Flash Triggers: How To Sync Wireless Flash Triggers on DSLR Cameras | Photo Studio Video Tutorial

Flash Triggers: How To Sync Wireless Flash Triggers on DSLR Cameras | Photo Studio Video Tutorial

Hello again! Izzy at Digital Goja showrooms. I had customers post questions on our YouTube
channel and on customer service for Amazon and eBay that they were having problems working
with the Altura trigger and their flashes. And we’re going to get to the bottom of this
because I figured out, with the help of one customer, what was going on. If this video helps you out, hit me up with
a like button underneath and remember to subscribe to our channel for future sessions and tutorials
such as this. And don’t forget, when in Miami, visit me
at Digital Goja showrooms. Alright, so, most of us have Canon flashes,
or here’s a perfect example, the Altura flash for Canon cameras. Now, what I found out is that while using
the trigger this particular customer was having issues with it not synchronizing and firing off. But, we found out the issue. They’re used to using, and I’ll demonstrate
it with the Altura flash here, they’re used to using their camera and the flash on top
here and they actually set their camera to live view to shoot. What’s happening is, you’re getting a delay
now, of course the camera now is doing the zooming and everything because there’s the
contact on here and it fires off, but look at what happens. See how there’s a delay? Why? Because when you’re on live view the reflex
mirror is moved out of the way. I’ll actually show you, notice how slowly
this is going to show you the image, so notice here that when you fire off it’s taking longer
because your shutter has to actually actuate and the reflex mirror has to actually go back
down because right now it’s out of the way to give you the live view. So it’s taking a lot longer to synchronize
and it gets even worse when we go to work with a trigger set. I’ll show you that issue. As usual, you’re going to place the transmitter
here, lock it in place and then you’re going to place your flash onto the receiver, lock
that in place and switch it over to flash. Again, put it on either on a tripod or I happen
to have the little foot that comes with it. Lock it in place so that it doesn’t fly off,
turn it on and right now it’s on manual, but if I try to work with the live view, see? It doesn’t fire off and a lot of times it
actually gives you a warning, so this will not synchronize this way, you’ll have to have
it off of live view. Notice how it fired off then because it finally
got the signal. So now, when I’m no longer on live view and
I’m going to look through the view finder you’re now going to be able to fire off your
trigger set and it will work perfectly, it’s just not going to function on live view. And again, this works with either an Altura
flash for Canon or even if you work with an original flash, like for example, the 430
EX III RT. So, there you have it, always make sure that
when you’re going to work with a trigger set you have your camera off of live view and
you won’t have any issues whatsoever using your flash externally. Happy shooting!

21 thoughts on “Flash Triggers: How To Sync Wireless Flash Triggers on DSLR Cameras | Photo Studio Video Tutorial”

  1. I have a similar setup,but would like to add a wireless remote scThanks!!hutter trigger to it. How do I do this.

  2. I have an eos 70D and was going nuts trying to figure out why it wouldn’t flash! This was a huge help. Thx

  3. sir i have digitak dfl044. whn i try to conect it with trigger its not work. bt without trigger its wrking . how to fix this plz suggest

  4. Great information here. Is there anyway to fire the flash while being in live view? Maybe change a setting? That’s typically how I shoot versus through the viewfinder.


    I have a SunPak DF3600U flash and the altura flash triggers. I can’t seem to get them to synchronize.

    I have it in manual mode (both camera and flash) and it’s not working. I even tried takings photos from the “eye” and not live view. STILL NOT WORKING

    What can I do to get the devices to synchronize?

  6. Thank you very much, actually i thought the trigger could not synchronize with the camera not knowing am in live view. but going off live view i was able to get the flash and trigger work

  7. I also have problem not triggering flash. I am not in love view, flash works when I press test button on transmitter, but does not flash while I am taking photo in manual mode at 1/125 shutter speed. Both camera and the flash are in manual mode. Any hepl

  8. doesn't anyone no why the 6d works fine with the neewer flash 565 flash but im having problems with the neewer FC 16 wireess trigger with it what ever i do it wont sync up at all for me…

  9. hi, I am using a z6 with your flash and the wireless trigger, and when I shoot they seem to not fire at the same time, even I wasn't in live view. please help :((

  10. I wasted waaay too much time troubleshooting this before watching this video, thank you so much! Working great now.

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