I’m Not Getting Out…

I’m Not Getting Out…

Okay! So I headed downtown and I was driving
around and I thought that maybe I could do a street photography shoot from my
car. The problem was not lack of seeing things to photograph, but the lack of
parking spaces. Already I’m having a huge challenge. I
can’t find a place to park. Downtown here, it’s more rain and less
snow. I can’t find a place to park. Alright. So I looked everywhere. I
finally found a place to stop that was actually meant for taxis. Says taxis and no parking. And all of a sudden I heard all of this
honking and people not too happy. It don’t think it was meant for me but it was definitely time to go. So today I am driving around. We have
some beautiful, beautiful snowy weather and I would like to see if I can take
some pictures just from my car without getting out. The truth is that the snow
is very, very wet and it is landing like rain, and so I know that if I go out
with my gear, I’m going to have to completely protect everything like I
would in the rain, which is fine. I love doing it, and in fact I am just dying to
get out there, but it is a “short on time” day and so I thought I would challenge myself to a landscape photography photoshoot where I don’t get
out of the car. So I’ve come back up onto the mountain now… our “mountain”… I don’t actually live on a mountain and the snow is coming
down. It’s so beautiful. Right in front of me where I’ve parked
is an orange tree that still has the leaves on it. I’ve seen it like this
before. It’s beautiful and it’s just in the
middle of a park and there are much larger trees all around it, and I think I
would like to just try capturing it. I have on my 70 to 300 because I am in the
parking lot and yeah just gonna see see what it looks like. ISO… I’m on ISO 640, 1/250th of a second and f/6.7. I’m a bit farther away so I don’t need major depth of field or anything
but I do want a bit of a fast enough shutter speed to catch the snow looking
like snow. Even if it’s kind of blurry, that’s okay. It looks kind of soft and
pretty but I don’t want it to look like rain, and if my shutter speed is too slow
then sometimes it just it ends up streaking and looking like rain. So ISO
640. That’s so beautiful. I’m leaning on the
car because it can hold the camera steadier than I can, especially with the
telephoto zoom. So I’ve gone vertical and I’m zooming in and what I love is how
it’s kind of compressing the trees behind the main tree. Now I have to be
careful because I don’t want to cut off the edges of the tree, because the top
part kind of goes out a little bit, but if i zoom out, then I don’t get as much
compression and I really like that so yeah. I think I’ve gone into at least 200mm. Very very pretty. There’s this tree right in front of the
car and the snow is just landing on it. There’s nothing special about it. It’s
just a bare tree, except it’s so beautiful with the… with just the
gorgeous, almost monotone colour and yeah. So I’ve zoomed right in on it and
again 1/250th… 1/250th of a second with a very low f-stop at 5.6. That’s all I can
do on this lens with these conditions. Even if you can’t get
out guys… Even if you can’t go on a hike or say you’re, you know, getting over a
cold or you’ve got an injury or whatever and you can go for a drive but you can’t
get out, there are still pictures to take. There are still beautiful, beautiful
things to see, and it’s okay to just get in your car and go for a drive and
take some pictures. Okay. Now I’m going to head back and I want to thank you so much for
coming along with me. I will talk to you very, very soon. Bye guys. Thanks for

83 thoughts on “I’m Not Getting Out…”

  1. People always get annoyed when I stop to take a photos if I am on a desserted road someone will always stop.sometimes they are nice people.

  2. Some photographers: "I'm traveling to Patagonia" or "I'm in the Faroe Islands." You? "Let me roll down my window"! Love it! And the videographys was excellent and inspiring. Goes to show how much we miss right in our own back yards (which you've also shown us–literally) Thanks.

  3. Awesome job shooting the video Rachel! I guess I'm spoiled here in Florida. If it's raining wait an hour or two and then it's not. Never any snow and trees always have leaves. The beaches are always sunny and beautiful! And the air conditioner is always on! It was nice that you were able to find wonderful compositions even while in the car!

  4. I'll have to remember this video when I'm making excuses not to go out in bad weather. Wonderful photographs and a very impressive video as well.

  5. It's was as though that little tree knew of your parking troubles and somehow called you to come to where it lived and make you capture it's uniqueness amongst all the other bare trees who have already fully packed it in for the winter!

  6. Lovely video Rachel. Love the way the weather looks as you were driving and your pics too. Keep them coming will always be watching. Love your enthusiasm.

  7. Hey Rachel, Another fun and interesting video. You always seem to find to make us think of different ideas for getting out with our cameras and looking for things not so normal…. Jut curious… do you have more than one video at a time that your edit or do you try to complete one as you go? Always fun seeing what subject you will be sharing! Sayin' hey Greg

  8. Hi Rachel, it was nice to see Hamilton in a bit more depth as we never really see it…. Great shots, especially of the little red tree, brilliant…. Thanks for taking us with you again…xx

  9. You are so right.
    Last week on a dreary day in Pittsburgh I still got out and challenged myself. Times I shot from my vehicle but would also stop under bridges (in a safe area) and got some nice shadowed shots which made some beautiful B&W pictures.
    Soooo… Just get out there and shoot, no matter what the weather is like…
    Hey Rachel. I loved the music. Where can I get the song you used?

  10. I have done this before sitting in the car when there was graphic art or graffiti on buildings that I thought was super interesting and yes I have had people hunk their horns at me as well, but the rush you get when getting that photo is well worth the honks.

  11. Well done. 2 photo clubs I used to belong to, kept telling everyone that there are images in their own back yard. I had a back injury and 2 heart attacks within a year. For a while all I could shoot had to be close to the car.

    One you develope that photographic eye…. everywhere is an image to be had. Even if you only have your phone.

  12. Wow its good to see a nice clean snowfall, if that was here in the city it would have ground the city to a halt! no bus, no cars, no trains, no planes ect…….you did wise to sit in your car and not get out, I can see in the future people just might start using low flying drones to take their pictures in these conditions, and you had the added bonus of being bleeped..you lucky lady.Thank you!……

  13. I love thèse outings that you do in this beautiful nature of Canada . We also like choice of themes , your technique and especially your smile .( French translation through software )

  14. I did make the mistake of bracing 450mm equivalent on a running diesel once. Probably would have been better off and holding. 😉

  15. Hamilton, Ontario? I've never been to your side of the Atlantic, but I have a lot of cousins in that area, as two of my father's brothers settled there in the late fifties – early sixties.

  16. I’ve never driven whilst it is snowing and I’ve only ever driven through snow on the ground a few times. With our forecast here in Australia of a “hot air mass” causing possible “record challenging heat” this coming week I don’t expect to see snow here anytime soon. A couple of great photos there Rachel. I am envious of your eye for great landscape shots. Thanks for sharing your snowy outing.

  17. I shoot from the car a lot. Some think shooting that way is just a snapshot but you can get good compositions if positioned correctly. Sometimes on gravel rural roads I stop diagonally to get the right position. Loved this Rachel.

  18. Er, Rachel. It's not the lens that causes compression, it's the distance between your camera and your subject.

    Good video.

  19. Hi Rachel I said it in my first ever comment to you. You bring passion to your channel not only with your photography but you can see it in your spirit. I appreciate that and I want to say a big thank you.

  20. Great images! I am so jealous you have snow. When you pulled in the parking lot I was hoping you would shoot that tree. It was gorgeous against that snow. Loved it!!

  21. Great idea – I have done some similar shoots in rainy conditions – in order to keep camera and lens free of water I have often lowered the passenger window and shot through that while still sitting in the driver's seat – with a longer focal length you can avoid the window frame all together and you stay 100% dry.

  22. Great video, Rachel…excellent reminder that beauty can be found anywhere so long as we take the time to look…don't blame you for not getting out of the car, that looks like a typical snowy day out here on the 'wet' coast (BC)!…all the best for the holidays to you 🙂

  23. HI. I'm curious if photography is your weekend hobby. I work 8-6 so getting out with my gear is pretty darn tough. How do you manage to find the time.

  24. Hello. First time here. I got very motivated. Your message in the end of the video is so true. Sometimes i make fun of myself photographing from the car. I will continue with that and not be ashamed anymore. Subscribed. Btw, you have such a good smile! Very contagious haha

  25. Hey Rachel. Now im not one for what ive previously described as lazy photography, BUT… i recently found myself scoping out locations for running NZ workshops and came to the conclusion that you could quite easily get epic shots from the roadside, or from the car. It allowed me too, to challenge myself to see what i could find near to where i was, in stark contrast to me hiking for hours into the mountains, and it really surprised me. Nice message here. Love the hair too btw! Regards Ewan (NZ)

  26. Inspiring video, from now on I will not hiding under the blanket in bad weather, snowy photos are so nice but I will never get such photos unless fly to wintry country. Happy white Christmas Rachel.

  27. Hi Rachel. I consider you easily amongst the sweetest souls on You Tube, and incapable of narcissism, even when you someday reach one million subscribers. Glad you did not encounter a black bear or a moose like this title to me suggested. I may need another insulin injection, so I hope this sounds okay.

  28. Hello Rachel thank you for sharing, beautiful atmosphere under the snow, great pictures. I'd like to share one of my videos on the common kingfisher or the beaver or the squirrel on : Gerfaut7 dh friendly from France Didier

  29. I love your approach. I would like to spend some time wandering with you. We have so much that is beautiful and fun to photograph and miss photographers miss whats right close to them.

  30. Recognized that this was Canada before seeing it in the narrative of your video description and location tag!! Visited for the first time in October and fell in love with the place. Beautiful footage!!

  31. Wowee. What a unique photo shoot. A great idea and challenge. The snow on the windshield kind of told a story. Wet snow. No it's not Antarctica. I'm from Alaska, I love snow. Now I'm in Arizona. I still love snow and it's been too long since I've seen it. Time for a winter camp out.

  32. Great vlog Rachel. Surprising what you can take from your window. Shame you didn't get a couple in the back of car to take down town, while at the taxi space as that would have put the vlog profits up!! Ha!

  33. Rachel, love the approach you take advice to go local even if that means a simple drive. You are very true to yourself and that is one quality I love about you among the many. Beautiful images you captured from your car & they are very inspiring. Thanks dear for always being out & about & motivating many of us who are sitting on the edge…

  34. nice and pleasant vlog Rachel, it's nice to see that you can get out and take stunning images just from the car, well done

  35. Love that photo at 8:27, like someone else said you have a great gift of seeing and appreciating all subjects that surround us on our doorsteps without the need to rush off to exotic places, a lovely christmassy video Rachel, thank you for sharing, and Happy Christmas to you and your family…Mike

  36. Hello I’m new to your channel and I enjoy very much watching your beautiful video and thank you so much for taking use we you 🙂

  37. Great video and great channel. Mark Denny pointed me in your direction and so glad he did. Binge watching sorted for the Christmas ✌️

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