Highlights from the 2020 Oscars: ‘Parasite’ wins best picture and makes history

Highlights from the 2020 Oscars: ‘Parasite’ wins best picture and makes history

100 thoughts on “Highlights from the 2020 Oscars: ‘Parasite’ wins best picture and makes history”

  1. Isn't loser Brad Pitt tired of BEAT UP PEOPLE in his roles, repeating the Fight Club? He's a no-good speaker who went political, larger than his size! Didn't he see the BEST PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES PRESIDENT TRUMP shared liar Bolton's video on Twitter and destroyed him forever? Guess blind-brat-Brad (BBB) "saw" but didn't really "see"!!

  2. It's high time that a Foreign Language Film like Parasite won Best Picture, which is a first in the Awards' 91+ Year History. In the past, All of the Films that won Best Picture were all English Language Films.

  3. Taron Egerton should've recieved a nomination in the best actor category. His performance in Rocketman was amazing. Rocketman, also, should've recieved a nomination in the best picture category.

  4. I'm Korean, but I think this result is reverse discrimination against Westerners. He was overly loyal and loyal to the Korean government, and as a result, the Korean government lobbied and he won the award. I think so

  5. I Think the award speech was perfect. humble, confident, humorous, creative, deserving the true congratulations of his competitors. After his speech his rivals face is changed. real happy face!!!

  6. Parasite was an amazing movie. Now if only every person watching it actually understood it.

    (hint: if you think the Park family were the "parasites," you didn't pay attention at all).

  7. 이 글을 읽을 수 있는 사람은 2020년은 행복하고 좋은 일 많이 하게 될 거야. 건강하세요.

  8. 봉준호, 두유노클럽 가입 사실 밝혀… 네티즌들 '당연한 일이라 생각, 오히려 너무 늦었다' 의견

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  10. Al pacino Should have won best support,he was sensational as jimmy Hoffa.That 79 year old actor had such energy throughout movie..

  11. "All women are superheroes"… but why? It's incredulous hyperbole like this that makes neo-feminism so loathsome.

    Oh yeah and Em looks to have been miming 4:36

  12. This is a revolution piece of history from now on Americans will be exposed to more amazing international contents! 🔥

  13. Me: Wanna hear a joke, joker?
    Joker: Yeah sure!
    Me: Joker didnt win the best picture
    Joker:Wheres the punchline?
    Me:There is no punchline
    Joker:How dare you use my own spell.
    Btw joker was great❤

  14. Wow! Congrats to parasite!! I was curious to see what everyone else thought in comments and it seems almost unanimous that it deserved the win. However, what I noticed was that a lot of lowkey Japanese people are seriously hating on this film for no reason but it being Korean. Just look at some replies to the top comments. Really sad if you ask me, when an Asian film just represented Asia for the first time in the Oscar's, in a culture where asians are mad looked down upon as nerds or small dicked losers. This was a big step in the right direction but some of y'all throwing salt. Sad.
    Parasite was amazing, congrats again to the entire cast and crew! Inclusion is cool but what's even better is knowing this film was actually deserving of such rewards. Looking forward to BJH's next work.

  15. Is that what's important to you Hollywood LAB RATS WHO LIVE YOUR LIVE THROUGH these shallow folks and sexual predators. Of the likes of ADAM SCHIFF AND HARVEY WEINSTEIN. SICK. Do you people read what you write and the significance to your lives? No cause your Hollywood Lab Rats. Ding! New fashion go buy it. Because Hollywood tells you you'll be cool if you do. Not. Shallow, Dont be a human lab rat.

  16. Worst Oscar's, such a joke, only purpose was a platform for a handful of elitists less than sincere agendas. But what do you expect from a bunch of people who pretend for a living. 🤑🤑🤮🤮

  17. who cares about oscars anymore? its outdated relic that has nothing to do with real quality filmmaking. that's why no one watches it and no one cares about it…

  18. If I had not watched Parasite. I would be saying Joker should win best picture too. So for those who have not watched it yet, go do yourself a favour.

  19. In the 1980s, South Korea won a democratic victory, and China gave up democracy. Forty years later, South Korea has blossomed its culture around the world, and China has lost countless lives due to its corona. I pray that China will change, too.

  20. This looks like thee movie to see. Don't know what the movie about but it must be awesome why it won Best movie of 2020!😊

  21. Can we take a moment to appreciate Laura Dern! She never thought her performance in Marriage Story would even be awards-worthy, but for me it's unforgettable!

  22. us an apology!! I need to go back to previous Oscars ceremonies and see if they did the same thing to the Best Picture stage.

  23. Leftists: “OMG guys, there isn’t enough ethnic/racial diversity in movie X. How racist you guys”

    Also Leftists: “OMG guys, Parasite is amazing. 5 stars. 10/10, etc, etc.”

  24. Director Bong was one of the supporters of the Progressive Party, and he attended a rally calling for a full revision of the SOFA and the official and open apology of President Bush about S. Korean victims of US military armored vehicles.

  25. The director, producers, writers, cast and crew of Parasite will be treated like royalty when they go back to Korea!!! Been watching Korean films and Korean dramas for a long time, and I've always notice the Korean film and drama industry have always been on a different level, this award has been long overdue!! Here's to an award well deserved!!

  26. Whenever Joaquin Phoenix's face pops up, I can't help but think he's going to suddenly scream "AM I NOT MERCIFUL???????!!!!!!"

  27. As a Korean American, I was happy and thankful that the Oscars got this right. Parasite absolutely deserved the Best Picture for 2020. I'm also thankful to see that there are people of all ethnicity supporting and applauding this movie. Its certainly good to see that a movie can bring together a world community in unison, enjoying something together.

  28. Worst viewership in 92 years.
    You idiots have annexed 70% of your customer base.
    Loose the haters and complainers
    Stop all political commentary. All of it. Its a cancer.

  29. Lol you may like it or may not. its all about your preference. If you don't like it then apparently the majority of the members of the Academy disagree with you. Blame your taste. Its not a question of right or wrong lmao.

  30. Parasite its not the film telling only about social differences, its about South and North Korea, lot of metaphors, hidden messages like the familly in the basement. Please remember about that!

  31. 진짜 찐따같은 것들이 한국에서는 편의점 알바수준도 안되는 얼굴로서 유명배우로서 사는 걸 보니까 참으로 부럽네. 저렇게 더러운 피부로서 어떻게 사람대접을 받을 수 있단 말인가요.

  32. Ratings have never been worse for these clowns. Down another 20% from last year. They just can't figure it out – they love to lecture everyone with their moral superiority. Yet this coming from the most excessive people in the world. Divorces, homes with carbon footprints that would take 20 regular houses to match, yachts, airplanes, you name it they have it which I would have no problem with if they weren't the most hypocritical people on earth. Love that all these liberal lecturing asses are no longer being tuned in to.

  33. Oh really… I saw the Parasite. It was a bit of a mess. Are they really trying SO HARD to not be white male dominated now. So they are giving it all to foreigners to make themselves come out better?

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