Fari Manavje | Short Film | Saptrang Pictures | Harsh D | Jaivika D | Shyam S

Fari Manavje | Short Film | Saptrang Pictures | Harsh D | Jaivika D | Shyam S

Dear Aakash, 3 years… Isn’t it surprising? Happy anniversary Aanchu! Although,
I am asking this after 3 years, Do you like being with me? Aakash, earlier, I never thought I’ll live this comfortably with you! Let me confess Aanchal, I never believed in arranged marriage. I met few girls randomly and one day out of no where I found you, madam! I liked being with you. No! Ilovedbeing with you. I really love expressing our likes-dislikes by writing a letter. But for that, I hate to wait for our anniversary. Infact, everytime I am the one reminding you about the date! Aakash can’t you come to wish me before I wish you? I know you have lots of complaint for me. But my madam, you also haven’t changed yourself in these years haan! I just hate your burps after each meal. They’re so irritating!!! Aakash, you always criticize me for my few habits. I don’t have any issues with that. But, at least don’t blame me in front of my parents. And one more thing, You always forget to take your tiffin. And most of the days I am being busy working from one end to other, your scream from the stairs,
“Aanchu… Tiffin!!!” I knew you would have this complaint, But Aanchu whenever I call you for the tiffin,
you rush to the stairs carrying my tiffin in your hands.
While handing me the tiffin, The touch of your fingers stays in my mind the entire day and makes me smile. Aakash tell me one thing, Do you really forget your helmet or You do it to keep your hair settled? See, I like your anger, I also love teasing and irritate you when you’re angry. But that doesn’t mean I have to make you happy Because at that time you’re upset just because I am unhappy. Can’t you please me sometimes? I bet, I won’t let you struggle as much as you make me. And one more thing, I just hate when you pinch me in the morning to wake me up. I know you love it, but I don’t! Aakash, would you like if I go to the balcony whenever
I receive a notification? Now stop talking to her. Aanchal there’s nothing left between us. Can’t we maintain a relationship based on friendship? Aakash, you’ve never changed any of your habits for years! Now at least change for the better, or else,Fari Manavje
(you’ll have to woo me again) Are you ever going to change? No..!

9 thoughts on “Fari Manavje | Short Film | Saptrang Pictures | Harsh D | Jaivika D | Shyam S”

  1. બહુ સરસ. સરસ વાત અને રજુવાત. પત્રની રીતે રજુ થઈ ઍ વિશેષ ગમ્યું.

  2. Simply "beautiful" short-film chhe… Amazing story concept by the writer… And beautiful act by both of the cast…

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