How to easily and securely pack a picture for sending / Visualization to the interior for free

If you like any of my works, I will visualize it in the interior for free. Just send me some photos of the place where you would like to place the paintings, and the names of the works you like. I will send you the finished result within a week. See you later! How I pack my paintings for shipment. First, I wrap the picture in several layers of stretch film, first putting air bubble film in the stretcher to prevent excessive pressure on the canvas during transportation. I decorate the work with a jute rope on top of the film, otherwise, the friction from the jute can spoil the paint layer. I put on protective cardboard corners. The corners are the most vulnerable part of the picture. I wrap the work in several layers of bubble wrap, creating an air cushion. And again. There is no such thing as a lot of bubble wrap! It was the turn of the cardboard. We do not regret the film, the final wrapping. I tape the joints. Actually, I’m not the only one who does packaging. My husband Sasha always helps me. Well, or I’ll tell him. That’s all. The painting is reliably protected from moisture, pressure and temperature changes. I send the parcel by mail marked “fragile” and tracking for the buyer. Well, let’s go to the post office! Bye-bye parcel!

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