Fuji Guys FUJIFILM XP140 – First Look

Fuji Guys FUJIFILM XP140 – First Look

It’s getting cold out here. Some of you probably booked a nice sunny vacation somewhere and probably looking
at a little pocketable camera that you can take with you to the beach. If that’s
you, this might be the video for you. So keep on watching! So you’re probably interested in a
rugged camera, this was last year’s model FUJIFILM has introduced a brand new
model this year called the XP140. In this video we’re gonna talk about some
of the new features that this camera offers So in this segment of camera of course
these cameras are shockproof they’re waterproof, they’re dust proof and even
freeze proof and perfect for a condition like today which is about minus 7
degrees this camera is rated to about minus 10 degrees for operations and of
course just keeping the batteries pretty warm is going to help with the longevity
of using using this in this type of condition. Some of the new features of
course is that it does have a better waterproof seal it’s now down to about
82 feet which is about 25 meters. Also the shockproof has been slightly
improved to about 5.9 feet of where basically the camera can be dropped
without being damaged on the side of the camera. Like most of the XP cameras you
got this really great seal of a door. You really can’t accidentally take this if
you’re going underwater you’re gonna have to push the button twist it out and
that battery door has a great little rubber seal that protects it from
moisture and water from getting into the camera. Inside there of course is where
you would have your SD card your rechargeable battery that’s included
with this camera as well as the HDMI port and USB port for charging. So this
camera does come in various nice bright colors. I have here of course the
lime-green and and has sort of a contrast to looks kind of like a
graphite finish to it in the front but of course depending on the market that
you’re looking at for this camera not all colors will be available. Like its
predecessor the Fujifilm XP140 does carry a lot of it other features over
you got still the five-time to optical zoom lens that starts out 28mm .It is stabilized. you got the 16 megapixel BSI sensor as well which is
great for low-light. This year of course the ISO goes up to
12,800 which is an improvement over last year’s model. On
the back of the camera you have a 3″ LCD screen it has an anti-reflective coating which makes it a little bit easier to see in brighter
situations. Of course you got your directional pad, all your buttons, you’re
wide and telephoto zoom controls to control the optical zoom that is
found on this camera. On top of the camera it does have a shutter button
that’s a little bit easier to press especially using gloves bigger than
traditional shutter buttons. You got on and off and you got a dedicated movie recording. So if you wanted to do up to full HD
1080p at 60 frames per second it’s a great little on-and-off switch that
allows you to quickly record videos on the fly. With this new processor you have
new features now incorporated into the camera. You got things like 4k burst
shooting mode that makes it very simple to kind of shoot a 4k video burst and kind
of pick images from that really quickly making it easy to capture the action. You
got things like 4k time lapse. Included With that of course is the interval
timer settings that allow you to do time-lapse shots and then after it’ll create a 4k time lapse video in-camera for you so you don’t have to use
software on the computer. You also got a new Advanced SR+ Auto mode similar to
that that’s found on the X-T100 and the X-A5. Now on the back of the camera you have your directional pads there’s kind of assigned to be like the exposure compensation the flash and the self timer. In the self timer mode do you there’s a couple new self timer features added to it including smile detection which of
course every time you smile it’s going to take that picture for you. You also
got like face self-timer shot so that once it recognizes a face it will
automatically take that picture. In addition to that of course this camera
does offer us things like face detection and eye detection which makes it so
simple just to pick up this camera and not think about it and get focused shots
you know every single time. So back to the directional pad there is a function
button but this year you now can configure that directional pad to
configure to do other functions so if you hold down the display back button
for a few seconds it brings up a little menu and you can’t customize that and
choose what you like beyond just you know the self-timer flash or even the
exposure compensation choices that are pre-printed on that dial. Another nice improvement to the XP140
of courses the menus they have now mitigated the menus to be very similar
to what’s found on the X-A5 and X-T100 You got multiple sections for the photo
settings and multiple sections now for the settings themselves. Making it much
easier to change and to jump from this FUJIFILM camera to other X series
cameras in our lineup. So let’s talk quickly about the video functionalities
on this camera. You’re probably going to go the beach it might be in the water and you know it’s not just about photos you probably want to do some some videos as
well. This camera they can shoot up to 4k but it’s only at 15 frames per second so
really not that of a useful feature. What I find really useful of course is that
it does offer full HD videos up to 60 frames per second and by shooting on a
faster frame rate in post when you do some edits you can actually slow that
down. Making for some really nice slow-motion footage. It really is gonna
be this very slow dramatic footage that you can kind of capture and use that
sort of as B roll in your vacation video that you might want to post on on
YouTube or share it with family and friends Aside from the 4k burst shooting mode
there’s also continuous shooting modes up to about 10 frames per second. On the
back of the camera you have a dedicated continuous button you can push and bring up that will
bring up the menu for you to set that up. In addition to that that’s where you’ll
also find functions like 4k burst as I mentioned. As well as HDR. Of course aside from the SR+ Auto mode that’s again upgraded from past models using similar
technology found on cameras like the X-A5 and X-T100 you also got scene
shooting modes the standard ones you’ll find in most cameras. Also you got motion
panoramic which allows you to basically do a nice panoramic stitch just like you
would find it in most smartphones and tablets it’s also here on this camera, so
it’s everything you really want in an in a portable tough rugged walk around
piece. I hope you enjoyed this first look video
of the Fujifilm XP140 camera if you’re interested in this and other FUJIFILM
cameras again don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel follow us on
Twitter and Instagram until next time i’m Billy of the Fuji Guys.

21 thoughts on “Fuji Guys FUJIFILM XP140 – First Look”

  1. Fuji, make an all weather X camera. Same concept here’s but with a 1” sensor and faster prime lens.

    Think of an smaller all weather X100 type camera with smaller sensor.

  2. Instead of making WR cameras nobody is interested in try making a real 1" sensor X10 updated premium compact Fuji IMO made a huge mistake abandoning your X compact/bridge users

  3. HI,
    nice video!
    Best image quality underwater, xp130 or x140 or equal ? or something else in the same price range?

  4. I've been searching/researching cameras for the past two weeks. The XP140 seems to have all the features I am looking for and is not overly expensive. I'm finding good references for the camera picture and video specifications & features but not much commenting on the audio quality. Are there any artifacts like hearing the camera refocusing during filming? How would you rate the video audio quality? Also, is there underwater audio recording?
    EDIT: I downloaded the manual and found this: "Note that the microphone may pick up lens noise and other sounds made by the camera during recording."

  5. Thanks for producing this review. The XP140 does not have a dedicated Macro button like the XP130. How do you shoot Macro Photography with the XP140?

  6. Hi – I find the water themed videos I shot with the XP140 at 24P appear very quickly, not at a regular speed. The water will look like it is moving super fast. I had a similar problem with the XP130. Videos looked super fast and the audio and sounds of the water flowing sounded quick as well, not natural. I find the video quality not to be as good as some camcorders and other point and shoot cameras.

    I like to shoot nature water videos, and have the camera sit in the flowing water, whether it be water flowing down a street during a rain storm or sticking the camera in a man made landscaped fountain with water flowing down a hill. The camera can be placed half in the water and half out.

    What video settings do you recommend for shooting the following videos: 1. everyday videos; 2. shooting water videos – underwater, above water, half in the water, and half out, etc; 3. animals?

    Which modes allow for the continuous focus video mode to be selected?

    Was any of this video shot with the XP140?


  7. I used to have an older model of this the XP-90 and wanted so much to like it but in the end didn't care for it all that much. My cheap $50 cell phone was taking just as good of shots. Has the image quality improved at all? Was great under-water but on land it sucked as I was getting a lot of dark fuzzy shots on sunny days.. Also has the Microphone improved at all? The XP-90 had a very distorted sounding MIc..think I even hear that distortion it in this video of yours a little? It was so bad it made everyone sound like they were talking through a Kazoo. Would love to re-buy one of these and try again but I'm not so sure after my last experience. I've stuck to my $150 Sony WX80 with full AVCHD video in clear stereo sound. Problem is I keep destroying them because it's not water proof or even summer heat proof. Wish someone would come out with an affordable camera that's up to the WX80's video and image quality only water, weather, and shock proof. If these companies expect to sell these point and shoot cameras then the quality needs to be brought up to a higher level. In truth point and shoots have been at a stand still for almost the last 10 years. Some of them have even gone backwards in quality. One must spend big bucks now to get the same quality back they used to be able to get for cheap.

  8. Is the first time I see a video from you and I have to say it was very informative and detailed, thanks for the info

  9. I'm taking a hard look at this camera for general "fun" use like family pictures but without the worries of damaging the device or draining cell phone battery.

  10. Hi.
    A very good video – thanks!
    I would use this for hiking and taking pictures and videos for my youtube channel.
    1. How is the video stabilization?
    This is important to me as I often take videos while I'm walking (as a way of making the audience feel like they are with me).
    I've not had good success with my previous small camera (Nikon) as the videos were "shaky".
    2. How is the battery longevity, based on your usage? I would probably buy a second battery.
    3. Can I put a 128 gb card in? When I'm on a 10-20 day hike, I will be taking a lot of still pictures and videos
    I appreciate your help.

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