with masking. Coming back to the Selective filters. Adding more brightness to these parts of the greens. To pop the brighter parts, increasing the highlights here. Also adding some saturation. Reducing the shadows a bit for some contrast. Now for some Dodge & Burn with the Brush tool. With the value at – 5, brushing on these stairs to darken a bit. Bit of dodging too. So here the changes applied after each effect. Thanks for watching!

30 thoughts on “Make Images Look DRAMATIC in SNAPSEED | SNAPSEED TUTORIAL | Android | iPhone”

  1. A very imaginative and inspiring tutorial. Thanks to your videos I now use curves regularly and with confidence. I am grateful to you for all your work.

  2. Too much edit .. this is not photography , this is visual art … clients don’t want photos like this .. edits should be realistic and close to reality.. what you did , is way too much

  3. You don't say what you select when you do and when you talk, your strong accent and the missing letters from each word just makes the word sound totally different. Please, try as much as possible to just provide captions next time.

  4. 1.ure professional
    2.u know what to do to do

    "Kyun aye idhar😂 Dehkne ke bad aiya hi laga mujhe toh yeh bhaiya curves ke sat khelte khelte chuna hi lagaya"

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