How to Film and Photograph Yourself | TECH TALK

How to Film and Photograph Yourself | TECH TALK

What up beautiful people? It is
your homegirl Ms. Shameless all up in your building. Giving you
another Tech Talk, yes. And the video is how to photograph
and film yourself, because we all trying
to be YouTube sensations, and/or Instagram
models. [laughs] But yes, this video is
going to break it down, how I photograph
and film myself. And it’s very easy
and straightforward, so keep watching. OK, so this is the first setup. And what you need to do first, before you start recording,
is have powder and chap stick, because nobody likes
your dry, crusty lips, or your greasy, sweaty face, and I have been guilty of both. So, you can just go to any drug store,
Sephora, you know, and any powder for guys, just get a
translucent press powder. This is like the most
basic, straightforward. And you just go over everything. Because just the
whole act of standing and being recorded is sweaty, and then you add-on the
lights and all that stuff. I rock the Burt Bees, woohoo, or a lip gloss for
girls, all that fun stuff. This is basic, OK. So there, we’re almost ready. Now for the camera setup, we got to make
sure that’s in order. Then you want to make sure
that your camera is on a tripod. Get yourself a nice
lightweight tripod. If your camera is light, or get a heavier, sturdy tripod
if you have a heavier camera. This is kind of
heavy with the lens. I did a lighter tripod,
and I broke my lens once, so. I’d never do that ever again. OK, so then once you have
your camera on your tripod, you’re going to face
it towards yourself, OK. And then you want to make sure
that you have nice lighting. So, you can use
natural lighting, this is like some
nice window lighting, and you can either face
directly towards the light, or you can use
artificial lighting. And I have a video on that, I have a video
dedicated to a lighting setup. So just read the
description box or click here. OK. And then you can
like, ah! Ring light. That’s what all the
beauty gurus are rocking. Just an easy
straightforward setup, OK. You need a remote, if you do not have a camera
that automatically focuses. So my Canon 5D and 7D
don’t have automatic focus, so I just get this remote, and I put it on
camera mode first, so photo, and then I click
it, and then it focuses on me, and then I run to the
back of the camera like this, and I’m like,
“OK, I’m in focus.” And then before you leave
you have like put a marker, so yes look at this, hot. [laughs] My hot slippers
and socks. Just put a marker somewhere. So then you put your tape
down, and then you focus it, and then you’re almost ready. So you switch it from
video mode to photo mode, and then you click here, and make sure you put
it on the remote setting. So, self timer, two
second remote, bam. OK. Then you put it
on auto focus here, from manual if it’s on manual. OK, and then!
That was loud Maya. Then you take a photo. [camera clicks] Because it’s auto
focusing on that photo. [camera clicks] And then I put it on video mode. So video mode, and then I’ll put
this from auto focus to manual. And then I shall
record myself, there see. Look that remote swag, that’s how you take
a video of yourself, and then just put
it on camera mode if you just want to take photos. If you don’t have a remote, for the longest time I
did not have a remote. This thing. I would focus the camera on something that
would be where I am. So I’ll get that. [♪ upbeat music ♪] This is my stand-in. So, I would have her there. And then I would
make sure she’s in focus. [♪ upbeat music ♪]
Record, bam. Get out my way! And then I hope for
the best that it’s in
focus, and usually it is, but there are a lot of
times that it’s not in focus, and I’m just like,
“Whatever. Whatever!” That is how you film
and photograph yourself. [camera clicking] Make sure you
guys like this video, subscribe, comment
below and let me know what is the
weather like in your city? I just want to
know, OK, that’s it. Remember guys to do
you, be you, and stay true, boo. Be shameless. [♪ upbeat music ♪]

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