Landscape Photography | Rained Out of Glencoe.

Landscape Photography | Rained Out of Glencoe.

So that’s the sun just coming up over Rannoch Moor. And its lovely. What a glorious morning. I am planning on doing a bit of a hill walk come wild camp and obviously the landscape photography. When I drove up last night… I got here about 9pm… But the weather looked really bad. It was looking a lot worse than I thought it would be. Especially with the rest of the UK having the hottest days on record. But this morning it is just stunning. I am going to do a wildcamp. Also have a new tent to try out as well. So I am really looking forward to this. I am just going to stay about here for now and try and get some images. Then I am going to go to the Glencoe Ski Centre… for a lovely cooked breakfast. to get me ready for the day before I set off. Then we will set off up into the hills. This will let us have a look about… and actually thinking about heading up to the Aonach Eagach ridge and if the weather plays ball should make for a fantastic camp spot. and also get some nice images hopefully. hello, can I get a full breakfast please and a coffee. Thank you. So that’s it a lovely cooked breakfast at the Ski Centre. It is a really nice breakfast you get. Excellent value for money. So I am going to.. head along to the Devils Staircase. Now before that… was open I actually nipped down to Glen Etive and had a look, about the waterfalls to get a few images there. So I am hoping that they have turned out pretty good. I will put one up just now whilst I am talking. and see what you think. Now the weather here at the moment..l is a bit all over the place. One minute it is really nice and the next… it looks like the end of the world, so. I am hoping that… stay good so I can have a good wildcamp. Yeh, Yeh. Shhhhhhhhh! Can you hear that. Bloody rain…!!!, unbelievable. Couldn’t make this up. Theirs the mountain I was planning on going up. Yeh, its just chucking it down with rain. Wow Wee, Scotland… the weathers a peach. It really is. So the weather is nothing like I had thought it was going to be. Or predicted the day before. So I am in the Mountain Weather UK, App. I am just going to check round and about the area. ‘North West Highlands’ and see what it is going to say. Today is… Clear and sunny intervals with showers… Mainly in the West first and then heading East. Colder air arriving and potential wintry element to the weather. Snow showers on Munro tops and wind gusts of up to 44 mph. E Buy Eck.. So temperature at 900m 1 degree to 2 degrees celsius. Oh deary me. Yeh, you are looking at 37 mph winds. So the computer says no. Yeh the App… is confirming my worst fears. Its just really grim just now. Really bad. So what I am going to do is try a plan B. See if we can find somewhere to camp… a bit further East. So as I drive I am just going to see what the weather is like, but… that’s just the Scottish climate for you. It just changes so fast. Yeh it is so unpredictable. The forecast yesterday morning was looking really good , hence why…. I headed up last night. But its decided to change… (Laugh) So that’s it, lets head on further East… and see if things improve. Then take it from there. Yeh, that’s Spring inScotland.

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  1. With the weather forecast over the UK looking pretty good and the possibility of a good sunrise on the Friday morning as well as overnight to the Saturday I decided on a wildcamping trip to Glencoe. The trip also let me try me new filmmaking and photography setup as well as a bit of colour grading practice.

  2. Hi Ray. Glen Etive looking great as usual. What was the new tent by the way? Also did I hear right that breakfast and coffee was seven pounds? If it was, you must be loaded !!! 😉 ATB

  3. Enjoyed that Ray – shame about the weather 🙁 took a pal up Schiehallion yesterday and it was glorious- apart from the 30minutes when we were on the summit – felt like winter !) as always when we left the top spring retuned 😭. Hope you got to try out the. New tent ⛺️



  4. I love Glencoe – can't wait to visit in a couple weeks time. Great video overall, really enjoyed seeing the huge contrasts in weather in this

  5. Superb that Ray, your films are becoming professional looking with each post. You will be rivalling Thomas Heaton soon 👍🏼 did I spot some drone footage too?

    Hoping to work on my photography a little more over the next few months. Greta video that mate. Keep it up. ATB, Craig

  6. A mellow video Ray. I was sat in that cafe last year with Outdoor Adventurer. I did some good wild camps and haven't published any of it. I may do soon. I hope your wild camps went OK. The weather we had wasn't to different. As you say Scottish weather. I know now! All the best for the week. Mark

  7. That breakfast looked cracking …..I would love to do a wild camp one day will have to go with people but not by myself

  8. If it is any consolation Ray you have made me feel much better ! I had planned a wee solo wild camp on the Friday up at Loch Quioch but didn't go as the forecast seemed all over the place (always left wondering if it would've been ok), ended up camping with the kids at Loch Clunie instead, in what turned out to be glorious weather !!

  9. Greetings from WA state USA, was that the Black cottage in Glencoe? I’ll be driving through there in August and go on a wee hike with my Nikon 7200. Thanks for your vids and hard work! I really enjoy them!!!

  10. Thanks for posting! I'll be hiking in that area at the end of May. Looking forward to more videos about Glencoe area. Good luck with your shooting. I subbed.

  11. Probably the best breakfast I have had, and the view isn't bad either at the Ski Centre. Was in Glencoe the Easter week, superb place (even when it was raining). Your videos just make me want to return even more. Keep posting them!

  12. Gotta love that Scottish weather, unpredictable at best. Great image of the waterfall though, so not a total disaster. Oh and the brekkie loved fantastic!!

  13. that's a shame about the weather, looked like it might shape up to be a great day up there. Better to go and know, than stay home and discover later that it was the most amazing weather ever. I've done it many times and just when it's looked like it was a non starter the weather has broken long enough for that one great shot. And besides that breakfast looked like it was worth the drive. Wished i'd known they were open for a cooked breakfast.

  14. Patience Patience – they dont tell you how much you need in the camera manual. Landscape photography can be challenging but also so rewarding, love the video work and edits – fingers crossed that the weather improved.

  15. Great video and I really liked the B-Roll of you grabbing your breakfast. I had a similar weather debacle when I went up Ben Vorlich recently. The weather forecast said 0% chance of rain so I drove 2 hours there, climbed the munro and the whole top was just covered in thick clouds and rain… gutted 😂 I guess that's how it goes here though.

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