Flash Not Working: Incompatible Flash or Flash Power is Turned Off Message | Video

Flash Not Working: Incompatible Flash or Flash Power is Turned Off Message | Video

Hello again, Izzy at Digital Goja showrooms. You’re receiving a message on your screen that says “this flash is incompatible or the flash’s power is turned off” and you’re working with TTL flashes on your DSLR from Canon. Let’s take a closer look and see why this is occurring. If this video helps you out remember, hit me up with a like button underneath and subscribe to our channel for future unboxing sessions and tutorials such as this and also to share with fellow photographers. And don’t forget, when in Miami, visit Digital Goja showrooms. Well, here we have a very popular EOS Rebel, this is the EOS Rebel t6s but this menu is pretty much the same thing throughout the entire Canon EOS line. So let’s turn on the camera and we’re going to go into our menu settings and you want to go into the first folder as you see there where it says flash control. Now, what I believe is going on is, notice that your first setting is for flash firing, if that is said to disabled you’re going to have problems. It grayed out most of the settings that you have for your flash control so when you set it to enable those come to life. So say, for example you have it disabled and we go ahead and try to work with something like the Altura APC-958x flash for Canon. Alright, this guy has a TTL setting which is one of the more popular settings in today’s flash photography. Again, always do this with both units turned off you don’t want to do any short circuit and notice how I pushed it straight on. Turn on the camera, lets go into the menu, turn on your flash and since we had flash control disabled now the flash is not going to fire off, I’m taking pictures and no flash is being used. Plus, if I try to change my external flash settings when is disabled, so you’re going to have to turn it on and enable it and now… still nothing. So, we go back over here and enable it. Now it’s enabled and now your flash fires off, but if you have this disabled and we take the flash off and you activate your menu again and you try to go to external flash setting there is your incompatible flash or flash power’s turned off and even if we have the flash on here, it’s still not going to fire the flash. So this always has to be enabled to be able to do any kind of control on your flash and notice how when you activate your external flash function settings you can go ahead and set it to TTL, wireless. Well this one actually happens to have 1st curtain, 2nd curtain and high-speed sync and it synchronizes it all right on the unit there. Now of course it will be a little bit different when it comes to the smaller ETTL flash, but the settings are still the same it’s just that you won’t have the high-speed sync or the rear curtain sync, but using this flash on here is going to be the same settings that we have here on the menu. You want to make sure that you have your flash to enable, if you have it to disabled it’s going to give you all sorts of warnings and you are not going to be able to fire off the flash because it’s basically telling the camera I don’t want to use a flash. even if you have a flash attached to the external hotshoe so you always want to make sure that you have this enabled so that you don’t get any of those error codes and that you have the capability of firing your flash every time. Happy shooting!

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  1. I guess this explains why some people left a bad review on Amazon which left me not wanting to buy one because of its lack of reliability. I may have to give it a try if I can get some positive feedback from actual owners.

  2. Hi Digital Goja! Thank you for the great content! I have an old Rebel XS. My new Metz 15 MS-1 (the old Cannon Shoe Mount flash died) does not want to work with my Rebel XS: "Incompatible Flash or Flash Power is Turned Off Message". I would appreciate any help!

  3. I have a Canon t3i and bought the Altura Photo AP & It's saying it's not compatible though the reviews said it was!!!!

  4. I have a Canon EOS80D and a Altura hotshoe flash. I followed all your steps but I still get the same error message when I try to access the external flash controls that the flash is not connected or incompatible. The hotshoe flash fires in TTL but I don't think it's working properly. Help!

  5. My flash wasn't working at all.. after your help it shows the same message but at least it works now. So thank you, i have a t6i dslr canon and a precision dslr 350 flash. Im a beginner. Is there a way i can make that msj disappear?

  6. hallo
    i saw all your video about flash problem but my flash not work on my camera please if zou can help me my flash is ( Yongnuo Flash Speedlite Speedlight YN560-III Support RF-602/603) and my camera is canon 77d and the message of problem is (this menu cannot be displayed. incompatible flash or flash's power is turned off)

  7. Hi IZZY ! I am using Viltrox speedlite JY610II flash in canon 750 D. I followed your every steps but still shows same message( Incompatible….. and power off……). Any ideas please. Thanks

  8. canon 700d with yn yongnuo 560 iii the flash works fine off camera but doesent works on camaera why ? i have the msg incompatible fash or flash power is turned off"

  9. Great info, but I still need help. I just bought a Canon EOS T6i, then bought a inexpensive flash from amazon, Voking speedlite VK750. It's suppose to work with this camera, but all I get is that error message "Incompatible flash or flash's power is turned off. I have checked the menu to make sure the flash firing is enabled, still the same error and no flash. Help Please.

  10. My camera is a canon 80d and my flash is a Godox tt600 flash, I get the flash is incompatible screen when my flash is enable also even when the flash is not on. That incompatible menu is always on when I go to external flash settings. Please help

  11. hi, I have my canon 760D and yongnuo YN560 III flash, I also get the same message on my screen even if my flash is not connected to my camera and I can't access on the external flash setting. hope you could help me out. thanks!

  12. I am using a Altura AP-C1001 Flash, it’s turned it on but it doesn’t work. I am in Haiti and I can’t bring it back. I just bought it and use it only for 2 months. Please help

  13. Still not working. Using a canon eos 4000D with a yn560 III

    The error is "menu not available, flash is off or unsupported, or an accessory is attatched"

    It gives this error with and without the external flash. Please help me 😅 getting quite frustrated about this.

  14. I got a canon 5d mark II and a neewer nw 562. I can't enable wireless function. Do you have any ideas what might be the reason?

  15. For anyone trying this, do it,But also make sure not Only your camera is set to Manual but also make sure your lens is too and not on auto ..Hope that helps ,Just realised tonight I was getting same message but my lens wasn't switched to manual ..It was on auto .I'm so glad I watched this video ,My flash is working !! Thanking You!!

  16. Hello! I have a Canon EOS 4000D. I found out last week that not all flashes from Canon are compatible to my camera due to the fact is misses the X-connect pin. In my camera`s description on the website, at Flash, it gives me some examples of Canon Speedlite flashes, such as: 270 EXII, 430 EX III-RT, 600 EX II-RT.
    From the las,t I found also Youngnuo with the same name, 600 EX II-RT. Does it work for my camera?
    It also says in the specifications: "External Flash Compatibility: E-TTL II with with EX series Speedlites"
    Both of these flashes have E-TTL II with with EX.
    Is the latter compatible to my camera? Thank you!

  17. Hi, I just watched your video and have tried all the steps. It's still not firing off and when it's on my flash will not show any settings and the screen will just have "sl" on it.. do you know what this means?

  18. Hello, I have Canon 1200D and speedlite 430 ex III , I'm trying to use it in manual but the flash doesn't fire can u Plz help me

  19. That is not my problem. I have flash enabled and the flash pops up but then I get the error 5 message AND my camera refuses to fire my external flash that I attach. So my Rebel t6i literally refuses to flash at all. So could you please put out a video based on that and not an issue where someone forgot to enable the flash.

  20. Hi
    I am using canon 1500D EOS and trying to use godox tt520ii but I’m getting the error message no matter what I do

    Please help

  21. Would you happen to know why my Promaster FL190 flash won’t work on my Canon 5D Mark IV? I’ve already enabled it and it doesn’t fire, however it does fire on my 6D. I’d appreciate some feedback. Thank you!!

  22. My camera's external flash function settings does not work it show me that flash is off or unsupported or an accessory is attached

  23. Hello,i have 6D mk2 and YN 568EX.
    Flash is firing but AF assist beam doesnt work, its enabled in flash C.Fn settings,
    and camera C.Fn Autofocus AF assist beam is set to enable,camera is on ONE SHOT.
    But nothing happens… flash is firing but i cant achive focus in low light trough wiewfinder.
    I've tried it on 5D mk3 and everithing is working good.
    When i go into the Flash function settings to adjust flash power camera is showing that INCOMPATIBLE FLASH message but its changing settings on my flash with no problem…
    Only AF assist beam is not working on my camera.
    Can you help me with this problem?

  24. I watched a 5 minute video for someone to tell me to make sure flash is enabled?

    Me: Hello Canon, my camera won't take pictures. What's wrong with it?

    Canon: First try turning on the camera.

    Me: That fixed it. Thanks!

    Not sure why that needs to be 5 minutes long…

  25. What if the Flash firing is already enabled but the External flash function menu still says flash is off or not supported? My flash is on and mounted on the camera properly.

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