i promise R.I.A | Episode 06 | Indian | Aman Askar | Sneha | Amrutha | Saina Originals | Web Series

i promise R.I.A | Episode 06 | Indian | Aman Askar | Sneha | Amrutha | Saina Originals | Web Series

Write this here. Ho, so I should write here. Hey not like that. -Hello.
-Hello,sister. Who is it? It’s me Aman. -What’s the matter?
-Is Ria there? Yes,she is here. My father is home,so don’t talk too much. No I won’t,I want to clear a doubt. Okay. Hello. Kochus Hey Ammu What is it? What are you doing? Hey father is home,you call me later. Ho is it a problem? Yeah a little. It is a serious matter,I will say it fast. Okay tell me. I will miss you very much,
when I leave for Dubai. I don’t know if I can talk
at least this much at that time. I am very much tensed
thinking about kochus. She will be alone. Would be sad and
will be in the dark. I will be only at peace,if I can hand you over to
someone who can take care of you better than me. You can hand over me to anyone. I can’t simply give you
to anyone like that. It should be someone with a very big heart. And the biggest safest hands. Who is that guy with that ‘big hands’! It’s no one other than… I know that you love him. A love more than just friendship. But Shanu won’t say that openly. That.. That will be super. Kochus. I know that. If you two are together, Then you will be always happy. you think about it seriously. think,think,think little girl. You might be his Jyothika. And shanu your Vijay. bye. Bye. Who was that on phone? Ammu. Let’s study the rest of subjects later. Will you say to mother that I studied?
-yeah. Do you want to what TV?
-no. Damn!think,think,think little girl.You might be his Jyothika
and shanu,your Vijay.
Sister. Sister Ria,hand over
me that curry. Then? then Mia will enter. What a vulgar guy you are! oh kids it is a super comedy,
share with us too. Let us also laugh. Sorry miss this comedy is
not suitable for kids. You both come inside. Were where you guys all this time? -Bathroom.
-toilet miss. No,Shilaja miss. What a disastrous comedy! Miss where did you got this comedy from?
it is good! What a poor comedy! What?!
-miss… I gave you a little freedom,thinking that you
all have my kids age,but you are misusing it. Miss,I told him already… what? That you are very strict and
you will become angry fast. Doesn’t I?
-when. You should always have that in mind. Did you came here like going for a wedding function? Where is your record book? I have brought it miss. Hey labourer stand this side. What is miss? Did you get daily or
weekly wage for this. What is the matter miss?
-How much he pays you for carrying his record? Miss that’s mine. Is your name Ishaan? No, it’s Bharat. When I call Ishan,he must come, not you. Did you hear?
-hey did you? Miss turn the page and
check,I have draw it. On next page. Look this,isn’t that correct? Shanu,Shanu. Which girl drew it?
-I drew it miss. Record.
-what? Your record.
Record?! Didn’t you gave it to me that day?
-Mine? Yeah,You gave me that day.
-Did you wrote it? Of course. Pass it. Do you want me to pass it? Hey,pass this. Thanks. Hey Thankacha, give me that. Is this your record?
No, your father’s! Hey give it.
-no,I won’t Hey miss,they are making a mess here. Hey Thankacha. Aishu which is the next one? Thankyou miss. Keep that record here and Find
which is that salt I kept there. There it is miss. That white thing,that is the salt. Hey Idiot! find which is that salt. It is an experiment. I am fed up with his foolishness. My experiment with salt. Now,Where did this come from ?
-No,I had it with myself. Aren’t your father acting on new films?
-yeah,the discussion is going on. I understood that.
Who drew this diagram. I drew it myself. Okay then,You go and do that experiment. Which experiment miss? Do anyone you like.
Which all do you know? I’m an expert in ammonium chloride. Then you do magnesium sulphate.
Magnesium! I will come back after 15 minutes. I should see everyone’s
experiment result in this table. – step aside.
-Hey,Bharath move aside. -Hey please move.
-Move aside you ..! Then, If I hear anyone making sound… You know what will happen! Damn! Miss Bharath is not giving me any space. If you don’t have space then
go to space and bring some space. Awesome,awesome! Pour some acid. I will burn her. -Did you got result?
-ofcourse! Shanu. Shanu. Ishaan Joseph! What is it? What? Do you know to do it? I know. What do you know,come here? I’m not coming. Come here. I know,I have my boy to help. Athul. Come here. Yeah I will. Take salt in test tube. Do you that barium chloride there. barium,isn’t this cobalt? Not that,next to it. take that and put it in the tube. White precipitate will be formed. Okay. Shanu,Where were you
and Ammu yesterday? Ammu? On cafe spot. Did he said anything about me? About you?
No,For what? Hey man,don’t fool around. Ammu told me everything yesterday. Oh! acid ,acid! Which is your experiment. finding salt. Then where is the salt?
salt is here. Bharath,one watch glass. Aren’t you happy? I already knew this would happen,when
miss cracked poor comedy early in the morning. Shanu. Ammu called me yesterday. I was not with him when he called. I didn’t asked you if you
were with him or not. first listen to me yes,tell me. Malayalam won’t be good. He told me that He is going to Dubai soon. And. He needs to hand over me to someone With.. a very big heart. And very big safe hands. And he said, he said… You have very big…safe hands. Do you? I don’t even know to
hold a glass properly. I have a big hand. But don’t know if it is safe? White precipitate. Yeah perfect. Really? Find cation next. Burner is there. I love burning stuff. -Unni Sir was very angry today.
-Really? On staff room? What is this? Hey brother! trying to escape? Father is home early,he asked
me to come home fast. ‘Next month there is a project miss,
discussion is going on’ Did I say this? Is it? Ask him. oh,see his smile! Go with her dude! ‘Thalavi’ ‘Vannakam’ That’s it! Shaanu. hey I.. Do you need ‘pazham pori'(banana fry)? Cheyta two ‘Pazham pori’ Okay. Not that. What,you dont need?
Cheyta ‘pazham pori’ cancel. No,I need ‘pazham pori’ Cheyta. Eat it! The why did you say you don’t need it. Sureshetta,that guy hasn’t pay the money. Shanu didn’t I told you yesterday. no. That topic,when we went for the film. Why didn’t you say it to Ammu? Should I say truth or lie? Hey give my Pazham pori. First the truth,then pazham pori. The truth is that,I am very afraid of him. Why should you be afraid.? I’m the one who proposed you. Hey…You think it How will I say this to him? oh,then how did I say it to him? I didn’t hide anything.There is no problem even. You can do that,
But I am not like you. oh okay,sorry da. I just simply asked you. Here is your pazham pori. How much brother? pazham pori and two…25. Then okay,bye shanu. Hey don’t go,I will come
with you till tuition class. Hey no need.It will be
a trouble for you. You know that I won’t leave you half way. Shaanu. You are trying to avoid me for
the past few days now. Did you have something to say to me? What happened to you?
Do you any problem,tell the truth? That day.. On lab, didn’t you ask me what
did we say about you? Bloody pig! What a rough hit is that?! Didn’t I asked you many times,that day?! You didn’t say a word! yes,then? I was thinking a lot about the
relation between the 3 of us. Many people are jealous to us. There are man guys who took
our our friendship as their model. Do you know why is that? 8 years of friendship Always we are the same. We don’t have any change. That’s the only reason. You think it Just think it. When the relation between both of us Goes to the next stage. The freedom we have now in this friendship Fun. That chillness. Everything You know that everyone will become possessive
after they fall love. Will become very dependent. What if it happens to us? Everything will be over there. Isn’t what I said true? If suppose You think it in a different way The freedom now we have, Fun,chillness,friendship Think that we are in love retaining all this. How would that be? It would be super, ‘Marana mass’ Won’t it be heavy?
of course. really? Yes it would be. But what if it would turn out
to be like what you said at first? Shaanu. I don’t want anymore supposing. I love you. Not just as my best friend. But in every way. It is not just because Ammu
said to be about this wish or something. But when he said I became more confident,
strong and supported. I know how much you love me idiot. You don’t need to act too much. It is right,you are a good actor. But all that is in stage. But your nothing in real life. A huge failure. I had told everything to Ammu. So you don’t need to act
like a fool in front of him. Okay then. I’m late. I’m leaving. Bye. Hey Ask my father-in-law to let you go for the tour. ‘Nee Po money dineysha'(movie dialogue) Burger. Thank you. ‘Kusuuu…… Hey. Hey she proposed me. Hey,my father is here. He already has suspect that we are gay.
-That’s okay. Okay, I’m leaving. Shanu it’s raining.
-it’s fine,rain is good for mood. Where did he come trough? Ria.. Hey. Isn’t there any other way… no. I asked a thousand times. Won’t allow me. Don’t cry. Don’t be sad. Wipe your tears. Isn’t this our last trip? When everyone goes for the +2 trip only me…. Hey Ria. Still one month is left.
Let’s see. What if there mind changes. Tomorrow is the last day to give name
of those who want to go for the tour. It’s okay. Datoo is managing all that. We can set that. Ria,one idea. What if we make the teacher call
to your home,who is in charge of the trip. Then let make her say that it
is the last trip, everyone is going and they must allow
Ria to go for the tour. Let also make her say that there is
separate arrangements for boys and girls. Joe,what are you saying? Jesia miss is in the charge of the trip. She hates me. ‘Muslim girl’s shouldn’t wear nail polish!’ She always torture me asking
me to wear the veil all the day. Along with that,this thing… not only that she always accuse
me for hanging around with boys. It’s okay,let’s see. Let’s make every thing ready. How will I make teacher do us a favour. Hey Shanu.
get lost,’sujatha miss’ Who’s period is next?
I think it’s Baby miss’s Why is so much sound coming from staff room. Our Sujatha miss came to +2.
From now onwards she is teaching us maths. I’m tired laughing to her jokes. really?
Yes. That’s good. She is in charge of our trip also. Really man?!
Yes. religious psycho? Don’t talk. She is firing. Awesome!
-I’m going to class,bye. Hey bear Hey salahu why didn’t you go to mosque yesterday?
I had gone teacher. Sabith,I need the list of students,
who didn’t went to the mosque yesterday. Welcome to +2 Suju miss.
Get lost man. You are their with us, so
we should rock the trick My dear son,don’t let me have
another heart attack. Don’t you remember The 10th standard trip,
please don’t do something like that. Miss you should do a
help,don’t say no. Please. What is it miss?
he is planing something trouble. Nothing miss. What is it.
Miss one sec,I want to say one thing. Miss,do you know what is it? Will he mess this with his overacting. Will everything happen like we planed.
Let’s make it happen. Miss please miss,this is our last trip. You know about our friendship. I won’t come if she is not there. The tour would be terrible. Hey kid stop your acting,
Let me see what I can do. -You can,you are super.
-get lost So you all together planned this. Okay boys,come on boys, come on. Hey,Ammu is a fool. He made Ria promise that she
won’t do nothing before marriage. What the.. -Not that.
-then? I asked her for a kiss. At that time she said that she
can’t give it without asking to Aman. Ask her if she values her brother or boy friend more. -I asked her.
-then? Hey look strait and bat. Okay batman ready! I need to go tomorrow. Tomorrow is our first kiss. Great. You must be there.
For what? Stand properly and bat idiot! To drop me by her home. I won’t come,her father is a psycho. Catch it! What are you doing?
you both are doing foul play. get lost man! go and bowl. Sorry it was not intentional. Power,power. Thank da.
You both are team,I know. I will come. Give me the ball,come on. Put the phone on silent. I didn’t saw the last ball.
You won’t see the next ball. Hey fool I asked you to come closer,
Why are you standing at the back! Howzat! Go and bowl the next ball. You look properly with your eyes!

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