GoolRC T47 FPV Drone Foldable with Wifi Camera Live Video Review

GoolRC T47 FPV Drone Foldable with Wifi Camera Live Video Review

100 thoughts on “GoolRC T47 FPV Drone Foldable with Wifi Camera Live Video Review”

  1. You know it looks like a really decent drone but I have a saying and it goes like this if it ain’t brushless then it’s absolute garbage period no ifs ands or buts. No exceptions. In order for a drone any drone to be worthy of flight it must be equipped with brushless motors because they are much more powerful and can deal with amperage loads and whether conditions. Drones equipped with brushed motor are a laughing stock. I have seen some companies unheard of companies take
    Gorgeous award winning drones like the dji Maverick and spark and phantom copy the bodies of these drones equip them with out dated
    Electronics and flimsy brushed motors
    Then passed them off as used dji.
    That makes me so mad.
    Because all the research and development that goes into drone technology let’s not forget the hundreds of millions of dollars that pours in too

  2. उड़ता हुआ ड्रोन देखिये ..
    Fly drone :-

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  4. I dont get it why are there so many identical drones? The JJRC elfie plus , goolrc t47 and some eachine?

  5. you are biggest fool . drone should be fly outside not inside. and you are broking it by flying inside. Waste of time money and energy

  6. Drone without stabilization is not worth…but
    If you want to be pro in handling drone it's worth it lol

  7. peter Really Disappointing video …….. Take the drone in a bigger place that we can see the drone properly you hiding behind the drone !!!! may i know why? do you afraid of camera? at least if you are Take the drone somewhere that can be big enough for viewer to see the drone by the way all we saw was your hand.. Please DO NOT MAKE A YOUTUBE VIDEO it's not fit for you

  8. Awesome ! Thanks so much for bringing this content together.

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