Fujifilm XT3 – Four Important Camera Settings (often forgotten)

Fujifilm XT3 – Four Important Camera Settings (often forgotten)

(drone buzzing) – Welcome to Fast Friday! (upbeat music) (laughing) That was really stupid, please don’t try that at
home if you own a drone. Welcome to pal2tech, today
we’re gonna be talking about four different
settings on the Fujifilm X-T3 that are kinda difficult to find and they’re kind of important to make sure that you have them set correctly. So the first one, it’s preview exposure/white
balance in manual mode. Why would you need to set that? This trips up a lot of
new Fujifilm X-T3 users. They’ll buy a third-party flash, like this awesome Godox TT685f, they’ll stick the flash on the camera and what winds up happening is that they’ll put the camera in manual because they’re wanting to use this flash so they’ll set it to say 250 and they’re indoors and
they put the ISO to 400 and they’ve got this awesome
lens, say the 56 millimeter, and they wanna maybe put it at 5.6 and they go to take the picture
except there’s one problem. They can’t see anything, see that? See the problem there? This is a real easy fix. What you need to do is go
into the little wrench area and you go into screen setup and from there it’s in
preview exposure/white balance in manual mode and you turn it off. When you do that, now you
will see a normal view. Awesome. Number two has to do
with non-Fujifilm lenses such as this Rokinon 8mm fisheye. So what people do is they’ll
buy a non-Fujifilm lens and they’ll put it on their camera. (crickets chirping) And then nothing’ll happen. So here’s what you need to do. You go into the menu and it’s in button/dial setting. Shoot without lens, okay? If you see that that’s
off, if you see it’s off, you’re not gonna be
able to use this camera with any other lens except
the Fujifilm lenses. So go ahead and turn that on. Just keep that thing on all the time, there’s no reason to have that off, at least that I can think of. While we’re in this menu,
let’s go to number three, that’s shoot without card, on or off. I strongly recommend
that you keep it to off. You never, ever wanna pick up this camera, start taking pictures ’cause
it’ll allow you to do that and realize that they’re not being saved. That is the worst feeling,
it has happened to all of us. Don’t you be that person
that it happens to if it hasn’t happened to you already. Shoot without lens should be on, shoot without card should be off. As far as I’m concerned, I will
never change these settings from where they are right now for the duration of the time
I own this Fujifilm X-T 3. Number four, this is an interesting one. Did you know that if you’re shooting video with the X-T 3 that you can
do face and eye auto detect? And that’s really cool
for a lotta reasons. This is for casual-film-shooting use and it’s actually really,
really accurate and effective. What you do is you go into
the camera movie mode, scroll down, there it is, face/eye
detection, and put it to on. I choose eye auto. Now when you go into
movie mode with the X-T 3, I don’t know if you can see this or not, see, it’s tracking my eye, woop here, hold on, my eye. Let’s try this here, tracking,
tracking, are we tracking? Yes, yes, you see how it does that? See how it does that? How awesome is that, right? That is a really nice feature to have and it works actually really well. I use it actually most of the time so don’t forget to put that setting on or at least be aware that it even exists. If you know of someone that you think might find
these videos interesting, maybe they’re starting out in photography or they just got an X-T 3, feel free to send a link to them. I would love to help as
many people as I can. Anyhow, thank you so much. I will see your smiling faces next week. Thank you and have a great weekend. That is a really nice feature to have. Especially if you just
want a minimum of fuss, you’re shooting casually and
it works actually really well. I use it actually most of the time so don’t forget to put that setting on or at least be aware that it even exists.

43 thoughts on “Fujifilm XT3 – Four Important Camera Settings (often forgotten)”

  1. Great video. I’m a hobbyist dad just learning to shoot with my xt-3 and your videos are fantastic. Keep em coming!

  2. Any buttons/settings/modes that you sometimes 'forget' about, but are kinda important? I want to put together the ultimate Custom/Quick menu!

  3. Love your channel 👍🏻 Recently moved to Fujifilm, your videos are great help. Keep up the good work sir!

  4. Great video again and this time with an epic drone footage intro. Seriously daggy dad jokes and I love it. Keep the X-T3 content and 'tog tips coming! Yours are probably the most useful and relevant on YouTube for my current skill level. And thanks for the reply re: including camera manuals in the box – hope I didn't come across too judgmental!

  5. I appreciate the videos you are putting out. I have already picked up a couple of tips from you. Just subscribed.

  6. Hope you get to 1K sooner then later, I know what that feels like… Thanks for the info, getting mine in 6 weeks

  7. Good tip about the exposure in manual. Had this problem yesterday with the exact scenario you described! Is auto mode unaffected?

  8. Agree with others … good videos. Would like to see you do something on cleaning filters and lenses please? We all get junk on our 'exposed glass', in my case it's the UV filter I use to protect the 18 – 55 kit on my XT-3. But I also switch/add a CP and variable ND from time to time and they get crap on them too. I'm probably doing it wrong because I end up smearing as much as I remove? Your thoughts?
    PS … I'm afraid to do too much for fear of rubbing off those "coatings" that are advertised as important.

  9. Nice vid! I find the first setting a frustrating one because there is no way to unbury it by adding it to My Menu and Fuji refuses to add an option to their menu system to open up at the last used setting. You're always starting from scratch when you want to toggle the setting on and off. The second and third settings are kind of one-and-done; you only need to set them once. The fourth one can be added to a custom function button.

  10. Great video! New xt3 owners definitely ask about all these. Another one I think is worthy is to reassign the 1.25 crop sportsfinder mode to a different setting. As everyone accidentally sets this with their nose or finger swipe. What did you use to capture your camera evf/lcd?

  11. Yep , the "shoot without lens" thing had me confused for a moment when I tried to use an adapted Nikon lens on the X-T3, but much menu hunting later had it up and (manual focus ) running.

  12. Saved my frustration with the 1st setting. Works on my GFX 50R like a charm. I was going crazy with the exposure problem as I shoot 100% manual. Thanks a bunch.

  13. in this line of lens: 16mm f1.4, 35mm f2, 23mm f2, 56mm f1.2, 35mm 1.4, 23mm f1.4…i am learn doing the street photo, can you give me the idea what 2 that i should pick. thx

  14. Shoot without card? what a stupid feature to add to a camera. This feature needs removing via firmware. I had no idea this was a feature, imaging shooting someones wedding cards gets full and you have no idea till you get to transfer files. thanks for pointing this feature out.

  15. great video, can you tell me what is the dial under located the speed dial (500, 1000, 2000) what, when , how to use it for. thx

  16. I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong here. I just got my XT-3 and I have been playing around the various simulations eterna, velvia, acros etc. I have my setting to capture raw and fine. When I view my files in Capture One and Lightroom, I notice that the RAF files have the simulations baked into them. I was expecting the files to be flat, in which I then edit to my liking using the editor of choice. Am I checking something that shouldn't be checked? I am using the latest version firmware 3.0 Any suggestions or solutions?

  17. Great tips. Please can I ask what is that flash that works on the Fuji. Plus how do I get to the square crop preview or 16/9

  18. Great videos….looking for a second camera to go with my XT3, torn between XT3 or XH1 i shoot street photography, corporate events,Weddings, and Travel. any help would be appreciated..Thank you

  19. I have set 1 button as film simulation (AF-L) with factory settings and another button as custom film settings (Fn4). The problem is if I use e.g. C1 with custom settings for my first shot and then go to e.g. PROVIA standard in subsequent shots the camera automatically changes the settings (WB, highlights, etc. to the custom settings of C1. I do want to keep the film simulation and custom settings independent of each other. I would appreciate if you could help me solve this dilemma.

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