DSA // Is my laptop camera watching me? (Digital Service Announcement)

DSA // Is my laptop camera watching me? (Digital Service Announcement)

This is a digital service announcement. It is the lens that connects us to the world
but also the lens that allows the world, to connect to us. Covering up your laptop camera. Mark Zuckerberg does it, and so does the director
of the FBI. I do, and maybe you should too. But it can’t be that easy to hack into anyone’s
camera, can it? Back in June 2016, Mark Zuckerberg posted
this picture of himself celebrating the 500 millionth instagram user. What lay in the background of this picture
sparked a massive conversation about something else: privacy. The camera on his laptop was covered with
tape. Then just a few months later in the fall of
2016, FBI Director James Comey stated that he himself covers his laptop camera. He said “There are some sensible things you
should be doing, and that’s one of them”. Coming from the director of the FBI, it shouldn’t
surprise us. 2013 the FBI used computer camera surveillance
to spy on a suspect of bomb threats. Ok but we’re talking about an FBI director,
a technology founder billionaire, and spying on suspects of bomb threats. Why would someone spy on us? Maybe it matters less on who you are, and
more on how easy it really is. Creeps will peer through a window if it is
easy enough to look in. In summer of 2015, police in Toronto, Canada
ran an investigation when a woman was sent intimate photos of her and her boyfriend,
watching Netflix from the previous night. Not only was her webcam hacked into, but the
photo of her and boyfriend was sent directly to her Facebook. And while Mark Zuckerberg, the FBI, and this
creepy guy spying on a couple, all happened within the last two years, it was easy enough
to do back in 2013. A former miss teen USA winner at only 19 had
her webcam hacked into for months. “He sent me an email with 3 options that said,
‘Do as I say or I am going to release every photo I had of you. And he had multiple photos that he had taken
through my webcam on my computer”. “And did you instantly know where the photos
were? I mean you could tell it was in your bedroom?” “Ya I saw my TV, the hooks where I hung my
backpack when I came home from school. A former classmate used pre-made malware to
take control over her webcam and many other young girls’ webcams. Taking videos and snapping photos, then sending
them to his victims, threatening to release them to police unless the girls sent him more
pics or even “performed” for him via Skype. And while the hacker was a computer science
student, very little coding is actually needed. All it takes is some digging online, some
time on hacker forums, and some creepy like determination to get started. The malware embeds itself on a computer, and
downloads inadvertently through other illegal music downloads, or even false online pop
ups and emails. The computer becomes infected with a program
that hides while letting the computer’s camera be controlled remotely. And while keeping the camera light off. Black Shades, Black Orifice, Dark Comet, are
malware called Remote Access Trojans, or RAT for short. It sneaks through the computer’s back door
and gets inside, and takes administrative control over the computer. These hackers call the process “RATTING” and
call the compromised user a “Slave”. Here you can see an online hacker forum where
they discuss their “ratting” and offer to trade “slaves”. But then you wonder. If there are ways to get into my camera, how
about my speakers? The newest internet of things devices are
all connected to the internet. Once it is part of a network, hackers can
get in, and target it. And hackers have already proved this. In January 2016, parents were reporting how
they had walked into their child’s room in the middle of the night, only to hear a man
speaking through the monitors at their children. In one family, parents heard “wake up little
boy, daddy is looking for you”. This mother installed security cameras in
her Twins’ bedroom, only to find out through someone else in the world that the cameras
were hacked, and her kids activities were being live streamed online. People were watching my kids in their home:
dressing, sleeping, playing. I mean, it’s parents’ worst nightmare. Wifi connection in this “Internet of things”
era, things could get really serious in terms of privacy in our very own homes. From smart TVs to Smart Fridges, home monitoring
systems, thermostats, lightbulbs. But for now, at least think again, and cover
up your camera.

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  1. Excellent video, thanks! Your channel deserves a lot more subscribers. The thing that worries me at least as much as the camera is the microphone. Not just on my laptop, but on my phone as well. Does having a VPN help? Do most big-name anti-virus programs catch remote-access malware? I have Kaspersky on my computer and phone and I'm counting on it to keep me safe, tho I know there is specialized anti-malware software too. Do you have any recommendations?

  2. I'm gonna start going to school for i.t. work and internet security. Maybe i'll have a better understanding of some of the stuff you talk about in your videos. 😅

  3. I love the topics you present and the way you explain this info. I'm a Software Engineer and I have been thinking a lot about the Internet of Things and how it is going to affect our privacy, I mean, potentially anyone could know everything about where we are, what we do, see us, hear us, etc. And just wait for it to merge with biotechnology and nanotechnology jajaja, so interesting!

  4. well, anyway the hackers are wasting their times, who wants to see a people watching series, drawing, playing, laughing and doing lots of common stuff on his/her computer???

  5. I like to mess with my predators
    I covered the webcam with a post it note and changed into my reaper Halloween costume
    Then I did a dance where I flipped it off
    So yeah, I'm into extreme sport s

  6. As a child I thought someone was watching me through my iPad camera because of the "Talking Angela" or a story about someone hacking Siri so I used to put my finger on top when I watched a video😂😂

  7. Physically block and open your webcam using webcam cover. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B073T2RD8D/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1503873785&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=tgb+webcam+cover&dpPl=1&dpID=41aPIYUGI6L&ref=plSrch

  8. I have had tape on my camera for years, isn't it telling that the people spying on us or involved in it also tape their lens, this proves it's built into the tech now, and can't be stopped with software, and don't forget to take your laptop apart and remove your mic.

  9. i was hacked into yesterday it sent me a message when i covered my webcam it started spamming popups saying show me yourself i had to forrce shut off

  10. My Kaspersky often says this application is using my web cam and I also get an a notification to block it does that mean someone's spying on me

  11. I've been doing this for awhile now, and it actually came in handy just recently. I was in a live trivia gameshow app called Joyride, and when the live show started, the app had setup a live hangout between a dude I had accepted a friend invitation from, without either of our permission. He didn't even know I was watching him, because all he saw on his end was a black rectangular anomaly (the electrical tape)… scary! Emailed the developer right after to address my concerns.

  12. The only reason i'm watching this is because as I was watching videos, I saw my computer flash go off. Grabbing tape right now.

  13. i got this experience could someone help me how to get rid of this its asking me if i like penis there an option answer its funny but seriously it scare the shit out of me..

  14. i have the camera on my computer covered up, but sometimes i take off the cover only to yell "go away" and put it back on again. i am a weird person.

  15. for some reason today ive just done some fortnite dances in a barbie girl outfit saying "I LOVE SPAGHETII" and repeating it then " What you lookin at?" Then I just said "Go away you creep i will show you my guns so ill shoot you in the face" and then i put some very very loud screaming voices and the webcam turned off. XD

  16. Why did they threaten to send the photos to the police? Unless they were doing something illegal, surely it wouldn't matter if a picture of you was sent to the police?

  17. My camera keeps popping on with the light every time I get on and start watching something on YouTube. I'm horrible with technology so maybe it has something to do with the settings idk but I put a bandied over the webcam just in case.

  18. Why the fuck dose the internet exist then, if theirs a hacker locking at me right now throw my phone I will call the FBI!😠

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