LEG DAY | WHEY GIVEAWAY | new camera setup a6400 | vlog9 (ENGLISH SUB)

LEG DAY | WHEY GIVEAWAY | new camera setup a6400 | vlog9 (ENGLISH SUB)

Welcome back to our channel, saiyans! To those who are new to our channel
please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. What we’re going to do today is leg day. We’re going to be a bit busy today. We’re going to show a little bit of our meals today. And we’re going to sell this camera. This is a compact camera,
I use this when I travel to Japan. So I’ve only used it twice. And then we’ll replace this with a camera for vlogging. So goodbye to you, Sony RX100 V. Okay. Shout out to Robert who bought this camera. Cool guy, I’ve learned a lot from him. So we’re going to say goodbye to our camera. We’re going to deliver it using Lalamove
because he’s from Rizal. Hopefully, he can watch this. And he also sells items. Hopefully, we can get a discount from him next time. Okay. Cut. Okay so. He wants to deliver it using Lalamove. So, we’re going to say goodbye to our camera. But later we’ll replace this. we’re going to show… Oi, stay! Stay! Okay, later we’ll buy a camera. Take care! – Subscribe!
– Okay. Okay saiyans! I took of the “so”, no. Okay so, saiyans. We’re going to buy a camera first now heading to Trinoma. And also nearby Bagong Bantay we’re going to buy something because we already sold our camera that we only use sometimes Also, shout out to our client in Japan. He gave me this. Super cool, Son Goku! Okay, and there’s a towel included. Thank you very much! And then. Later we’ll do leg day. And later we’ll talk about some announcements, okay. Okay so. “Okay so” again. Shout to my wife, who’s planning to start her own YouTube channel. And to RapRap and Warren they’re going to make their own channel. full of mischief and we’ll follow them. In the next video, I’ll tell you the name of their channel. So if you want them to make their own channel, Comment down below. Okay so. we are in a hurry because we’re still going to pass our VISA application of our son. So we’ll be fast. My wife’s going to sponsor. Okay so, we’ll get to try the new camera today. Thank you, YouTube. Hoping for more. Nitrogen-fit Okay. Okay, let’s pray for now because if it gets approved we might get a… discount. Honey, there’s a discount but we’ll pray for it first. Yeah. – Damn. – 20%, 20% to 20% – Shout out to YouTube huge thanks to YouTube and also Nitrogen-fit. So what can you say about your new camera? – I don’t know. It’s so expensive. So, it’s unboxing time. – We’ll show the difference later. In the video. Testing – testing. Okay so, Saiyans! This is our new camera. So, as you can see, it’s different. Huge thanks to YouTube! And to… You guys, for your support. Also, Nitrogen-fit and Team KG. Solid. – Testing the view. – Later, later. It’s your fault, you guys. Too good at sales talking. Japanese – japanese, huh. – Huh? – Japanese – japanese. – Yes Yes. Hey, Thank you to madam. Thank you, madam. Madam! madam, bought us this. Thank you. Ohh, why do you have a flower? – Happy Valentines! – Chocolate again?! – What chocolate? How did that become chocolate? – This is chocolate! Okay saiyans, we’re here again. So, as you can see, our camera is new. We upgraded a little bit since we sold our old Sony camera that we rarely use. So, let’s see if there’s a big difference in the quality of our videos. And shout out nga pala… And shout out to my international viewers out there. Guys, this is for you. Starting today, I will speak in English. So, everyone can understand what I am, okay? Yeah! So guys, We are here in you call this thing? We call this place, bro. Starbucks Visayas Ave. And today, we’re going to be hitting legs with master Ken. Saiyan. So, you know. Yeah, yeah. Look at these men, look at, look. Focus it to my legs, man. We have the f***** chicken legs, bro. Chicken legs. So.
– Close up, first. We’re testing this A67… A64… A6400. And that’s our master ken. – Yeah x8 Welcome to my house. Let’s go! I’m too exhausted It’s like the 50th floor. Okay so. Shout out to this… CCTV Gym just joking BOSS Gym. Shoutout to BOSS Gym Let’s visit our cousin, Piperts first. To those who know my cousin, Piperts. Okay, this is my cousin, Piperts. So if you trained by Piperts here at BOSS gym. What’s the location of the gym? – M.H. del Pilar Street, nearby Walter Mart Munoz. – What do you expect from the people you’re training? – Those who are consistent and hardworking, that’s all. – And also beautiful. – Nope. – Just joking. Warren’s enjoying our brand new camera. Hopefully, you guys are enjoying it too. And then, we’ll use these colorful shoes for now. It could have been awesome since the color suits the strap we used in our last video. So, these are Rap-rap’s shoes, because it’s our leg day and I forgot my shoes. But this is going to be awesome though it smells. (dances tala) Okay. “mga ka-tuko”. First, I will enjoy the smell of Japan before it smells like the Philippines. Okay, let’s start leg day. But before we begin. I would like to thank Nitrogen-fit Our sponsor in Japan. Although, he won’t be able to understand this. Okay, I’ll talk in English. Before ending, I would like to thank Nitrogen-fit. For giving me a chance to represent the brand. So, to all our Filipino viewers You can buy and support your Filipino fellows out there, okay. And also, shout out to our previous sponsor JFIT and Supplement Hub. Since there’s only one owner of the 2. JFIT is a part of Supplement Hub. So that others can’t take it. Although, nobody sells Nitrogen-fit here. But we’ll still support, okay? Thank you very much! So, let’s start this we won’t be talking that much for now because we’re running out of time and they’re going to close soon. So, let’s do this! We’ll make it a cinematic and Warren will show off his editing skills. If you’re wearing shorts Chicken legs. If you raise your shorts higher Semi-chicken legs. For those who are always commenting “Chicken legs” “Legs naman diyan” “Chicken legs” Because everyone has different muscle insertions. So, if I’m wearing shorts just by the knees. I’ll really look like I have chicken legs. But if I raise my shorts higher, it will look like semi-chicken legs. Because I’m really embarrassed about our basher’s legs. But it’s okay! Everyone has their own weaknesses. So, if you think that I have chicken legs and you don’t. It’s okay we can’t do anything because I have chicken legs. But at least we’re still a saiyan. Okay. So, if there’s someone who bashes you that you’re like this and that. Just ignore them and focus on yourself, okay? We don’t have time for criticism and bashing like they do. And don’t take it personally, that’s all. Shout out to all. To those who are hardworking and still consistent despite the negativity in their lives or the negative criticism that people say to you. Okay. Also, let’s all be careful if we’re going to bash someone because we don’t know what each person is going through with their lives. Maybe later on, it’s going to affect their own personal lives. So, let’s become… let’s not become insens… let’s not become insensitive people. “Can do” mentality. Thank you. Plus we have good news for everyone. We have 1 saiyan subscriber out there that commented unexpectedly on my Instagram questions. So, he asked me where he can donate? I was shocked so I said “what donation?” Shocked that he wants to donate because he appreciated what we are doing. So, thank you very much to our saiyan subscriber. I know that you don’t want to be name-dropped. But the donation you gave, we’ll give it to 1 of our saiyan subscribers. We’ll give 1 pack of whey. So, watch out for the mechanics on how we will give it. I’ll think about it carefully for now, so that it would be fair for everyone, okay? Thank you very much for those kinds of people. also, To those who are commenting about the supplements. Okay, we’ll work for it for now and I’ll get all the supplements first that will be needed for our video. And then we’ll do that video. Thank you. Saiyans, let’s not extended it further. Let’s give this pack of whey! So, this is all you have to do. I’ll post the link of this YouTube video On my Facebook page, “Ken Hanaoka Fitness” Then you only need to tag 3 friends on the comment box of my post. Then share the link of this YouTube video on your wall. And don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE. And also, click the notification bell, so that you will always be updated, okay? So, congrats to the one who’s going to win. I think we’ll give you guys 1 week. Then we’ll give it out! And if the chosen winner lives within Quezon City. Maybe, we’ll use a comment shuffler. They have something like that Some online streamers use. So, whoever we pick and that person lives in Quezon City. We’ll join him on his workout. Again, Thank you to the sponsor of our whey. Actually, that donation was intended for me. So I told him that we’ll give it to others. That’s why you’re really making us proud. Yeah, buddy. What’s up “mga ka-tuko”. Don’t… what… don’t like, share… Please like, share and subscribe. Please watch
– Don’t forget
– Please don’t forget Please don’t forget to watch it, share and subscribe. – Cover it Cover it now. My face looks chubby. – Cover the lens.

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