ID PART 19 Maitriser INDESIGN en 48h chrono Mise en page ADOBE niveau pro à la portée de tous (0h47)

ID PART 19 Maitriser INDESIGN en 48h chrono Mise en page ADOBE niveau pro à la portée de tous (0h47)

so that’s not bad, we put a picture which still occupies a large part of the time from the page here here we will have some text but you really have to take advantage if you have the opportunity to print at a printer’s it is necessary to make the funds lost it is to say that here I will and tender like dirty image outside the limits of the page that’s how it is well outside the limits of the page in fact the printer will print 3 mm a year within the limits of the page and then it will cut the page on a shaping of the document so that’s what we call the fund. lost, that is to say, we make them go images beyond the edge of the page that is here in black so the image doesn’t go still to the edge you have two solutions or you grow it is by double-click and as we saw either you ask indesign for the hall at grow in the block by making menus adjustment objects fill the block proportionally subject to adjustments fill the block proportionally and here is the image enlarged the block in switching to display preview high in below is the shortcut cw by the way we don’t even need to click it’s the shortcut w you can see what that it will give the document will look like to this and this is you can see in the books and in the magazines contrary to what is passes when you make an impression on a colour photocopier or a printer you have the possibility to visit a printer to make the images go to the edge of the pages you can of course also print your posters at home on inkjet in addition to on a paper larger than the size of the displayed and then cut yourself off from the collectors Of course, it’s a trick anyway. visual to give a side professional before document I am in overview display it is not prohibited in and in display support received from going double click on the image with the black arrow to try to enlarge then you may have noticed that when you move the handle quickly you only see the result when you release the mouse button if you click on the handle you are waiting for a a little bit and you move you have a real-time view of what it looks like so that’s the little trick you need to do. leave a little time undesign of preview the image so if you click and move directly the handle is only when you release the mouse button that you see what it looks like if you click you keep a whole a little bit for a second and then you move you have it in real time even in real time thing when we move it I push more no key I move but I have clicked I waited a little while and the canoe moves it’s real time. perfect what is the resolution effective of this image in indesign is this valid for an outing on a tablet it will take 144 pixels per inch here I’m at 126 for sure. that at a printer’s she’ll be a little fuzzy but it can be improved in photoshop photoshop to a system of intelligent pixel multiplication and we is going to ask to improve this. you also have an image that by force to be enlarged as it was going to be, she’s well below 300 pixels per Inch it’s okay, you got it. Okay, we’re going to open it in photoshop and try to improve it Here, don’t forget to register. the document from time to time does not we shouldn’t lose that normally good. indesign saves all five of you minutes the and in the event of a crash it’ll get you at least your five last minutes of work I’m going to check in the preferences here Don’t do it. I’ll just check. in the management preferences of the files at the level of this is not here If this is the place, that’s the place. recovery file good it is somewhere else than indicated every how many minutes they do it recover with I find I don’t know if it is adjustable as in photoshop by the way, here’s a design anyhow from the beginning since the beginning. the first version in 99 in case of a crash, recovers the file and that’s a good thing. Okay then you have an image whose image resolution is too low to be used at this dimension on the page anyway it’s my case well we can try with photoshop and it doesn’t won’t work a miracle, but we can try. to improve the image by multiplying the pixels if you need to absolutely use this image to this dimension there on the page so here you go in the palette. of the links you have your image that it has selected on your page so you can see very well where it is the image It’s that one, okay if we click on side in the document the link is no longer put highlighted it is no longer selected but if you click on the block there we can see very well that it is this one. so you’re going to ask in the menu of the link palette you will ask not to edit the original because it is a jpeg file and photoshop is probably not set to the computer so that the jpeg files opens in louis is more like setting to blow it into the software of the computer so he’s going to I need to clarify with which software I want to open this jpeg image so edit modified with so on the menu of the link palette modify link with it has all software that is able to open jpeg images they are listed all those who are on the computer so I’m going to open it with photoshop here here you open it with photoshop photoshop should open alone and open the image so you don’t have the list when you make a modified right click with is at the very bottom is what you have the other words had then gone into the other is specified in this should give you to bring into the program file of the computer and you specify that you want to open it with photoshop in in this case you will have to navigate to the the computer or other solution you open photoshop next to a design and you open this image in photoshop and it will still work man that you will open this file there in photoshop you know the name since he has indicated the ats so if you haven’t arrived open it in photoshop of course you open photoshop you make files will open here, it is in version French here you do open flaw here eyes open and you will look where there is your file so as it was pointed out to me of course it is possible to say that the jpeg images automatically opens in photoshop is what we call the setting of the creator software is to say it’s a setting in windows it will be necessary to indicate that the jpeg and of one on the pimp also that Egypt must open up in this or that software but I’m not going to explain it here, but in any case, here’s how or where other you managed to open your jpeg image in photoshop so here we are in photoshop you Come on, people, go for the pimp on the Mac people do it, touch f on the PC you do not need to press the f key it’s just to display the full image screen but you had already been on the pc in full screen because the pc works that way, do you have you have the possibility with the bar spacing to move the image like that In my opinion, no, you’re going to have to. the f key even on windows to be able to make its bar of spacing move the submerging the window is still convenient in photoshop and I think that on windows you still have to press the f x y key to get there confirm there I will double click on the magnifying glass in the photoshop tools palette which brings the image to 100% scale then 100% scale means what does it mean nothing to do with the image size if we bonus it means that every pixel of the image is displayed serene point screen when you double click on the icon of the magnifying glass in the tool palette of photoshop it makes the scale 100%. each point of the image is displayed will be the entry screen point of course the image is made up of pixels such as you know that, so it’s the best one. way of really judging quality of the image when you run away from it on a screen in photoshop there at 100% scale if you are with the image which is 50% 66% displayed you do not have a reliable display so we’re going to multiply the pixels in this image using photoshop images menu image size of course indesign also means multiplying the pixels when exporting pdf you can to convey the image that they were in 124 pixels per inch resolution 124 la increase to 300 at the time export of pdf but photoshop on it will do better so menu images size of the image then the image size box to me came very big because that it actually resizes itself is what it is. its normal size but I can put it on like this in the top left corner learn it from his little part down there on the right and enlarge it It’s not forbidden, so here you are. resampling that is engaged you have here the way to multiply the pixels then in the last ones versions of photoshop we have kept the details 2.0 otherwise you will have to choose to keep the details is in any case a method of enlarging images which proposes a cursor that will be especially useful for removing artifacts the small pixel lumps on the united surfaces and so we won’t have any here in my opinion because it’s especially when we have grown up with images that contain industrial objects such as cars typically when we grew up when you multiply the pixels the surface is cleaned with the cursor here I’ll leave it on 0 there noise reduction then we will modify what we’re going to try to change the resolution why because we’re going to try to keep the centimetres of the image as they are indicated there in the image file that used by a design if we modified the cm here it would have to reposition the image in indesign by modifying only the resolution an image repositioning will not be necessary you understand I understand will not change the size to centimeters of an image just exchanged it just the density of the pixels then at the place of 72 here we can eventually type I will try to type 180 why not 180 this that’s going to make me an image that passes with a size of 12 5 mega in my case is the size of the file opened in photoshop not necessarily the size of the jpeg file on hard disk because now it’s compressed at least the size files opened in photoshop I goes from 12 to 78 so yes it multiplies still a lot of pixels number the resolution the image is increased if I keep the same number of centimetres and that I increase the pixel density I multiplies the pixels that’s how I densify the pixels over a distance of 2.54 cm is by multiplying them here with photoshop but necessarily there are more pixels in the picture so let’s see what I’m going to do. here zoom in with photoshop shortcuts space bar control on the pc halt space bar to zoom in rear spacing bar control on the pc or comment on the mac bar spacing command then there would be may still need to increase a little bit the noise reduction slider on will see how it goes. is it going to make us feel anything valuable thing the image already had many grains in did it because in my opinion it was already a reframing yes we can increase the reduction of the noise it will remove some grain but in this case it didn’t know extraordinary but in any case here we are has multiplied the pixels so if you want to see the front and then just position yourself on the here to press the button there smile and you see how it was before and after pixel multiplication This is what it looks like, so I click I keep pushing his forwards, I let him go. Smiling button is after so you have to still set the cursor to have something not too bad. so here’s the photoshop is still the tool for multiplying pixels the most efficient tool I click on ok I will save the image this hard disk under the same name in the same jpeg format so I do recorded files saved files here is the quality 12 12 maximum 12 12 it is All right, so you’re doing files. registered you go back to indesign there is no need to leave photoshop if you have a powerful enough computer should do the trick. do it and has already updated itself normally when faced with sections it depends on me as I had asked to open the image at the beginning of ten years ago does the update, however, if you you opened it in parallel with a design you should have a small point of exclamation here somewhere that you says that the image must be updated it will have to be clicked on the double arrow here the double arrow there to actually update the image in indesign so if you did it by opening the image in photoshop by doing files open in photoshop indesign doesn’t know that you made the setting at day finally that you have modified the image I mean, he doesn’t know if he’s must do it himself all this updated, that’s it. that you have your little point of yellow exclamation the man in a triangle you click on it it makes the update you should see that the image changes and here I went back to 3,116 earlier I was at 124 pixels everywhere I am now at 316 is so it’s one of the ways of multiply pixels when you need them to use a really large image in the layout and unfortunately she’s not she’s not enough specific we can artificially in photoshop was going to fix it, so that’s it. since your computers are a little bit weak left photoshop because otherwise it’s going to slow down a little bit at work and in indesign so here I am going to continue the work layout on this page I’m going to switch to display here normal in indesign and I’m going to put of the text of the text of the text two columns of text on the left page a column on the right page so It’s going to be pretty easy. I’m going here. Deleted. Yes, we’ll do it like that. delete these rectangles there too that expand what’s left may be going to be but text columns Here is deleted here, so that’s it. that’s it. look like the layout of these pages there are images on the side here of the text here text here here an image that overflows Here it is, so it’s not great, but it’s still better than in word for now, that’s what it takes. understand in the design the implementation of the page I know very flexible we can do what we want is that’s the difference by to have is that the positioning of text images it’s really very flexible so that’s it. we’re going to put fake text just to see what it looks like, you’re gonna take the text tool and click on the block to transform it into text blocks when you did that so with the textent tool you will fill in the block there is the cursor there that blinks who blinks wait for us to fill out you’re going to do a right click fill with the text of substitution of wifi wire for text balancers Here we haven’t worked on it yet. typography we’ll settle for the text that arrives there the basic text there typography la choose the character interlining dimension it will be for later I do the same thing for the right column there right click so of course a certain time of layout then it will be replaced by real text but in the meantime we can still started with fake text like this so please don’t try to read because it’s fake Latin and in addition it’s really disgusting what they’re doing were telling it’s not for children. so don’t read it. then the pink color on the background of the blocks they were used only for see the block but now that it’s full of texts we see that it is a block that in this place there therefore the color pink I’ll delete it I’ll delete it select for example the two blocks so that the two blocks that are there georges includes at least partially the two blocks they have the same background that appears there if he had different funds and we will have a question mark is not serious it will be the same principle we will delete the background you must have the background box in the tool palette the background box that is in the foreground you will click on the diagonal here to remove the pink color from the body this grandmother who’s here now, that’s right. you have to be precise in your graphics, it’s important in addition we like the grandmothers graphics in general She runs the office. We’re still a little in the theme wolves hyenas Cougars are a little bit the same thing I laughs so you have something that already looks like a document a little more professional well that lacks a lot of things such as the numbering of the pages full of things from the titles of the spaces between paragraphs there are a lot of things that are missing. heard it went a little diversified even from one page to another you can feel that he There’s a structure that’s the idea that’s the idea. that throughout the document we need to which is a structure behind which is common but despite everything from one page to another it we need diversity, these dirty secrets. a good layout document for the structure as an hour all the time document but at the same time from one page to the other one about diversity. Okay, so I’m continued javert passed here in display standard so all w if you want or then this icon ap it so you can see well the structure the construction of the document and then I’m going to put a title above it in a block just for the title, it’s a way to do, but first we’re gonna have to I’m going to lower the handle of the center of each of these two blocks here so when you asked for fill it in with false text it fills up as much as possible but there’s not gonna be any more at this place. for all shown you are going to have a little red cross here that will appear to indicate that there is text that fate of the block It obviously doesn’t matter. since in this way false text here so I’ll show you I’ll take the handle. I’m lowering her life now, that’s a gutter indicated by the markings so just under the gutter which is a spacing between blocks is referred to as horizontal or vertical gutter underneath the gutter I have the beginning of the block that’s here and the red cross indicating that yes necessarily there is text that only appears now to do in this case there it is necessary delete from the block text you have to do the font smaller finally there are plenty of solutions said it’s That’s what it tells you here a mistake that means that there is excess text in a block we will create a second one mistake is so gay then let’s go I take the other block, I lower it until Here’s to two mistakes to it becomes enjoyable Okay, so we have room to do another one. title here I’ll take the text tool creates a block for the text so you see that our pink starting rectangle that are useful to us in starting the layout but after that you can move the blocks according to the markings on the passing landmarks that said that the gutters between these rectangles original so you can, so that’s what we did. there repositioned the height of a blog it’s not forbidden is totally recreated a new block is what I’m doing. do here text tools and yes I could create a diagonal block and click inside with dirty little text would transform into text blocks but I can also take the tool directly texter ferrain click drag like that here I will select that the arrow black the block so you can see where it is is then attention I delete for show you that I think if you click on the margin with the text tool without moving, it might make you feel like you’re not moving. blocks yes no no it doesn’t do it here that works so be careful to make sure you don’t 7.1 click drag here because sometimes with the text tool when you click on a margin to make a block its text block factory on the entire page wasn’t the case here apparently that was not the perfect, so that’s it. text look that’s there and you’re going to click title in so text tools yes that flashes in it you type a title Anything’s fine with two n savannah where only one n has to your question it is necessary to verify there are verifiers orthographic hassle okay then we’ll be able to get this text obviously it’s a title and it doesn’t do don’t rewrite the Bible so we’ll be able to modify it for the modify there are two solutions either I selects the block and I had to modify in the character wound the dimension and so on either I select with the text tool the text like that and I even raised it thing about character I’m going to talk about it modify what’s the point of doing it like this? with the text tool selected the text is when you want to modify a part text that in a block but here in this block there is only this text there so at the instead of selecting it like that and to see it in negative and not really see what I’m doing, I’ll select the earlier the block you see the logic if I want to modify all the text that is found in an OR I better select the block with the arrow black so that the text is always seen correct it is not going negative like when I select with the text tool then you go to the text menu at orly 30 hype character here’s the pale and temperamental one you’re going to be able to modify the dimension if you want it to be the faster you change here, the faster you can change the key capitalization goes faster Let’s see go from 10 to 10 it’s always the same principle in all software adobe So, huh? time when you do text in indesign and especially titles it is necessary pay attention to the spacing between the characters then looked at my text here that degraded three large gaps I don’t know don’t know if you feel it because it’s the work of graphic designers who have done graphic design probably sees it between b and e the spacing is too much great between the pe also one can be between the places also so there is a character spacing problem there are possibility to modify it manually but you can also ask a life to solve the problem for us and it’s done in the palette of character so not only have I asked to text here at 40 points but I will also go ask him to to switch to optical swimming creation, i. e. that rather than have a beast spacing regular mathematical between the characters I’m going to ask him to go adjust the spacing passing through here himself in optics look at my title we see the word foal as soon as I switch to optics you saw that the top came closer of the same thing between the b le for that matter it didn’t show on the screen I iron on metric you have an approach between the character a peer-to-peer approach called it pays to have an approach of a father who’s not good if you switch to optics is right away better Oh, yeah, by the way. it is stated here that the language and English because I’m in the english version of indesign I actually made my operating system in English on finish the file manager by English and so in design is in English when I launch it’s because you are on machines where you have no choice in your indesign and in English so I adapted my computer here to make it work in English so in the language preferences of de my computer here I made sure that English be the language of the operating system when I have their seine design frozen in English and he necessarily considers that the text English is not good because for the word breaks for corrections spelling It won’t be good, I have to specify that it’s French, so I refuse. precise French you will see that it’s still close enough precise since you have French and French you have Canadian French Well, here I’m going to do French. French because we are not in Quebec even if of course the French are the ones Quebecers live a little bit of the same how they’re gonna drive their kids to the school is on the ground like the rest of the world is a little wink to those who who know Quebec Look what that means, go 100. québécois ok the size of the character because everything did not appear I will use the text tool and modify them well known as yes to all three of them small points here it is done by alc prince and not three little dots that are follow This is typography in all the software it works as it should if you make three points it’s the three-point character you are not forced to put his hand in the way I was explaining it because it’s not always known so I’m going to hunt the foals in the savannah no I laugh I laugh I will hunt what follows the cursor here in the following line so I’m going to put the cursor here. will force you to go to the next line That’s like in world. That’s capital letter carriage return so I’m going to show you my little virtual keyboard here to chase the text to the line following that’s how it works in most of them. of the layout software is the shift key and carriage return Why don’t I call it that? enter key because in indesign the enter key, that’s right, and this to one of the additional features it will work not if you use the enter key of the number pad for example I don’t think so. that it’ll work, so I have added something here by doing capital letter carriage return I added something here why it’s called carriage return by the way, you know. why the carriage return key because acrimonious return in English it tells you nothing in fact in the betting software in page as indesign you have things that come from the it’s very traditionalist and here we are on a standard typewriter. imagined writing mechanical as one would was using it 30 years ago of years you have this little paw that makes it possible to make return the writing head to the beginning of the sheet and at the same time who does skip a line, so that’s the return. trolley and when you press the key carriage return in indesign is what that you get it goes to the line following but if I made a carriage return special I chased away the text that was after the cursor in upper case carriage return tuning even this one little thing here is that someone knows what it is, it’s a ghost of the past gutenberg mobile characters I show you this is a tool that the typographers used to compose characters we will look for characters mobile lead and finally alloy alloy rather because bute also rocked his revolution is the alloy we’re going to look for moving characters they will align them with this composter and then all this is put together in blocks we still talks about blocks in software current everything is now abu block typographic obviously it is to backwards since it’s going to print So that’s the thing you see. in a design is that’s actually that. a reference to this composter this thing you see there back and pomace in what it’s something you have known for a long time you see this in almost all software from layout and you have never understood why what it was is this kind of weird x that’s when you want to make classifying layouts but what we Actually, we don’t put too much colors now still too much is for children if it is a catalogue for an amusement park for a visit of how we do it call it a zoo where you can can do two things a little more fun and a little more bad taste, so but That’s Lyon. Let’s go. we will select our block with the black arrow and we’ll put a background on it. so let’s not forget to record when even from time to time the document finally he wakes up changing the name is well so I keep the progress and if I screw up completely, I’d have to go to the minus the version before that ah yes because that we can screw up on the level of choice aesthetic and do horrible things and then we regret and then to come back easily to the version before having registered document regularly under a different name is fine, so here’s the deal. you have selected your block of titles with the black arrow you’re not going to put a color on it. by double clicking here we really have an interest in indesign in use the color chart the pallet either chair the color palette so does not not the way to choose photoshop so the colors don’t use no plus the palette or their window menus or their color the un phone is color colors colors it would be mistake it would work in a first one time but they really had you interest in using menu phone is color or in the color charts why because the color chart the colors that are in there. if you apply them to several objects in the layout there is a link between color and objects in changing the color in the color chart that will change the color of all objects and that’s interesting when you want to make a quick change of atmosphere in a whole document of dozens of pages it will only work this link between the color and objects that use the color it will only work if it is in the color chart so here is the menu windows color swatches you will possibly be able to choose of course another color than that, so it’s a document that was originally intended for the impression but despite everything I have decided to use rvb images in it and I even created in some places rvb colors It’s not a problem if you know people who work in the printing industry since the 1990s 1980s if they have not updated their knowledge they will tell you you should never use images rvb or rvb colors in a document layout that will be printed It’s been fifteen years since adobe said that you can and it’s even better so we’re going to create a rvb color here you go to the menu of the pallet swatches you choose a new color here and you do it in rvb it will be better you will be able to make very bright colors if you Want it’s not mandatory. Look at this. for example beautiful body pink this grandmother if I want to print it in cmjn it will be dull you’re going to say, but what’s the point of put on a bright pink color like that because this grandmother if it’s going to get a little rotten like that in the printout, but yes. but that’s okay because at our when you make a document indesign he also goes out to techniques better printing there is the pressure so colors at the printer’s there’s the inkjet output there’s tablet display on screen computer on smartphone all this can to make you the bright color that the printing only in four colours at the printer can’t make you so Here’s a little bit of an explanation here. why it’s better to work hard in rvb so here I liked a color that’s there on the bottom of the blocks I can still modify it by double clicking on it in the color chart it’s not a issue what we can do too and who is very interesting if it helps you is when you use the colors when you put a color on an element in a layout a design is to use one of the colors that are on the page for example I show you this I take the pipette that is here this one see behind this pipe is themes of colours You have another people I’ll give you watch an image there for example this color there is put on the block if I want to be able to choose others colors I am an object to push the alt key and power and I can go so that and more and more colors so that’s the pipette that’s there. allows for great trick if you want to put colors in a layout You don’t know what it is for sure. that it’s bound to go well with the page if the color comes from the photo so it’s the pipette with the alt key. we have to force which one stays in mode of sampling because the pipette will be collected but also to be applied but here with the key alt I force him to stay in mode samples Well, then, do you this color is one of the colors I use will try with the pipette because here’s how to really choose a color a little different so okay, great green here that I’ve been search in the background delémont the image of my wolf she’s not in the color chart I said it’s better if she’s in the bomb color chart at what you’re going to do at that moment you go you have the possibility of double click on the color sample here and ask for added color to the matching color chart and here she is. There, okay, so there’s a connection. between the color and the objects that are going to use this color if you want to use it change all the colors at once this color throughout the document it will be possible if it is used by several objects several texts it will be possible well we will give a rounded to the block it is selected with the black arrow You’re gonna reposition me. correctly because it has moved little Here’s the important thing that sticks to the margins and outstanding why because then we if we resize if we resize if we modify the layout a little bit the page width it will only help us if the blocks that their Father, it’s important, so the block is selected aaron object menus I can’t see there and it’s an honor dynamic means what it doesn’t mean say he’s going to do the salsa dance when it comes to dynamism in computer graphics means that once that we put it in it will still be editable you just have to go back to that place. it will be editable so I’m going to choose here the channel and here That means it’s going to put it on the four corners is not broken if I click on it it breaks but I didn’t have to break it, I clicked it again. is not broken I’m going to put heroes like that on rounded like this, here they are, we see them there. rounding value can be changed or not just anywhere since its chains of way when I modify anywhere that modifies all that modifies the four corners these are dynamic rounds I checked the preview box of course for see him behind in real time okay and so we can go back as many times that we want in there. to modify it works so it’s pretty ugly, it’s been a little bit of a’60s. but as I was telling you about publications for children tips nice why not we can do a little bit in bad taste like that so I notice that I have on my rectangle a black outline that I will remove I selects the game rectangle but the box contours in the diagonal foreground here we are, we’re not going to do anything both a background and art a black outline That would be really bad. That’s fine. look like a geography syllabus of secondary schools you can’t push yes to the does yes to school publications you know, it was going to be publications. school geography environmental study This is all a tasteless fair. in this type of case and cases of cartridges are called cartridges in which we have the text that appears Well, I’ll show you that technically. it’s possible to do it, but at the same time time I’m telling you, be careful with that. depends on the audience yesterday usually when we’re talking to adults and we want that this is a serious matter, we’re going to rather keep things sober with the funds white typography we’re not going to to start putting titles is then underlined the headlines by the way, it doesn’t happen does more than that, it’s still been twenty years. that we no longer do underlining of title but that’s what we do will speak again Okay, you managed to do that, so watch the suite open your eyes or thrown in the eye and we’re going to give you look you’re going to do after I’m going to do a series of operations here, so in the character palette I will modify the spacing here here you are See, it was in brackets. than angel before I change and now it’s not between parentheses is in parentheses for indicate that it is the terrine y age by age lack of a design 120% of the height characters but I’m decreasing here first thing secondly, don’t make people look at open your eyes I select the block it has a background that’s there we know it, but I wants to change the color of the characters Yes, it’s true, I can select them. with this and it’s modified except that they will appear in negative how I See what I’m doing. I don’t know, so I’m keeps the selected block with the black arrow and it must go up to the edge not perfect here I keep around that that’s not a good fit, so I’m keeps the selected block that the black arrow and I will indicate here Here, here, I’m not working on the block the colors here does not influence the block but it will influence the text to inside the block and from there to choose the color of the text so here’s either create my own or not. but in this case I’m going to put the color of the white paper it will not be worse off Well, that was the second thing, so the color of the text so I have to modify first the interlining here is forget and and change the color of the text by indicating that I’m working on the text and I saw directly what it was like give and now I’m going to do the centering in both directions and for the center and horizontally I’m going to have to use the menu paragraph palette text paragraph size paragraph size paragraph No, thank you. the little z2 indesign is here so I center it is necessary that the block is selected otherwise it doesn’t work I center horizontally Well, that means that every one of them left and right side of the text I have the same space as what in principle if I have not started has been mortgaged here for put margins and paragraphs of the others and it now works on vertical centering is not going to happen on the work of the text but on the block text for this it is necessary to work on the text block I will go to menus text block option objects and That’s where I can say, here you go. the text must be in the centre or at the bottom but in this case I’m going to do at center to center of the block so vertically he placed himself in the center at pretty much it’s true that there’s a little more of space above, although whatever it is. the height of the capitals that counts that can be modified in the options of blocks of text where I just went, it’s obvious also modifies this so its object menus text block options well and I have requested center alignment is ok it’s okay in the baseline options that we regulate here the way things are done occur in the direction of the line from above Anyway, it’s getting a little too much. complicated, so go ahead and do it. It’s done. It’s looking at what it looks like. by activating the preview by clicking on Next to all of them, he’s not a part of the text is specifically to give it a different dimension from the Still, it brings a little variety. remember that you should not hesitate to bring a little variety to things Otherwise, it’s ugly. this is the kind of thing like the top line is 28 points away from the line below is at 36 that kind of thing. who sees here it looks a little more like something correct Well, it still bothers me that I have the impression that there is a little too low I still selected the block and in the text block options control b on the pc against commands b on the pimp I’m not going to play on it that I’m showed you earlier I showed you rather go play on no it doesn’t will not work on a rounded block I Forget it, it’ll be very complicated. for now

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