Image Overlay Tutorial (Make Images Into Text)

Image Overlay Tutorial (Make Images Into Text)

Hey everyone, NitroLandTutorials bringing you another awesome tutorial! this tutorial is actually an answer to a
question I get from a viewer, they wanna know how to overlay images on top of letters and/or numbers and so I pulled up a project I did a while ago where II overladen American flag on Sep
USA and some wood on top for the word
wooden I made this for new business of mine
called Woudlers where I sell wooden sunglasses so if you’d be interested
in wooden sunglasses be sure to check out I’ll put a link in the description Be sure to sign-up today to get $75 off your order! but anyway, back to the tutorial decide what it takes is gonna be I image
you know and tough it and then once you decide roughly way you want use tape it in I’m gonna do
you a flag as do the USA overlay as the
example said to have been flagged in a Google
search good images and I’m kinda wavy flag semi computers kancelar and Cisco than really does matter too much for this
video sis is just the example such Goodison so Cappy and paste that into you my word document I had this pre-open
sound have to do it on video that’s USA type that edit paste and there you go the plays on up the text and moments
here the image in there and you taste in their you hold control or option if you on the
Mac and go over to your text layer and click
on little TV them now and that at us like that line every text and
then this year image they selected you come down here at the very bottom move year Layers
panel you press a circle with the grace where on the creates a layer mask and she is a mess he’s made you can
reposition image by clicking this link right here in
layer to only the two and select your image there then you can simply move around a position what is shown and then text unico more examples we can do it this yeah I didn’t love the when the like a sunset behind it on topwater I said a job shadow on the word love to make it work and its
3d réunion take a hard with a awesome cents a I
hope you enjoy this video like he did to scare from or and ask
questions in the comments such a day into you

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  1. Very, very nice dude. You're simple. That's why I like you. When I have a question, I'll definitely ask. 🙂 Keep up the great vids.

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