Insert Images into Google Sheets – A Better Way

Insert Images into Google Sheets – A Better Way

– Hey, everybody, welcome
to the WordPress Wednesday. I wanna teach you today
how to insert a picture into a Google Sheet. Forget Excel Spreadsheets,
it’s so difficult to put a picture into a spreadsheet. Not anymore inside of Google Sheets. I’m gonna show you, there’s an obvious way how to do it but I’m gonna
show you a better way how to do it. So, if you’re living inside
the world of WordPress and you’re trying to create
your content calendar, I use Google Sheets. This is a great way for you to do it and insert that featured image for your WordPress website or whatever you’re trying to do, add a picture in there so you can use it in your social media feeds, this is a great solution for you. For those of you who are
inside the WordPress world, I have to give a shout out to Pressable. If you’re looking for a way to speed up your WordPress website and make sure it loads quickly and is super secure, if
you’re looking for a team that can answer all of
your support questions, that’s Pressable, check them out, I’ll put the link in the
description box below. All right, y’all, do you
wanna learn how to do this? ‘Cause it’s pretty darn super cool. There’s the obvious way
of inserting an image into a cell, right, so
we’re gonna come over here and do Insert, and we’re
gonna come here to Image, and we’re gonna select it from
our desktop if we want to. We’ve got a couple
other things you can do, by URL, by Snapshot, so take
a snapshot of your screen, you can go into your Google Drive, all sorts of different ways. For the sake of now I’m
just gonna show you. It’s a really bad way to insert images into a sheet ’cause watch this, I’m
gonna upload this picture, see what happens and you
probably already experienced this and that’s why you’re doing
a google search right now for how to insert images
into a Google Sheet. Look how weird that went. It doesn’t even fit into the cell. So, you can grab it and kinda resize it or something but it just kinda floats a little bit and it’s just weird. So, how the heck are you
supposed to actually put an image into the cell in a better format? So, here we go. I’m gonna show you here
how to insert images in a Google Sheet. Let’s go here. I want this column, this particular cell, to be a preview so I want the
actual thumbnail to live here and now I’m gonna go
ahead and keep the URL of the image as well. So, what that means is
I’ve taken a picture and I’ve just gone over
to my WordPress website, I’ve gone into the Media Library, and I’ve uploaded it. And once you do that you can click on Edit and you can go into the picture itself and you will find the path
of where that file now lives. So, you’re gonna copy that little path, this one right over here, right up above me, grab that URL, copy that
onto your clipboard, and you’re gonna come back
over to your spreadsheet. This is the tricky part,
get ready for this. Are you ready, ’cause I’m ready. Here we go, in the cell
where you want the picture to actually preview, I
want you to type equals, we’re gonna go into formula mode here, don’t get intimidated here
’cause it’s super easy, image is what you’re gonna type, okay? And then it’s gonna open up
and put an open parenthesis, I want you to put quote marks, so an open quote, past in your URL and do a close quote
and a close parenthesis. Do you see this up here at the top? That’s what it looks like. Click enter and check that out. There’s my little
picture, perfectly nested inside of that cell, beautifully there available for anybody on the team can take a quick look and be sure that we’re using the right picture. And then if they need to have that URL so that they can download it for the post, you can obviously paste the URL, ’cause it’s still on your clipboard, in another column that
you can easily reference where to go grab that image and use it in all your social media,
your featured image, on your WordPress website,
wherever you need to. Pretty cool option, right? It sits in there and it’s
never gonna interrupt the other cells around it. I’m gonna show you a little
bit more advanced stuff. I don’t know if you knew about this but once you do that,
you’ve got a couple options on how to size it in this space. If you wanted to, you can add a comma after your, op, let me
back up for a second, see, even we make little mistakes, I’m gonna come up here on the top and open this up. You’re gonna add a comma and
then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna put a number two in there and click enter, see how it
stretches it to fit my cell, so if I wanted to have a larger space to kind of preview it a little bit bigger, I could open that up and
have it a nice big open and it still fits that cell and stays with me if I
need to move this whole entire row, I could slide it around and move it around and
it’s gonna stay with me. So, that’s a really cool super feature. You can do an option three and that’s actually gonna
put it in that tiny cell at full size, so that’s
an interesting feature. It’s up to you if you
wanna do it that way. And then there’s also
a final fourth option, type in the number four
and do another comma and you can actually put in
the exact size of the image so if you saw over on your website, on your WordPress website, it’s gonna give you dimensions of the actual original size of the file, you can come here and just type those in, 922, comma, 1604 or was it 40, what was it y’all, 1640, okay, gotta remember those things. There you go, click enter, and again it’s gonna
always, no matter what, keep that original file
size living in there. So, pretty cool options, you guys, huh? How to put a picture inside
of your Google Sheet. I hope this helps you. If you have questions, put
’em in the thread below. I’d love to answer them as best as I can and be sure to subscribe to my channel because every Wednesday
I’m creating a video just like this to help you
improve all things WordPress. Bye, bye, y’all.

24 thoughts on “Insert Images into Google Sheets – A Better Way”

  1. Hello kori, this trick eventually could help me insert a lot of images in WP Gallery widget, instead of having to insert it one by one? By the way, do you have a hint how can I insert images custom links in WP Gallery widget? Tks in advance!

  2. Hi Kori! I wanna thank you for all your videos! I'm currently learning JavaScript and WordPress and your channel is one of my favorites resources when i try to learn something new, so one more time thank you so much!!

  3. Thanks! This is great! I've just thought as this is an online link and I want to use for my logo etc for client documents will it work when they've downloaded and view offline?

  4. I do have questions, like is there a better way to insert images into cells than this? It's so drawn out and tasking to do this when you have a lot of images to work with.

  5. Thanks again Kori for great content! Have you come across a way to insert an Excel sheet or Google Sheet into a WP site? I have a large formatted sheet that I’d like visible on my site and recreating it with a form builder would take many hours and would most likely not come out exactly as it is today in its current format.

  6. Hi, You are great, I love how you explain things, however, I have a huge issue, I would like that every time that I select codes to insert in rows, the picture pop-ups or change base on the code that I clicking, I know you can do this in Excel but I don't see the option in Excel drive. hope you can help me

  7. Is it possible to insert an image in a Header cell? i.e. Print -> Headers & Footers -> Edit Custom Fields. Then insert an image in one of the various boxes that says "Click to add text". Thanks,

  8. Does using that function actually download the image to your sheet or will the picture disappear if the image is removed from the site?

  9. new option added in menu: insert / image / image in cell. I couldn't find a way in ImageKit to search by folder, with new 'image in cell' you can.

  10. I have a question is it possible

    Can I insert a file showing multiple images. Which would be convenient so that when I click on image file it will show me all the images just by swiping right on my tablet. Please let me know 👍🏻

  11. Hi Kori, I can’t believe there is not a way to put in a tiny image which then enlarged into a large preview when you hover over it.

    Placing an image directly in a cell is problematic for 2 reasons… 1 – it significantly increases the height of your rows, and subsequent sheet… 2 – it can’t see the image when it’s so small in a cell.

    Can you recommend any workarounds?

  12. Thank you for this. Question how about using an image as a template so that I can fill in the cells. Like a record to be filled in, and the picture is in the backround?

  13. I have a list of over 100 image URLS in a column and I want to display the image in the cell next to it… Is there a way to avoid doing this one by one?

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