Elephant Vs. Hippo: Extremely Rare Images Show Attack

Elephant Vs. Hippo: Extremely Rare Images Show Attack

— START — 00:02
COMM: This was the moment a five ton male elephant charged a mother hippo. 00:07
Female hippos can weigh upwards of 1.5 tons, but the elephant bull was able to flip the
hippo cow into the air with ease, using just its powerful trunk. 00:18
The elephant was grazing alongside a herd of hippos at the Erindi Private Game Reserve
in Namibia, but took exception when a mother hippo too near for his liking, and decided
to stand her ground to protect her calf. 00:32
Amazingly, the mother emerged relativity unscathed from the attack, apparently suffering nothing
worse than cuts and a bruised ego. — END —

22 thoughts on “Elephant Vs. Hippo: Extremely Rare Images Show Attack”

  1. Hippo taught that it could bully the elephant like it bullies other creatures around but then got correctly put in it's place

  2. Is it just me.. 0r do these hippos appear as tho they've selected a small hippo compared to the largest bull elephant? I know the difference in size is notable. But these hippos are average in size at most? I dunno 🙂

  3. This means an Elephant is stronger than a Hippo, while a Hippo is stronger than a Rhino, stronger than Buffalos, I think. All of them are stronger than and enemies of lions. So in that case all four could gang up on those meat eaters. Also add some Baboons to the group.

  4. And of course the dominant male is nowhere in sight as this mother gets attacked. He's off chasing zebras that got their legs bitten off by crocs, or killing antelopes stuck in the mud.

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