ID PART 04 Maitriser INDESIGN en 48h chrono Mise en page ADOBE niveau pro à la portée de tous (0h46)

ID PART 04 Maitriser INDESIGN en 48h chrono Mise en page ADOBE niveau pro à la portée de tous (0h46)

this document at the typographical level it is quite valid we say that the grey is correct, i. e. when you look at the blocks from a distance one overview of the text blocks on n’a not really the impression of seeing white cracks that appear in these It’s quite unique grey man, that’s because we’ve been working on what we call the justification we made sure that indesign and more flexibility when it has to glue text on the left and right of the column normally indesign does not know how to do vary in origin than the spacing between the words but we told him, here you can. also vary the spacing between the letters you can also change the width a little bit characters and that’s how we get has a typographic grey valid for the typographical level is better than what which is design makes it possible to make in standard is what we’re going to do here to to go further is to make sure that from one column to another from one column to another the other the text lines either in the extension of each other then we’re fine with it. It’s only useful not to much but to that little detail ridiculous added to many others details makes the difference between a word document to have a good document in design that gives a feeling of quality to the average reader who watches it who doesn’t know much about it, but he There’s still a feeling of quality when they see the document or if you are dealing with professionals who are watching the document and will tell my masses it is Pretty much typographically it was done. as it takes to get to the point where make sure that the text lines or in the continuation of one of the other at the same level in all columns you will have to use a this one called a base line grey then first this basic ningde grid I’m going to to give it a value but the value it will be determined by this which is called the body of the text so if you go to the text menu the taipei menu takes you to the par of paragraph style style you see that we have a style of paragraphs that is called body text and is between body brackets why but because the body of the text is the name I have chosen to give this style the paragraph c the body of the text is so that’s what we call the text we most often meets in a document the main text therefore in general when you start doing a document is con we do the things of logical way we start first with adjust the body of the text text main then only after at the front will start making the subtitles on titles etc. but it’s a first thing is then in English it’s called body text which is why I put between body brackets so every paragraphs of this document currently use the body style of the text normally if with the text tool you probe at different locations you see that it doesn’t change that’s always body of the text that is activated if you click anywhere in the text and you do a check ensures the pc how you got on the pimp it select all text all text all text especially the document I remind you that we’re in a flow document continuous so it’s really the text cool from one block to another thanks to the chaining that you have visualized while at the time by clicking with the black arrow on a block you saw the lines because you asked for display extra show the way the chaining of text here is the style of the paragraph is selected it is not grey it remains blue you’re selected that means that all that is selected there currently use this style paragraph is perfect when she’s is there the line spacing 2 of the text there and well to see it there are two ways to do you can if you want to go in the palace of character including kneip character menu text character and you have shown no character and when you click in a paragraph you and now the spacing is 21.6 times its 120 of 18.7 in brackets to indicate that it is in design that has calculated interline spacing spacing between two lines it made 120% of the value only of character 18 here so 21.6 that’s what you have to remember another one solution would have been to take the arrow black click next to everything next to the pages nothing is selected is selected went to provide information on the paragraph style in double clicking on it good it is also possible to make a click right and to have it modified at that time then you didn’t need necessarily to click next to the page to deactivate everything but I’m going to will double click on it gg click to on the side of the pages to disable everything so I’m not working on anything. on a particular page element and in this basic character format you have if he’s finished with what’s also indicated in the style of course finds everything that is in the palaces of character and paragraph That includes everything, so 21.6 points. it’s our interest in texts. right now and we’re going to say that we’re fixed on it, it’s okay, we’re not going to change later on so we’ll be able to go manage the baseline grid then the baseline grid will be make it appear in the grey display menu and therefore locates its display menus I assumes in English if I remember well grid end smartguide undoubtedly and you have baseline grid something so in English schaub baseline grid you confirm ok so the baseline grid does not can’t see when you’re at a certain distance from pages because there is threshold we say to ourselves and that would be that in the preferences we say so much that we’re not a zoom until a certain amount of time zoom factor on the page on your pages barely showing the grid, but if you or but stop on the wheels you see the baseline grid is then the idea is to make sure that between each line here is a value of 21.6 points which is not the case Well, we’re going to do that now. We’re going to do that. do that, we’re going to go to the preferences of a design you go to the preferences editing menu since you Are on a PC here I’m on a pimp I’m on a pimp Go to the menu they tell me at a preference and we’re going to go fix the grids so we’re in the process of set up the grids, so I went to in the preferences regarding the grids you have here the grid of base line good incidentally good for you see you can change the color with which she appears it may be useful if you have at the bottom of the page some images that are blue your grey blue Clearly it’s not going to show up too much at the beginning. Here is just the beginning of the grid it is at 12.7 won’t take much care of that. What interests us is the step here so we talked about how much 26.21 1.6 traveling not even rated 21.6 is that what we said that in this place if that it is the threshold to view the grid so we don’t take too much care of these good ones. possibility to display the grates in front of the elements the images for example, that would be there a certain the grid will appear in front and not behind it, but right now it’s check the grids will be behind it is not very serious our text blocks there in a way are transparent there is no white background on the background of our text block so the Grid we’re going to get it. here you click on ok you have a grid that has the same age spacing as the age the text that happened to be right on time on my column here on the right but on the left column the text do not have you Right on it. Oh, well, we have something that Maybe ugly enough it’s ugly. ligature we’ll delete that too. maybe ligatures while we’re at it. It has nothing to do with it, but I’m in the process of to see that my y when they are followed of one when they follow a f the point of the and disappears once the ligature will have to be I’m also thinking about changing that because I don’t like it too much, but it could be great if you like it then what you’re going to do now before compère de tous and register the document you can save it in the file you received in the file and you’re going to give it a name in the assembly folder that you received want to change your clothes the number That’s it, so that’s it. We’ll make sure that the text those who use the style paragraph body of the text it will be stick on the baseline grid because I was saying that by chance I have my text here that stick on the but if I go up a little bit in the column see that the paragraph previous no well it’s quite all right logical because there’s something that disrupts anyway is the inter-paragraph spacing I have settled and I can and I can and I can make a bigger pub if I’m the one who’s doing it. decides and it necessarily does it all by the air at level 2 of the text that does not fall off the lines so we’re going to do that, we’ll click next to all of them. nothing is activated and we’re going to go double click on the body style of the text so I was just talking to you about the spacing between paragraphs that is obviously done not by inserting an empty paragraph I don’t have paragraph tags empty where there are spaces between the paragraphs his saddle and mara that do this we try to avoid in any case make it look like we’re not, and I gutter and this is the spacing between the paragraphs it is regulated by the withdrawal spacing it’s here by the way it’s at 3 mm here’s that, by the way. so something else I told you about. ligatures you saw there are some One more voice is the one you have shown I don’t think it’s great that are attached to it like that to the f that precedes so it is in this format of basic character it is here we uncheck ligature and if I check the preview box I should notice that directly behind these are the little dots d y appear when they are preceded by of a f knows this, what are also called ffi because yes, when you have two f’s that are after the other as in the word effective they are also ligated if you let’s check all that stuff off. It was ancient typographical legacies and it also depends on the audience to whom you is addressed and the kind you want to give to the documents so I was there why I was there to make sure that the lines of text are stuck on the grid of baseline and since the grid of a German baseline was beating lineage that the text should work then it’s going to happen in withdrawal spacing we just went there just a few days ago ten seconds I told you that the spacing between paragraphs is where it’s happening and here you have aligned on the grid no line right now but you’re going to say that all lines why is there the option first line is especially for the securities have ensured that the first line of a title its line on the grid but this is all of everyone’s lines. the paragraphs that will be aligned with the grid is here and what’s going on comes by when you look back at the miracle one the text lines are in the same level in the extension one on the other hand and this is a document that is serious about typography there are people who pay attention to that last but not least in the world of graphic design then I’ll tell you the general public if they There is a feeling about the quality of the document but he’s not going to say ah, well the ligatures have been removed quite a bit to maintain the lines of text are a extension of each other by column to column but no that’s the general public who don’t pay attention to that but despite everything, he feels that there’s something of quality in the document it’s not a word document so stupidly so, so your space after paragraph but when you change it, it’s not going to work. to modify much necessarily therefore here it is in the options box on stylus paragraph you have of course the preview box that is checked we are All right, well, at the preview box, okay, so let’s do it. will observe a little bit what’s going on. now that the text is forced to be put on the grid if I increase I I’m looking at this place. there if I increase the space after paragraph nothing changes as a result indesign bug not generally blogs are not located as you know between the screen and the back of the chair so a at some point I will increase and the line to whoever starts here with the word manga in my case will come next if it doesn’t crash because my balloon beach is coming up and that’s always worrying before that, okay, so when I from 7 mm to 8 mm and puts the text skips a line b it makes sense we with adjustment of the spas centres paragraph necessarily less hungry from the moment where we asked that the text its line on a grid so here you can do it. to leave it at three was fine, actually it’s not 3000 c + 3 mm these 21 7 x 2 finally Here it is, it’s my three. It can stay. so that finally what you need is understand that the part where the time is paste the text on a league ri of the base line necessarily the setting between spa centers paragraph centers it is less hungry then what we’re doing to do here is so we explain to you even though you’re not very happy yet. far in indesign we explain how to use functionalities that allow you to give a professional look to a document is to make a long document with images and text is very flexible in the level of its layout I can delete text images up I go back can add text so it’s That’s the point here. We’re not in the process of make you professionals in the field of layout 1 is the goal is the goal is to get close to a document pro easily thanks to the little tips that you have here that we give you for the time being then we won’t validate the decals y menuge window calq and I will rename limestone I’m going to call it main text here is the main text I will lock to make sure you don’t work on him by mistake and I’m going to create a new layer them that I will call floating images new layer floating images why that but you will immediately understand so here you are, you’re in the process of work on the image layer floating you have to click it on it to select the other call which is locked main text it contains the main text of course if I take the eye out of the main text disappears from the display then on the floating images layer we will create them an image block so you can take the diagonal. here and you will make an image block of the width of a column in any case not no more than the width of a column we’re going to do even less I’m going to even here do a little less Whatever it sticks, it sticks, so there’s the magnetism so made tip top the same width shouldn’t be that wide. is actually overflowing anyway, so that’s it. by convention in the world of the printer a rectangle with diagonal it told us it’s fine. contain an image is useful especially when you have graphic charters and starting models in magazines We can see it directly from the several centuries back one printer in the Middle Ages with the had it their little computers no I’m laughing he drew on sheets of paper their layout projects with rectangles to diagonal Okay, well, this block could have gone through. from one column to another regardless of the Anyway, this block will contain an image and I wouldn’t want the image to get superimpose on the texts we will no longer see the text so what we’re going to do is that we’re going to activate the dressing so in the window menu you will search for text packaging so in the windsor menu you searched in the english version of indesign text rap so the text wrapping palette has arrived and while you have your block has selected it with the black arrow you must engage this It’s quite telling, of course, we see. that rather than the text taking place under the images it will be around the images that’s what we’re doing and so so you have the image block that has no more texts below him so if I move it, like, go up there. Here’s the sentence there ends below. of the image block every time it gets updated. It’s logical. It’s a little slow. It’s a little slow. my computer is a little bit like my computer too. Mule is not a race animal so sometimes sometimes the text is close to the image it depends on where I place it the image sometimes it’s the text of the above which is close to the image sometimes it’s the text underneath, well, then you will be able to move the text a little further away from the top and bottom of the image in indicating for example here in vain indicates and possibly 3 and 3 for the top and bottom here’s the key tabulation is normally the text should be a yes to the point. That’s fine because I have a wide enough gutter I overflowed three to the left and the right also so it won’t require any problem but at times that could be a problem if I do a which is wider than the gutter the space between the columns so what I forgot to do I’m going to to do it here is to break it. chain here I will make a dressing different in left and right I will leave 0 but it’s above and underneath I’m going to put 3 eventually I can even increase again Let’s see if I put 6 and 6 here we go. there will certainly be systematically from the text that will be not too close to the image in the column up and down See this is the small margin value agrees to put this area there this line that appeared quite the value of margin agrees to put on the block it’s a dressing walk, so this block will contain an image and I would like to still automate the layout, i.e. that I’m going to make the image resize in the block and to always with this block of images selected I will go to the menu adjustment objects so it must be object adjust adjustment something like this and since the block has not still of image all this is inaccessible on the other hand I can go down to the block adjustment option plan this what’s going to happen when an image will arrive in the dock so it’s extreme options’ something like that and then here at a you’re just going to ask for clean fremm yarn antonelli fill the block proportionally that means that the image will fill the block while keeping its proportions so she’s eventually going to be overwhelmed by the top and bottom or by the left the right and it will be necessary to make small manual adjustments but there will already be a job that’s going to be done by a design normally this is indeed the case in the English version of indesign sepa object adjustment of its objectives eating and you have the texts fitting freemotion this thing like this braine fitting shot Well, anyway, here it is, it’s set to that the images fill the block is filled resize to be the largest possible in the block Here we go, we’ll save the document. it’s always safer even if the design saves all five minutes well then this block I’m going to possibly the rooster make a copy of it on the side because I often go so I’m even going to put it on in the template so that it can be will be found on all pages on the side so you’re going to select it make a copy so edit copy copy control it is of course you go in the template double click on the double-page template that is there for you should see the two pages of the template check I’m always suspicious because make sure that it is indicated at the bottom at left that you are in the process of work in the template at and master in the English version you are well in the template because there are some who click when I say double-click and then it’s a disaster there and then We’re gonna stick it in the middle. of the window that is open so a anywhere it doesn’t seem right, but it doesn’t matter because in a way my purpose was to put on the side there There he is on the side, that means that on all the pages now when I go to any of the pages of the document I double click on l g on the side a block that is accessible and not accessible why I like it when it doesn’t work in General, it’s always nice, yes, it is. you have to unlock it, they should also appear and I don’t see it Well, yes, he won’t appear. if it’s not unlocked, I’ll be there. not unlock it if I don’t see it. so maybe I’ll go back to the template he still gave her to a little bit their little color of melts there and we still don’t see it That’s great. That’s great. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, good point, I’ll see you. remember the thing now, indeed. they have to touch a very small one little the page even touch it as if it were a That and we’ll certainly see it. Yes. it’s a vicious little thing. here it is there available indeed well done saved me the trouble of having to search for five minutes for what was not fine because I remembered more than it worked like that jealous commit myself to the modification of the color of the assembly table etc. that is dead is misdirected good bbc well in the more you participate in the course and you find the best solutions actually everything It was done on purpose. I knew the answers more fears but no I laughing, I’m making you walk. obviously okay so we’ll go get a picture we’re going to go to their house on the web so I’m going to bing because obviously the button display the image in high definition has disappeared from google it needs to install extensions for the making it reappear is boring while that in bing he’s still there and that works in much the same way as I do never thought I was going to do the advertising of microsoft products to some moments but everything happens so here I’m going to type in the name of a thing for example, with a good sauce. It’s still good that stuff there and I’m going type between quotation marks public domain but you didn’t have to do it. but I’m showing you that if I want to find images that I have the right to use I have a I have more of chance to do that, of course, you have also the creative ones like the filters creative commons that are available in the filters of when we’re in the images part you can type other thing if you want me to, I typed that up. because here’s the game I like the good one. the right food you laugh but it’s eaten in some of them. country then here is the image then at the level of of the filtering but the filtering appears already at my place if it doesn’t look like it. at home you obviously have to click on the word filters here the small funnel I usually put it the other way around. on the head but here is the size of image I’m going to ask for large, good pictures. so he puts the size directly on me. Here’s the thing to be careful though. so you have to be careful with that if you will put the image in small on the page of course an image of 615 pixels on 409 like this one could go through but if you plan to implement it bigger still, it’s important to the m to take images with a better definition we call it the definition so the question we sometimes ask but do you have to take images in 300 pixels by all but of course it is mandatory if you find images in 72 pixels per thumb on the web you will never be the printed matter is bullshit That’s not true. Who cares about the resolution? you have 72 pixel images per inch it’s going to be fine, no, it’s me. laughs a little bit because I know that in secondary education It’s still been over 15 years since That’s not true, but we keep saying take images at 300 pixels per inch adapt the photoshop doors before adapting them to be used in indesign foutais de la foolishness it’s been fifteen years since adobe said that we can take rvb images already even if you want to print and in addition the resolution is not important why you’re going to see a little more away so we’re going to click on an image here and you have the little something extra here that normally should allow you to work at you it can appear directly is because I have a resolution screen and 6 for the demonstration which is quite low I’m in a thousand 400 pixels on 900 1440 on 900 it is likely that you have a definition better screen on your screen there and you see directly the button display the image so display the image so it’s the high definition image That’s what mocks in google. now it’s this button that allows to display images in high definition when I click with the magnifying glass I see it’s not too bad, of course. It’s still animal photography. and it’s blurry because the bug move, but it’s still great like photo then right click save the dark image or save it in the folder you save it in the assembly file today the question I’m being asked is it necessary make a folder images blah blah blah blah blah banon wanted to record it will be good for At the end when we’re done, you’ll make a assembly file of your document a design that will do everything gives everything only all files as required now of course if you have any hundreds of images to put in a undesignated document It can be useful to have a little bit of hierarchy and to settle things in folders and sub-folders but good Okay, so we’ll go check out indesign. and we’re going to go to our page that contains the block that we’re going to try to import the image into it so the image is here to come the block and the age I do an imported file therefore with command of the controls of the I’ll look there the image no need to check the options import it’s not like it’s like it’s a multipage pdf I have to choose where I want to go must choose which page I want bring no it’s just a stupid image tam logically it would be better to import a photoshop image but we can still change that later on. why not to make the non-destructive image modification that are imported into the layout so here it looks like it has functioned the image has been resized when I click with the black arrow on the central reticle I see light blue lines that are the limits of the image I also see at the above that the image has been resized in my case but I didn’t have you says he’s making a block of a certain dimension I did not impose the dimension so each one has a result different in my case it is at 22 106 is different in your country, it’s not from there you can press the button and with the shift key press the shift key you can repositioning the image is therefore the small manual adjustments that I can make for you talking, we let go of the mouse button then the shift key I will save the document so let’s take a look at the question I’m asking. asks you Is it a female squirrel or a bad one? No, I’m not laughing at anything to see. Who cares? it’s the end that measures so here’s what we’re gonna do. select the image with the black arrow so I’m going to have to have the O.R. anyway. Here’s the blog that works. I’ll do it. selected I click next to it I come back click on it Yes, it is the block that is selected yes because earlier you clicked on the crosshairs I was others in the process of modifying the content of the block the image itself but if there I want to click on the block I have to click next to it then click on the block finally you know the principle is you are not new to indesign let’s have a look in the window menu information I have never used this image so I’m in the process of uncover so it just so happens that here you have the information palette yes also you have the same thing in the palette of links could help him not the unties one menu window link molly window link window is it’s even better it’s even better if when your image there is highlighted in the link palette you deploy the information here well here you are going to to have information to which surprise then what do we have and b first we learn that this bug is sitting on a branch I’m glad to hear it’s from jpeg format it is on page 38 c of the rvbc not serious even if you want to print at the moment where we will generate the pdf we will export it in cmjn than it cmjn but already there are a lot of people who tell you what they’re telling you tell you you must now of image in cmjn in indesign if it’s for printing and well these People here it’s falling they don’t even know that dcng there are dozens of them so they tell you to tell you to do it. to stage jean but he’s got you doesn’t even specify which one is so we have does a layout here and when we go export the pdf cmjn we will choose the cmjn depending on the type of paper and printing mechanics is what that it will be gravure offset from the something else as a technique Here’s the printer telling you that. He’s telling you that. advises you it’s called a press profile or a standard export pdf for the pressure so rvb is not a problem at all, it’s not a mistake these days in the 1990s was a mistake, but we’re still in the 2020s so we have to Whatever the state is, it means it’s okay. the image he finds it that’s the size of the image on the hard disk and the tiny that’s the profile of the document of the image it’s a little complicated the profiles it is for experts and what is what we see here holds this image and in 72 pixels per inch so some people will tell you we’ll tell you cannot use this image to print if you need 300 pixels per inch except that since it is reduced to 22% the pixels settle on each other the other risks increase and we are at I’m here at 326 you have some something different then for printing at a offset printer we say that 300 is what it takes but for impressions At the top of the range, we can say that That’s 400,450 you’re in class. Get a little closer to that, it’s okay, so if I’m at 250 instead of 300. It’s okay. for inkjet printing 150 pixels per inch is enough so That’s what you understood. principle why the resolution doesn’t matter because we’re saying again mentioned images in indesign and its densifies pixels if yes on aux dimensions nephew down saleh densifies so that’s what matters, that’s what it is. will be in the pdf besides in pdf on will even ask at the time of export to bring it down to 300 like that is nickel it’s going to require less calculation to the printer’s machines I’m talking about machines les replays raftery match processor the machines that are used to make the tram age have you some questions great good you still have your image There on the side you see it, we’re going to go there. unlock uppercase control and you can click on her and I might go make a copy while I’m at it, I’ll make a copy. will do to control its controls v here I will work on this version there well I put on the right there you saw okay. so I’m going to quickly go get another image let’s be crazy then what would go well with this small delicious dish breads other squirrel certainly record this bug in the same case here you go and you can import it from teeth in the block that is currently selected I will bring this see the extraordinary superb extraordinary at some point you’ll see when we makes titles or decorations of the decorative colour paving stones in a setting in page it can be interesting to go with the pipe is taken from the colors that are found in the images that are on the page is like that it happens one magical thing is that the layout has look good right away because you have made titles or blocks that have a color that is one of those incredible images but this is a different story at least that’s what we’re going to do here. is that we’re going to glue it up and do differently because the problem of the image I put there is that if the text- moves to the page previous that goes to the next page the image it will always remain on that page there yes it would not have passed on the previous page because I am on the first one we agree, but the text could move from the page if I attach a paragraph to the logical beginning let’s imagine that the text talks about squirrels and I’m starting to put them together a text that has nothing to do with the image of in the wrong place it does not follow the text you understand the problem so what I showed here is a way of feathers that you have experimented during the first part of the court the fundamental part of the implementation page but we’re going to do some flow now. continuous with text and images so here’s the tool to take. text and insert the text cursor is a place where you want to put the image so I’m going to put rather towards the beginning of a column and I’m gonna cut right off a paragraph in two, so Oh, yeah, I don’t have access to that because the pallet we talked about copying the layer of main text is locked I will unlock it, of course. so I was just saying that I was will click at the beginning of the sentence by example here is the cursor that is at the beginning of a sentence and touching back trolley so the big key entered on the keyboard once twice, so I find myself with an empty paragraph incredible I saved the document you can never be too careful I don’t want it to crash, you’ve got your image that it has always been accessible because the call of the image of a layer at all is not locked you can select the image you want will do an x-check to cut it off and then you’re going to put the cursor text on your empty paragraph and you are going to do a check-up, so there he is. sometimes happens sometimes it happens sometimes that the image overflows on the text above and in this case you have to go to the steel pallet 2 paragraph and it is necessary to apply the paragraph style to the image standard, by the way, made it not known worse in the style palette paragraph however you have the cursor that blinks there on the right of the image you apply to this paragraph which contains a desired image to apply the beacon she’s there she’s there all the time. the sail wanted to apply the standard paragraph style Well, then if you’re out of the paragraph of the image by clicking in the text to come back to it is not going to be super simple you have to click at the end of one of the previous paragraph and with the key that goes to the right on the keyboard You’re going to have to go down there, I’m coming. to move the cursor to the left of the image I am in the paragraph of the image still right arrow I’m with the cursor to the right of the image anyway I am in the paragraph that contains the picture you have seen the system since the image and at the same width as the column could be able to put the cursor it’s not always easy so you have to click on the last one paragraph there I could have crilly clicked on the following paragraph of course and go up with the left arrow logical means the same thing so here I am going to create a new one. paragraph style that I will call that I’m going to call image in the unverified flow well verified that here it is not indicated according to a of styles it must be indicated according to no nun style otherwise you do some style parenting and you don’t have understand what happens to you if you don’t not master it here are images in the flow is the name I give to this paragraph that contains an image that means that later on if I want to school and other images but it’s going to be pretty easy, I’m gonna have to go. for example on another page here is on our page I’ll have to go make an empty paragraph I’m going to have to apply the paragraph style called images whose flow and then I will stick an image block on there with a image in it is the fact of having a stylus paragraph for it will go to me allow to manage the front manspace and after the images for all the images of the document that would be in the flow obviously it is the principle of the style is to change a lot of things at the same time then to check that it works and is well in the flow you can go back to the first one page you can select a whole page paragraph and yes when you triple click normally his selection at some point it must be select any paragraph but it doesn’t look good. walk here so I select everything with the fan tag by gaffe when you select things don’t forget not the paragraph end tags otherwise it’s going to drag on. so if I delete this paragraph there the image will inevitably rise again sees the logical is the principle I cancel the deletion at their decent or so if they take the envy of resize 7 floating images the image of the squirrel is the sphere wider all over the world on the double column here and of course well seen what happened and my second squirrel moved to the right column because the image on the left I did its bigger block I’m doing more little ones, here I go again, bigger ones, here I go Well, of course it’s the block that’s expands after you have to ask adjustment objects fill the block proportionally n’objecte fitting proportional frame thread is like that the image of the first scourer elsewhere filled his block and that’s not it. prohibits having floating images it can bring more than diversity. to the documents but I would advise you to do it after when you put all your images in the stream and everything your text you can go and place some floating images have no starting from the first pages and going to to the last ones, so here we are. technically it registers your document

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  1. Bonjour Thierry,
    C'est re-moi. Puis-je me permettre un humble avis ? Pour le gris typographique tout est ok …mais si l'on rectifie les approches sans retirer les ligatures, il manque un petit chouïa non ?
    bonne continuation, merci et à bientôt. Amicales salutations d'un vieux (très vieux) typo 😉

  2. Bonjour Thierry. Franchement je vous dis milles merci pour votre pédagogie et le sens du partage que vous avez. C'est tellement si bien expliqué que ça m'aide beaucoup à comprendre. En 2015 je vous suivait à travers un lien qui fut finalement supprimé; je ne sais sais pas la raisons. Si vous plait, si vous proposez des formations payantes sur votre page YouTube si cool pensez à nous les africains qui n'ont pas Paypal. Mais par contre nous pouvons contribuer par Orange money qui ouvre de plus en plus de possibilités d'échange internationale avec la France. Encore une fois merci.

  3. Bonjour Thierry,
    J'ai besoin d'un cours particulier svp 😉 Je dois faire un cahier de 8 pages en A5, donc A4 en paysage ?? ou direct en A5 ? comment paginer cela sans que cela ressemble à une usine à gaz ?? Mille mercis pour vos cours. bon dimanche

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