How to Easily Transfer a Printed Image to Fabric (Without Transfer Paper)

I think the definition of greatness is
to inspire the people next to you. I think that’s what greatness is or should
be. It’s not something that lives and dies with one person. It’s
how can you inspire a person to then in turn inspire another person that then inspires
another person and that’s how you create something I think lasts forever. alright guys in this DIY video I’ll be
showing you how to transfer a regular printed photo onto fabric without the
use of transfer paper and then I will be adding it to this denim jacket. for this
process all you need is a plain white cotton t-shirt, a wooden board, a mirror
image of a photo laser printed onto regular paper, liquitex gloss gel medium,
a sponge brush, fabric scissors and later on a wet cloth and a dry cloth. for
information on these items scroll down to that description box below. and let’s
get it started first I am slipping the wooden board
into the t-shirt. then I’m just laying down a scrap piece of paper to make sure
I don’t make a mess, getting my photo ready and it’s time to add the gloss gel.
and I’m just using this sponge brush to add a very generous amount of the gel on
top of the photo making sure the strokes are in the same direction for
consistency. once I’ve added a nice thick layer of that on to the photo I’m just
flipping it upside down and smoothing out any air bubbles. really pressing the
photo on to that fabric. now I’m going to leave that to dry for about 5 to 6 hours
and once that’s all dry I am taking a wet cloth, completely saturating that
paper and then I’m using my fingers to peel that paper away from the shirt. it’s
that easy and as you can see that image has
transferred on to the fabric of that t-shirt and nicely I’m using my wet
cloth to wipe away the final pieces of the paper residue. then I am taking a dry
cloth wiping over the surface and I am adding one more layer of that liquitex onto the image. and I’ll leave that to dry for a couple more hours. while
that was drying I went ahead and added the rest of my decorations to my denim
jacket including these iron-on letters, the mamba logo that I cut out from some
black fabric, this Lakers patch that I cut from a shirt that I found at Ross
for like five bucks, I decided to add some quotes and other little details to
the jacket with a black fabric pen, then I just added this purple and gold and
black trim to the collar. once that was all done and the image on
the shirt was completely dry I cut it out and fabric glued it onto the center
of the back of the jacket. then I created an iron-on frame for the image with
ribbon and stitch witchery. last but not least I used my fabric pen to add all of
the names of the victims onto the back of the jacket and the date. as you can
see the image transferred onto the fabric almost flawlessly and it looks
amazing on this denim jacket that means so much to me so I’m gonna go try it on.
I hope you guys love this jacket as much as I do and I hope that this process of
transferring an image onto fabric without transfer paper is helpful to you.
please drop a comment below, let me know you think, let me know what you want to
see next. hit subscribe and I will see you guys in the next one. thanks so much
for watching. bye bye i think that’s our challenge as people. is to figure out how our story can impact others and motivate them in a way to
create their own greatness.

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