For Or Against? Face Recognition Cameras Helped Catch Thousands Of Bad Guys In Moscow

For Or Against? Face Recognition Cameras Helped Catch Thousands Of Bad Guys In Moscow

More than three thousand crimes this year were uncovered in Moscow using video surveillance cameras. We are talking about devices that are equipped with a face recognition system. At the moment, about three thousand cameras with this function, located mainly in the lobby of the metro, are operating in the capital. The system compares the faces of passengers with photographs from the federal wanted list. More than 160 thousand devices around the city will be equipped with artificial intelligence In the near future.

61 thoughts on “For Or Against? Face Recognition Cameras Helped Catch Thousands Of Bad Guys In Moscow”

  1. The bad guys are China and my answer is a NO. Governments are the bad guys and what we do wrong is nothing, compared to them..

  2. Not only bad guys, this is secondary, the primary role is to observe, count, try to catch the hybrids same thing goes for TSA.

  3. A hundred and 10% against it. If a person sacrifices his or her privacy for protection then a person does not deserve either. Benjamin Franklin. There's already drones flying around everybody's neighborhood at night, and that's bullshit and I'm going to complain and then pass the word on all you got to do is watch the skies at night time you'll see him

  4. If they start with facial recognition cameras in my country, I am going to start killing people and blowing up stuff. This has gone too far!

  5. It doesn't matter if you are for it or not. Let's say your not and then they keep that data and your face and name, They watch you everywhere you go then. You can't fly now cause of the way you think. You cannot get that loan now cause you don't wanna share everything about you openly. Meanwhile the rich will have the tech to make sure their face is never on the database and they can do whatever they want. It's a loose loose either way. Just get a job that you can do until you're 60 years old and make sure now if you're young that you have payed everything off and not owe anything after 50 years old. This New world isn't for the old. Only the Rich can be old the poor needs to die young.

  6. The problem with you exegesis is the worst bad guy criminals almost invariable throughout history in every nation take their ill-gotten wealth an seek political power becoming politicians thus they will abuse an exploit any centralized technologically enabled identity foundation to enrich themselves at everyone elses expense, your use of catching thousands of shop lifters or petty criminal with facial recognition does NOT justify the creation of such identity schemes its like the different between a mountain an an ant hill, its like a surgeon who specializes in amputations saying oh there is a thorn in the hand there are no tweezers at this hospital to remove the thorn but the equipment to amputate the hand thus removing the thorn is at the hospital, the criminals in the government of China for example the super power rising out the earth to Russia's southern boarder has already forced everyone in China 16 years an older to participate in an technologically enabled identity scheme it then immediately built upon that technologically enabled identity scheme to systematically SELECTIVELY forcible harvest the organs of over a million people thus far, if you can accept it China's facial recognition an national identity card an citizen identity number are the literal mark of the beast an count the number 6+6+6=18digit citizen identity number of China which is described in the six billion copies of the Bible in print.

    Once there is a sufficient amount of criminal activity in any nation they invariable seek to worsen the representation ratio in governance which makes it easier for the criminals to direct societies policies, 10,000:1 representatives are a lot more difficult for criminals to corrupt than 100,000:1 representative, or 500,000:1 representatives if you understand what I am meaning, currently as far as I know there are no effective representative governments upon the earth they are all corrupted by criminal special interests who only seek to enrich themselves at everyone elses expense. It is a tragedy really since the human potential is squandered by the criminals who systematically destroy human society. A utopian society would have a much better representation ratio enabling everyone to be more productive an pursue happiness, for example in such societies existed even one upon the earth mankind would have already discovered cures for diseases etc, instead everyone is degraded like the middle ages thinking they are doing well having a horse an riding around when in reality they dwell in filth an squaller because of the feudal system. It is everyone's civic duty throughout history to seek to improve their societies representation ratio, it is a great sin to not seek to improve their societies representation ratio.
    Psalm 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

    The foundation of society is the representation ratio it is the basic relationship between people which governs their behavior, even criminals do not typically desire to hurt everyone they restrain themselves most of the time, the closer people are to their representative the less likely their representative will agree to or create policy which degrades the people they represent.

  7. It's not so much about catching the criminal as it is about what you do with them when they are caught. The problem with light sentences is they enable criminals. Thieves should get hands removed and rapists should get the electric chair. Punishment once caught deters the criminals. Cutting off the penis, etc.

  8. Ofcourse criminals will be against it. If you’re doing nothing wrong then no need to worry. Quit the bitching and be a productive citizen

  9. Do they have them in the government office to stop corruption as well or only for the coomon people? The answer is obvious.

  10. Facial recognition software is creating more crime. The crimes against humanity are endless as they use this software to create fake people & fake news stories about fake racism, fake sexism, etc to divide the people.

  11. I'm all for it!!! When I finally make it to Russia, the C*cksucking Insufferable Analretentives might try to continue the crap they've been doing to me since 1995 over there. I really wouldn't be surprised. However, Russia IS NOT THEIR COUNTRY OR TERRITORY!!! They'd have to be really careful and ultra covert, not the blatant smug all-encompassing whatever we want to do with impunity activities they've been haughtily doing to me in the USA. I'm counting on the Russian's to be watching me, so that if that OTHER group follows me and tries harrassing me over in Russia, the Russian authorities will see that and, hopefully, I trust, not take kindly to it and do something about it, like "politely" expel them from the country. THEN the Russian authorities will KNOW that I am being targetted by the US feds, and put in place measures to ensure my safety. PUTIN'S MY LEADER!!! I PLEDGE FULL ALLEGIENCE TO PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN AND THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION!!! I AM ASKING THE SVR TO PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!
    7/11/2019 @5:50pm eastern
    Vance Gibson
    2112b Emmorton Park Rd
    Rm 116
    Edgwood, Maryland 21040
    [email protected]

  12. Its no good because its gonna end up in world wide dictatory. They're fixing our electronic chains. Systems that observe everything about us and we know nothing about them and in the mean while corruption is rising. Its not a matter of systems…its a matter of persons! And people are not fool.

  13. ROFLMAO!!!
    'Free' Russia use Chinese methods of population control!
    Greatest evidence that Put-in work for globalists!

  14. Strange that Russia is supposed to be more moral and Christian then the west but it’s doing just as much to implement full spectrum dominance in technology.

  15. 1. Your country is run by humans who will abuse this in all the wrong ways.
    2. You're not secure enough. Not only criminals but MY GOVERNMENT will use it to spy on you.
    It's not worth it, don't put up your own bugs for my country while giving your people a reason from the oppression to support us. We need a healthy rival.

  16. I'm sick of hearing this nonsense about the dictatorship, freedom and other bullshit. You want freedom? What is freedom? Subway bombings, street murders, and thousands of unsolved crimes? No, thanks. Live in such freedom yourself.

  17. 100% against. It is cloak and masked in the idea of "catching criminals." It is really used to monitor the public. Too Authoritarian for my tastes.

  18. Against. Govt can have your face recognized at their convenience. If govts are a burden now around the world imagine how much harm they can do to citizens at their whim.

  19. I am for face recognition.
    Bad guys will learn how to cheat the software sooner or later
    Enemy spies (local or foreign) won't have it so easy anymore. Remember how mossad agent killef whole family of a diplomat in Chelvetia? Face regognition would bring all the evidence against the hearthless killer.

  20. Already a surveillance state, in load of places. Imagine these eyes on a sentient mobile AI with wireless access to the databases.

  21. It also means it stores your face info etc on databases – who has access to those and how can they edit them? Crime databases = just more easy corruption for whatever companies and people made them to start with. Sure it can get lost amidst all the data, too much for them to handle, they have to write algos to find and store and categorise data in the first place. Does the law do this? Nah, it'll be outsourced or it'll be not really police that do those jobs. Same old story as for automated everything else.

  22. It'd be different if the law wasn't itself corrupt, but then there'd be no need for all these artificial societies stuff anyway. Sure it might catch some actual bad people, but what about when it's used to help bad people instead, as always happens when the fake law is concerned. Police is supposed to be an emergency type of service, not something tied to the law courts penal etc system. Therefore police states are evil. Whoever heard of an – ambulance state, or a fireman state, or a coastguard state.

  23. If Russia does add them. Then please make it impossible to break into. Hackers will take advantage of this and try to do something crazy.

  24. Against. "We the people" live with camera's, recorders, in public, and they've invaded our homes in every room in the house, well presumably not in bathroom, or bedroom….yet.
    The new thing is an AI algorithm that find the guilty before they commit a crime. These are programmed by people, that means the bar can be set anywhere. Like so low everyone is a criminal, mentally ill, or arrogant sociopath.
    Catching bad guys, the camera makes it easy, but at what price ? The cost is privacy, a Government either trusts it's people, or it doesn't. There will always be a percentage of the people in the criminal world.
    US citizens are listed, and treated as enemies of the State.
    Since 1933, isn't it strange that it's the criminal Government is making these laws, directed at law-abiding citizens. The criminals in US receive little attention.
    Of course there would be less to do for law enforcement if everything wasn't illegal.
    For what it's worth to you.

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