Lens  Converter Comparison 0.43x 0.35x and 2.2x Lens  Adapters by Altura Photo | Tutorial Video

Lens Converter Comparison 0.43x 0.35x and 2.2x Lens Adapters by Altura Photo | Tutorial Video

Alright so you stepped up to the world of DSLR photography, you’re trying to figure out, should I buy lenses? should I buy adapter lenses? That’s where these guys come into play. The 0.35x,0.43x, 2.2x stay tuned we’re going to talk about these and figure out how they work for you. As always if this video helps you don’t forget to hit us up with a like button underneath and subscribe to our channel and if you’re ever in Miami come by Digital Goja showrooms to say hello. [Music] So you got yourself a new DSLR with the 18-55mm kit lens and you’re not quite sure whether you should buy additional lenses for it and which ones to get. The easiest way to figure that out is to work with adapter lenses, there’s a 0.35x, 0.43x and a 2.2x. What that those numbers mean? I am going to show you, first of all you have to get the size that threads on to your camera, this one is a 58mm diameter which is the 58mm diameter of your filter thread, so that means that this just threads right on, and again you don’t have to overtighten this, you’re just going to tighten it and thread it on just enough so it doesn’t fall off, and then you now have a fisheye. Now, you don’t want a fisheye effect, well, that’s where the 0.43x comes in. With this one, you have an ultra-wide angle but it doesn’t give you that accented fisheye perspective and you are again going to just thread it on so it just holds it in place, you don’t want to over tighten it. So now it’s not going to fall off and now we have a 0.43x wide-angle perspective and last but definitely not least I will show you the one that gives you the telephoto magnification and that will be the 2.2x telephoto adapter. This just threads on, do not over-tighten it, just so it just doesn’t fall off. And I’ll show you some images that were taken with it, now there are other perspective lenses out there, there are 0.50x, 0.42x, 2.5x there is many different perspectives. These have been around for a while under tried-and-true, you can experiment with the other ones, but there isn’t that big of a difference between them, they’re just out there to be different. But I’ll show you the difference that you can create while using the 0.35x, 0.43x and the 2.2x Altura adapters on your kit lens. Stay tuned. Ok so we’re now in the lovely Goja showroom and I’m going to show you some examples that I want to take with the different adapter lenses on your standard 18-55mm, now remember, like I stated before, the first thing you have to make sure is you get the correct diameter thread for the filter size that you have on your lens. This one happens to be a 58mm diameter thread, so when I get the 0.35X, the 0.43X and the 2.2x, they have to have a 58mm diameter thread back here. So now, the first example will be a shot without the actual lens adapter, so I’m doing it with an 18mm so you get to see the perspective that I have now. Now I’m going to thread on the 0.35x, again do not over tight this, this is just enough so it stays on there and it doesn’t fall off. This is going to give you like a 6.6mm in a full-frame perspective, but since this is a crop sensor is going to be closer to like a 10mm. So, if you set it to the maximum setting on wide angle, which is 18 mm, I’ll show you the effect that you get, some of us like it some of us don’t. It has that interior circle, so it’s actually recording the inside of the barrel, the adapter, so that might work for some of us, if not, you can actually go ahead and zoom in a little bit more, so I’ll take one shot like that, and then I will show you another shot with a little bit more magnification, so it’s closer to like a 33 mm so that I don’t longer get the vignetting around the edges. Alright, and again those will be posted on our video. Now I’m going to do the same thing with the 0.43x. You again never want to overtighten this, you just want to thread it on, so that it holds it in place, and here is the shot with the 0.43x which is closer to like a, say around 11-12mm on a crop sensor. And then last but definitely, not least is the magnification one, this is the one that is a 2.2x, so this is going to double up on your millimeter.I would highly recommend probably working this with a bigger telephoto, but what I’ll do is I’ll set it to 55mm. So now instead of it being a 55mm it’s going to be closer to like a 120 mm. So there you have it now remember there are some other perspectives out there, there’s some 0.5x, 0.25x, 0.45x and 0.38x and 0.32x, there’s a lot of different ones out there, the ones that I just mentioned have been around for quite a while. These happen to be a very popular one, the Altura Photo brand and you can experiment but, honestly, they’re just out there to try to get customers to be interested in more selection, they’re not that big a difference in the perspective, so if you can get a better deal with the tried-and-true was like 0.35x, 0.43x and the 2.2x, By all mean go with those, if not, go ahead and try one of the other perspective ones, but there’s not going to be that big of a difference, as far as, in the perspective view between one and the other. So there you have it how to work with adapter lenses with your existing kit lens. I hope you found this video to be helpful if it did remember to hit me up with a like button underneath and subscribe to our channel for future tutorials frequently asked questions and unboxings and don’t forget if you’re ever in Miami come say hello at Digital Goja showrooms. Happy shooting!! [Music]

30 thoughts on “Lens Converter Comparison 0.43x 0.35x and 2.2x Lens Adapters by Altura Photo | Tutorial Video”

  1. 2 Quick questions: it seems to me that You use the Autofocus function while taking the picture with the 0.43 converter. So, does this mean:
    1.Autofocus should be turned off only while screwing the converters ?
    2.after screw the converter to the lens is Autofocus possible without doing damage to the mechanism ? Thanks in advance!

  2. need more parameters for pictures that you took. lets say, if I put 0.43x does shutter parameter change to keep same exposure and iso? of opposite, if for normal kit lens the f was 5.0, how much it will be with 0.43x 0.35x and 2.2x. cheers

  3. Hi, I recently just ordered a Sigma 16mm f/1.4 E-mount from you guys and I looking for a more wide view. The thread matches the 67MM 0.43x. The question is, will it show that inner circle or vignetting since it’s a prime lens. Also, will the adapter damage the lens while it’s on autofocus? Thanks

  4. are these Lens Converter a substitute for buying the lens in the perspective needed ?
    in another word can i use macro converter instead of buying expensive telphoto lens

  5. Many thanks for sharing this video. I already have 2.2x Telephoto and 0.43x wide angle lenses. They have 55 mm threads and I am using these lenses on my 4K Camcorder Sony AX53. I am just about to buy a 55MM 0.21X extreme Wide-Angle Fisheye which must very dirrerent compared to my current wide angle lens.

  6. Sir, I feel this is a cool alternative to spending huge money on different lenses especially for beginners like myself who are still trying to figure out what style of photography suits the most. However, I have a query regarding these adapters. Do they affect the F stop of our lenses? Like I have a 35mm F 1:1.8 NIKKOR lens, can it still go upto f / 1.8 with any of these attachments on ?

  7. I got the wide angle 0.35x on my Nikon when its no I try to focus it and it won't work I tried everything please help.

  8. Hello and thanks for all the great videos! I want to experiment with the circular effect that you saw us on 0.35x. Can I have the same effect with the other 2 converters too?

  9. just a quick opinion, I don't get the point of having the wide angle lens adapter when some will have to crop in to get rid of the vignetting caused, because if zoomed in/cropped in then the angle of viewing comes to the same as you would get from the normal lens itself. However for creative purposes I think I can use the lenses vignetting to my advantage and create something different.

  10. Thanks for the comparison. The telephoto one looks like it's sharp at the center only plus the chromatic aberration is noticeable.

  11. Great video, thanks but to be honest these add-ons will never achieve the quality of a prime lens or a decent zoom. Better to save up for a decent lens.

  12. which one do you recommend for a interior picture of a house like for a real estate work? from this tow, the 0.43x or the 0.35x?

  13. Do you have higher res images somewhere so we can take a look at the image quality? How much will the image quality suffer from this adapter?

  14. I have a Vivitar 55mm 0.43x Wide Angle with attached macro. My question is there an attachment ring of some kind that would allow me to use the wide angle lens without the macro attached so that I would be a true wide angle view. The wide angle needs some type of an adapter. Fyi, I have Nikon d3500. The lens is a 18 to 55mm that I am using. Thanks

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