How To Put an Image Inside of Text in Photoshop [FAST & EASY]

How To Put an Image Inside of Text in Photoshop [FAST & EASY]

Hi! Welcome back to the
Photoshop Training I’m Jesus Ramirez! In video,
you’re going to learn how to put an image
inside of text in Photoshop! We will use this document
that contains three layers. A background layer, a text layer, and an image. The font and size of the text
are not relevant for this technique. You can use any font or size that you like. You can even use a vector shape, or another
pixel layer. To place an image inside of text in Photoshop
you can use a Clipping Mask. A Clipping Mask lets you use
the content of a layer to control the visibility
of the layers above. So the shape of the text
will control the visibility of the photo. To create a Clipping Mask,
simply select the image, which is above the text layer,
and press Ctrl Alt G on Windows, that’s Command Option G on the Mac. Notice how the Layer Thumbnail
is then indented to the right and a down pointing arrow
appears next to it. The layer controlling the visibility is then
underlined. You can have multiple clipped layers
but in this case we only need one. The best thing about using Clipping Masks
to put an image into text in Photoshop is that the text remains editable,
and you can change it at any time. If you want to reveal an additional area of
your photo to make it seem as if it is coming out of
the text you will need to duplicate the layer by pressing Ctrl J,
that’s Command J on the Mac. Then make a selection out of the area you
want to reveal. In this case, I will use the
Quick Selection Tool. And I’ll click-and-drag to select the arm. Then you can click on the Layer Mask icon
to create a mask revealing only the contents of that selection
and hiding everything else. Making it seem as if the arm is coming out
from the text. You can, of course, spend more time finetuning
the mask, but for this tutorial this mask will work. If you want to give the text a shadow and
a bevel to make it stand out, we can use Layer Styles,
But you must understand how layer stacks affect the look of Layer Style. Otherwise you could run into problems. For example,
to add a bevel, you can double-click to the side of the Text Layer
to bring up the Layer Style window. Click on Bevel and Emboss to apply the bevel. which gives the text layer shape and dimension. You can use any settings that you like. But these settings are fine for this project. Now let me show you a problem that arises
when you try to apply a shadow to the text. Notice that the shadow looks great on the
text, but there is no shadow coming out the arm. So I’ll disable the Shadow and press OK. To add a shadow to
all the layers at the same time, hold Shift, and click on the top most layer,
and on the text layer to select them all. Then press Ctrl G on windows,
Command G on the Mac, to put those layers into a layer group. You can now double-click on the side of the
group to bring up the Layer Style window. And you can apply a Layer Style
to all the layers in the group as if they were one single layer. So when you enable the shadow
you will see that it applies the shadow to the both the text and the arm at the same
time. If you want to learn more quick tips on using
type in Photoshop, check out my 90-second tip on using the Knockout technique
to create non-destructive masks. I’ll place a link right below in the description! Don’t forget to click on that subscribe
button and on the notification bell so that you don’t
miss any new tutorials! Thank you so much for watching, and I will talk to you again
in the next Photoshop tutorial!

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