How to Operate a Digital Video Camera : How to Uses Lens Filters With Digital Video Camera

How to Operate a Digital Video Camera : How to Uses Lens Filters With Digital Video Camera

Now after you have mounted the camera and
you have set the bubble balance. Then we come to the parts of the camera. Any digital camera
in the whole world will have three basic parts. Firstly is the lens. Secondly it’s the CCD
and thirdly it’s the electronics on the recorder. The CCD is a function which every digital
camera has. The full form of the CCD is a charged couple device. The function of a CCD
is to convert the optical energy, which is coming through your light source through the
lens, into digital energy that is getting into the recorder. Now in a basic Sony PD170
camera, which we have here, this part is the lens. Now you can not see the CCD but it is
somewhere around here and the next part is the recorder. Now if you see, very closely, the lens. It
has got two rings. One a bigger ring and one a smaller ring. The first ring is called a
focus ring. This ring helps you to focus manually. The second ring is called a zoom ring. This
is for zooming in or out on a subject or an object. Now let me show you the entire detail parts
of the camera. You see this, this is called a lens cover. This is given to protect your
lens against light, heat, and dust. So make sure when the camera is not operative, you
put the lens cover on. And when it is in operation, obviously, you have to put it out. After the lens cover, this is called a lens
hood. The objective of this lens hood is to cut unwanted light which is coming directly
to your lens. You can put it out like this and now you can fix it by rotating it back
into place. And then there’s a small screw here, just tighten up the screw. Make sure
that the lens cover is properly fixed and any unwanted light or glare is cut out from
the lens. Now let me come to the lens part. You see
there’s two rings on the lens. The first ring, which is the primary ring, this ring is for
focus. This ring is used when you are manually focusing on a subject or an object. The next
ring, which is a smaller ring, is called the zoom ring. This is used to zoom in or zoom
out from a subject. The next feature which comes after the zoom
ring is the ND feature. ND is the neutral density filter, which is given on a digital
camera. It doesn’t have a color of its own. That’s why it is called a neutral density
filter. The function of a ND filter is it cuts the light by 1/4th in ND1 and by 1/16th
of the original light in ND2. Now why is it used? Supposedly you go outside or outdoors
and you are shooting in a very bright sunlight and your exposure is getting very high up.
It is better to put your ND into the ND2 position. That means that you’re cutting the total light
by 1/16th. Now let me give you an example. Lets suppose you’re shooting on a very bright
sunny day and you can not set the aperture through the aperture ring. It is always advisable
to put the ND filter on. After the ND filter is on. You can find that the total exposure
of your frame has been cut down by the ND filter and after that you can adjust your

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  1. Ohhh, so that's what the lens cover does.

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  2. @Sticky1254 This is supposed to be a tutorial for beginners that might not know all the part of a camera.

  3. good tutorial dude. It is really helpful for the beginners. I am expecting more tutorials please….thanks a lot

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  5. "When the camera is in operation, you have to take the lens cover out".

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  7. @coolstoryhuman You're right ofcourse, but mostly, people that buy the type of cameras he has on it's tripod don't need this as they perfectly know what each component and button does.

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