Full Moon Sushi Roll – Art Sushi Recipe

Full Moon Sushi Roll – Art Sushi Recipe

Hi everyone, I am Davy Devaux and this is
my assistant. My name is Kiki, and today Davy is going to
be teaching me how to make sushi because I have never made sushi before, but he makes
it look really easy. And then she is going to teach you guys how
to make it. That’s right.
Okay. Full Moon Sushi Roll Recipe
Let’s get down to business. So the first thing we want to do is get our prep ready. We’re
going to cut our tuna and cut our cucumber. With the knife we have to have a good steady
grip here at the front, with your index and your thumb, and then just hold it lightly.
All we want to do is we want to get cucumber slices, we want to get an 1/8th, so here I’ve
got a 1/2 which I’m going to first cut in half. Then we take this half and we are going
to put our knife at a 45° angle so that we get our 1/8th and that leaves with me something
like this. Now let’s cut some tuna. So I am going to
take this piece here, it’s a really nice piece of tuna. You can see because it’s got a lot
of the fat in it or at least that’s the way I like it. Grab our knife again, what we want
here is to get a strip of about 1.5cm by 1.5cm so that would be 3/5 of an inch by 3/5 of
an inch which is about this. Cut this piece again in half. So we want to get two strips
that look a bit like this. Okay now we’ve got our prep ready, we’re going
to start with the rolling. Take your mat, place it in front of you with your seaweed
sheet, you want to get it horizontally so you can see these lines, place it like this.
What we’re going to do is we’re going to place the rice on here. We want to cover about three
and a half strips. You can see it’s actually marked for you so it’s pretty easy.
When dealing with sushi rice, Davy says always wet your hands. And now we’re going to take
90g of sushi rice, 90g is about 3oz, we want to spread it evenly without squashing the
rice. So we want it to be nice and fluffy, so with your fingers you just separate it
out to the edges. Once you’ve laid out your rice and you’ve
got it looking something like this, you’re going to take your cucumber piece and we’re
going to put it with the skin facing the rice and we’re going to push it back so that we’re
getting somewhat of a rice edge, pushing back nice and evenly. Okay, next up, take the tuna
slice, place them in the middle of your rice. Okay and now we are ready to roll. So use
your mat, take it, what we’re going to want to do is get this edge of the sea weed here
just to touch the edge of the cucumber here, so we’re going to close it off. Use the mat
and roll it over like this — there you go. And now we’re just going to press down to
make sure it seals. Okay to finish off, we’re going to flip over
the roll and we’re going to compress it once again with the help of the mat. Remember,
because we want that tear shape we’re going to press down harder where the cucumber is.
Roll and press. Okay let’s see — looking good.
Alright so first we’re going to cut the edges off, remember tight grip at the front and
then holding the knife loosely, what we’re going to do is we’re going to start with the
heel of the knife and cut. And we are going to cut it in eight pieces, so first in half
then in half again, and each of these in half. Okay, let’s see what we’ve got.
Ta-da, here is our full moon sushi roll. Okay, so that’s it, that was my first time making
sushi. I have got to say it was easy, it was fun, so I suggest you guys try it too. To
watch more of these videos don’t forget to subscribe to Davy’s sushi channel, the button
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Thanks again. END

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