Jurors cry as pictures of Emani Moss’ burned body are shown in murder trial

Jurors cry as pictures of Emani Moss’ burned body are shown in murder trial

100 thoughts on “Jurors cry as pictures of Emani Moss’ burned body are shown in murder trial”

  1. Two pieces of shit!! We should be able to kill them on site and burn their dumb ass. When it comes to kids getting harmed an eye for an eye in my book.

  2. What a man huh,geez! I’m a dad to two boys and they are my life! How could a supposed father,or as I would describe him,a sperm donor,allow an animal(who wasn’t the daughters mom to begin with)to do this? Despicable! May God welcome another child Home to be with Him🙏

  3. Pussy could not have been that good,just couldn't have to be apart of your own baby death,no worries when she gets to prison,them women are going to whoop her ass and I hope they don't stop until she isn't breathing.


  5. I believe they deserve the death penalty……I don’t think some ppl should have kids……I hope they burn in Hell for what they did to that baby…..what the hell did she do to deserve what they did………SMH

  6. These assholes have no regard for humanity! I can't even starve my pets for long enough a period! The man will surely rot in jail since he wasn't bound for execution as his wicked wife was. I get pissed off deep deep down when I hear such things!

  7. That baby was so pitiful…Her mom didn't want her…Then you got that chump ass thing who called himself a dad…He chased after that thing that killed that baby…He is what you call a simp just let her do whatever to that child…and was down with it the only one that really cares is the grandmother she tried…It ceases to amaze me that in all cases like this its like they dont want to love the child and when others try to do right by the child the put a stop to it fast…i pray that bitch suffers in there i pray they beat her take her food away…I pray that she lays down and dies weak and feels unloved and cared for nobody hears her cries…And then they put her in a trash can and burn her…

  8. Don't date anyone with children unless you're willing to accept that they should ALWAYS be first in his life! And don't date anyone who doesn't treat their children in that way. I'm a stepmother of two (now) women who lived with their Dad when we met. They actually set us up… and I'm honoured!

  9. Soo many children dying at the hands of their own parents. The ones chosen to protect them. I hear more than one a day now when I watch the news or hop on you tube. We gotta make some examples out of these people. There isn't a more heinous and evil act in my eyes. If someone can do this to their own child than they are capable of ANYTHING.

  10. Be mindful who you allow around your children, that includes family members, this were pure demonic void of feelings and Satan's seed, people show you what they want you too see, behind closed doors they can be just the opposite of what they show . This precious little baby is resting with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ now, Free from pain. And eating angel's food. Manna. And shame on the police department for not reporting this to social services. Love you little sweet angel.❤️

  11. Protect your child FIRST and foremost.he failed as a father and a human being, nobody but nobody is going to hurt my child.

  12. This why I say new parents need to take a full psyche exam(continuing for atleast 6mos) right after birth because moms go through alot but live in fathers do to as well, but he is definitely to blame as much as her cause he knew what was going on

  13. Why why these parent and co parents killing these children. These parent don't have a heart. The devil demonic ppl. Lord i ask for prayers to the family of this poor innocent little girl. I have a grandson this age if anything happen to him i would loose my mind. Atvthis age they are learning themselves exploring there world around them.

  14. Her father is just as guilty like a fucking coward . He cops a plea deal but tried a cover up her death.
    Give this coward the death penalty too

  15. The Lord received that little girls spirit again, as for those two monsters I shudder to think what awaits them.

  16. This kind of killing children in the Muslim world are exceptable in Muslim countries because 1# children are treated as property and Muslims have a right to do what they want with their property! 2# there's any number of things a female child can do that bring shame on the parents and they have the right to : Honor killing ; them ! Before you go calling me a islamaphobic first I don't give a rats ass about anything any lowlife scum who defend Muslim sharia law and second my comments are facts and there's plenty of emons on line who lay out sharia law that gives males power over life and death of their children and their wives!

  17. The Father should have been given the death penalty because he was supposed to protect his daughter! You never let anyone hurt your kids!!!

  18. These aren't acts of God! These are physically acts of man. HUMAN. that let the devil live in them instead of turning their lives over to Christ.

  19. Where the hell were her maternal mom and family? Never let my child be ANYWHERE AND I DON'T CHECK ON HER…BY PLACING HER IN MY EYESIGHT!

  20. Plea deals should never be offered too child predators and child murderers. Death penalty everytime in my opinion, they should not have the privilege to breath or walk on the same planet where we expect our children(the next generations) to grow and lead great lives!!

  21. That’s cruel asf who in they rite mind would do a little angel like that I hope both of they ass get the death penalty and I wish it was the same thing they did to her starve they ass to death then set them on fire while they still alive so they can feel all of her pain

  22. I wish they both could be stoned to death. No plea either. No mental bs either. Both are sick n twisted.

  23. He choose to protect his wife over his own very little girl what a monster,me and my wife cant even have children and yall murdering child.SATAN has a front row seat for both of you

  24. This turd has no emotion. No regret. Burn that turd. Both of them. Rest in peace sweet angel. I'm sorry there is so much evil in the world, everywhere

  25. Disgusting ! Every adult who had knowledge of what was happening to this baby is complicit ! Every single one including her spineless father ! Stop bringing children in this world just to harm them ! WTF is the matter with people ! God have mercy ! Give them the firing squad ! I'm so tired of these stories – so many demons walk amongst us !

  26. There is a special place for this sweet little girl, where there is no pain and only love. She was in hell on earth but now rests easy with the angels 😞

  27. Can't wrap my head around how tf allow a woman to do this to his child. Was the p*ssy that good? Damn smh. Rip, sweet baby.

  28. They burned that poor baby with each one of them needs to be tied to a bed post and then take a match do you like the clothes on for him to sit there

  29. Omg poor child the pain she suffer no child should suffer like that they are blessing.i hope n pray they goes straight to hell the 😈 is waiting for them those evil mfs.rip baby girl you in heaven with the 👼 🙏🙏💖💖💖

  30. Both should of gotten the death penalty! Both don't deserve to ever walk out of a prison . My God , I can't amgin that little girl thinking why her parents would torcher her so much. I hope they rot in prison.

  31. Sperm donor and a pregnant roach, God will take care of the Angel, she is resting now and she suffers no more..as for the demon seed parents…they both will burn in hell and they will suffer before their demise! I'm so sorry sweet baby, u didnt deserve this!

  32. He is so foolish covering up for a woman who killed her own child if she had the chance what would she do to you who isn’t her child some people aren’t meant to have kids nor be around kids. They should remove her womb

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