Long Exposure Photography at Trillium Lake, Oregon

Long Exposure Photography at Trillium Lake, Oregon

Good morning from the Mt Hood National Forest It’s still pretty early, not even 6 in the morning. I came to Trillium Lake today I was hoping to find the road open, but as you can see it is closed So I have to walk the last 2 miles to the lake, which is fine because I get to do some exercise But I’m afraid that I’m gonna miss the light It was beautiful just a few minutes ago, and I’m afraid that when I get there, it’s not gonna be that good But I should still be able to make good images in this place because it is beautiful It is stunning and breathtaking, all of those things It’s been a while since I was here for the last time so I’m really looking forward to this Let’s do it This is a beautiful place, isn’t it? Actually, that’s the problem of this location: the view of the lake and the mountain in the background is so stunning and so beautiful that steals the show. It’s really hard to focus or to look for different compositions here that is not the obvious one that is right in front of you, and there is nothing wrong with taking that, with making that image. I actually made a couple earlier slightly different but the same shot, and I made a couple of long exposures. Most of my images, if not all of them this morning have been long exposures. As you can tell, I love long exposure photography, for me It feels almost like cheating because the images don’t look like photographs They look more like paintings and that’s something that I really, really wanna achieve with my photography There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a regular shot of this scene, this is a beautiful setting I mean, you can’t really go wrong with it There are some things in this scene that a painter wouldn’t paint For example the contrails from the planes in the sky The clouds are not the most beautiful clouds this morning So those are the things that I’m trying to get rid of with a long exposure, and I think it’s working And I think it’s taking this already beautiful scene to another level and it’s making for almost a perfect painting and I love this place because of this So, I’m not really sure what’s going on here I don’t know if it’s the remote or the camera that is not working properly But I’m not able to take more long exposures. That kind of sucks. So this was the last one from here I was using this as a frame for the mountain and the lake, kind of, and talking about frames I’m gonna go for a walk, there is a beautiful boardwalk along the lake I’m gonna be looking for frames for the mountain. Hopefully some trees and branches, stuff like that. That’s what I’m gonna be doing now

17 thoughts on “Long Exposure Photography at Trillium Lake, Oregon”

  1. Why don’t you start shooting on a 35mm camera? I know it’s hard to find a replacement for the Bronica but I think your film photos have more soul in it

  2. Hey dude, you do understand, long exposure photography only looks good on the computer screens. Once you start printing it will look like bunch of blob on paper. Sooner you learn that better it will be for your "beyond youtube" career.

  3. Just because some amateur on youtube said some dumb picture looks good doesn't actually make it good.

  4. I really like those more creative shots you took including some of the deck. You had some lovely conditions! Interesting that the road was closed. I;m enjoying seeing some of my favorite spots in your videos. Did you make it out to Bend?

  5. I've really enjoyed this video. I love it when you manage to combinate beautiful landscapes, captivating shots, insight into your photography process, and beautiful images.

  6. Finally made it there this weekend! Tip: sunset seems to be better sun on Mt Hood (we also had fog all day) in the summer at least, sunrise early warm light better in winter – when sun rises further south on the face of the mountain. Looks like the morning light covered more of the south face of the mtn in your video/photo. PS- camped there and they had snowfall on June 5th or so – down to just above freezing overnight!

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