Don’t Give the Camera to John!

Don’t Give the Camera to John!

Hey guys. It’s New Year’s eve and it is snowing
outside, which is awesome. So to celebrate I have hired a limo to take me where I want
to go today. Hi. Hello. Hello limo driver. Hello. Where are we going?
I don’t know. Okay. Okay. What ya got there John? Oh man. Um. Hang on… From the store I bought omelette bites. It was like $3.50. There’s two in there. I mean,
they’re gone but they were like that big. I was not impressed. So. Still hungry? Yeah. Are we done yet? Are we done yet? Hi guys! So we are at… well, right now we’re at the Hamilton Conservation Authority and
we’re heading over to Sherman Falls. I’m pretty sure it’s called Sherman Falls.
Come on driver! Come on! Ah ha! He doesn’t want to bring the Tim Horton’s cup with him.
So Sherman falls is really really beautiful. You used to be able to park right next to
it. You are no longer able to do that so we’ve parked up the road at Artaban Parking lot
Dundas Valley Conservation area… and we have to walk. It’s snowing which is cool.
Oh, and check this out. Our hats! These are the Robin-Ruth hats that they sent to me after
I requested them. They’re not paying me to say this. I love these hats. If you like them,
definitely check out their website. I will put it in the description. Oh the snow! Almost there! Almost to the entrance anyway. The pathway going in. Oh look! You can already see it! Awesome. Wow! Wow, wow, wow! What do you think? It’s awesome man. Wow. You seeing all those rocks? They’re pretty cool.
Eh? Wow. And look at the… This is just beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.
I wish that I had rain boots on just to stand right in the middle at the bottom.
I think I’m going to have to come back in summer and go swimming. So, the camera is going to get wet. Not only is it snowing but there’s a lot of mist flowing
off the water. So I’m going to get set up. A wide angle for sure from the bottom here
and then see what we can do. Okay! Okay so this is going to be quick because
it’s so wet. I have the camera and tripod set up in the water and I’m at ISO 200, f/9.5.
It’s 30 seconds, and a 2 second timer. Now I’ve also done it at ISO 50, f/22, 10 seconds
without the filters. I have the 3 stop neutral density filter with graduated, and the 7 stop
neutral density filter on just to be able to bring down my f-stop and be able to take
this with a longer exposure. We’ll see how it goes. Everything is completely soaked and
it’s cold. What’s going on? Look I’m… peekaboo! Are
we done yet? Are you cold? No, I’m hungry. Those two little things didn’t do it man.
Yeah well, you know, you should’ve gotten the hash browns. I couldn’t remember the name.
Are you done yet? Seriously? No. Damnit. It’s still going. Oh look! 30 seconds! What are
you doing? Taking pictures. Of what man? The waterfall. That thing there? Yeah. What are you doing? Don’t worry about me man. Just do whatever
you’re doing. Uh oh. Alright there’s not much… Can you hold this?
Don’t drop it. He’s got my camera. There’s not much else to do here meaning that there
is a lot, hold on… there are a lot of beautiful pictures I could take here but everything
is soaking wet. So, uh, I do not have my rain gear with me and I think it’s time to… John’s
hungry. Let’s get some food! He ordered these two little omelette bites from Tim Horton’s.
Sorry. He didn’t order two. He ordered omelette bites and there were two in the box. This
big box and these two… haha. Still a sore subject… haha. Oh but look at the waterfall. Alright so thanks for coming along guys and
we’ll talk to you soon. Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Your pom-pom’s in the way. Bye!

42 thoughts on “Don’t Give the Camera to John!”

  1. Non photography people like wives and husbands will never understand, even though mines long suffering….she gets a glazed look on her face…..typical question "are we done yet"…….just thankful she cares enough to indulge me, and she does like the finished article mostly…….great episode loved the falls, but you should really feed him more, poor man is wasting away….lol….Ps happy new year from us both to you both

  2. As always some wonderful images and a nice insight into your lives. You guys look awesome together, happy new year to you both

  3. Nice job you guys, fun stuff. And Rachel your photography has just grown into fantastic work, really, just wonderful.

  4. Happy New Year, Rachel! Sherman Falls is great! It's privately owned – wouldn't you love to own a waterfall! Hope you have a great 2020!

  5. OMG I love you two. That was so good. Are we done yet? Too funny. Awesome images. Happy New Year Rachel and John.

  6. Hamilton sure has a lot of beautiful resources near you. I live on the prairie in the US and I miss my mountains and waterfalls. Nice to finally meet John.

  7. Happy new year. You love your waterfalls. Sorry John, it's the person behind the camera not the camera. Keep practicing.

  8. haha that was funny. I definitely think John needs to be the camera man more often!! Lovely shots as well as what looked like a great day!! Happy new year guys 😁

  9. Thanks for weathering the storm for us. Great shots. You managed to capture some beauty out of the drab. Plus you saved me a long drive from Baton Rouge. Happy New Year to you and John. I Enjoy your videos.

  10. Lesson learned. Don´t bring a hungry husband (or wife) on a photo session. 🤣 and all the best for the coming year.

  11. I smile the entire time when I watch your video’s. What more can you ask for in this crazy world. I just started watching your channel. I found you by watching Mark Denny’s channel.

  12. Dear Rachel ,just want to wish you & tour family a happy new year from a fan in Montreal canada all my best

  13. Awesome video, nice to meet John, you are correct, don't give the camera to John, instead, give him food!!. Great job.

  14. Happy New Year Rachel and John. Images were fabulous & I loved the video and in between laughters with the way John handled the camera and held up his hunger. Cheers!

  15. Hey guys, it was nice to see John clean the snow off the roof of the 4×4… We see people driving here in the uk with the car totally covered in snow, and maybe unknowingly breaking the law… I'm with John regarding the food – most important to get the proper larger portions… Great Vlog, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you all get upto in 2020…. Happy New Year to you both… xx

  16. Hilarious! Happy New Year to you both. You should do more double acts! John brings a great freestyle approach to, erm, "composition"!! Kinda reminded me of the Blair Witch Project…. Perhaps the start of a new photography genre….

  17. Hey Rachel! Your Limo… had plenty of room for rain boots and gear, but we always forget something or won't think we will need stuff! Most of the time I take to much and never use it all. I really loved the B&W of the bridge. I really enjoy your videos, all of the movement and music just seem to be perfect! Hey John… you seem more like me… always forgetting to bring food! Ha…. Sayin' hey, Greg

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