Danny Lou & Donna Starr (2018) – Full Feature – English Subtitles

Danny Lou & Donna Starr (2018) – Full Feature – English Subtitles

Don’t you think you’ve had enough? Keep your nose out of it.
You don’t understand. But I do. No. You don’t. You’re sad because Donna
is getting married today and not to you. She’s marrying Milhouse Dixon,
who’s got loads of money, an estate, a business,
a wagon and lots of horses and you’ve got practically nothing. And that makes you
feel worthless and you’re searching
for an answer in whiskey. But, the truth is
there’s nothing you can do. Oh, but there is. Grandpa, Johnny is on his way
to the wedding. So? He left the saloon. Had he been..? A lot? I guess I have to do something about it. You stay here. We are here to celebrate a dream. A dream that
you have nurtured, comforted and raised
to a mature reality. Well done. For one thing should be
known about dreams: They do not wish to become reality. They want to remain in their
shimmering non-existence. The dream knows that
when it becomes true, it loses some of its glimmer. You have to tempt your dream. Feed it, pull it,
and push it towards reality. Because it will always resist… like a grumpy pig. So once again, well done. Speaking of grumpy pigs. Get that kid out of here.
No crying allowed. Well, she’s crying too. Yes, but her screaming
is not rattling the bells. It’s just a child. Well, I be… Don’t you get
that this is a pleasant event? Maybe the most pleasant that these two nincompoops
will ever experience. Then you come along
with your snotty kid and ruin everything. Leave. So we can get on
with our pleasantry. Let’s carry on, shall we? Donna! What is wrong with people. It was you and me. Don’t make a fool
out of yourself, Johnny. You don’t want this.
Tell me you don’t want this. Please Johnny,
when will you understand? You can’t keep on loving me
because there’s nothing to hope for. Oh, but there is.
There is. Deep down in your heart,
who is there, Donna? Well, it’s certainly not you. No. Because it’s me.
Isn’t that right, sugarbuns? You cursed man.
What is it that you don’t understand? She loves him. He loves her. Nobody loves you. Those are three facts.
Facts that hurt like a cruxifiction. Do you think you can change
those facts by shooting? What have you got in your head? A lump of mud? Think before you act. Do you hear that,
you unwelcome scum? Get out of my house. Let’s carry on with
our pleasantry, shall we? Donna! Time to go home and sleep, Johnny. Go home. I’m not finished here yet. You were finished
when you arrived. Johnny, I think you’ve left
your wits at the saloon. I’m going in to that church. And if I stand in between? Then we have one less
old man in this world. I am not older
than you are drunk. Go home, Johnny. Go away, Felicia.
Didn’t you hear me? Isn’t that enough
shooting for one day? Or should we keep on shooting? Are you all right, Sheriff Thompson? The bullet went right through.
I just need some needle and thread. Could you be quiet. We are trying to conduct
a wedding here. Lou? Donna. Lou. Donna. Lou. Donna Starr. What are you doing here? I heard you were getting married. Do you two know each other? I never thought you would ask. No. Me neither. Job’s done. That’s great.
You work fast. What are your dreams, Lou? My dreams? Open your mouth. I dream of becoming a singer. And to sing for
the emperess of Austria-Hungary. Do you love me? Yeah. How much do you love me? More than my life. What is it? I’m sorry.
More than my life? It’s just too much. I’ve got to go. Bye. Bye. Do you know each other? I guess you could say that. Yeah, I guess you could. Are we getting married or what? Huh? Getting married. Oh. Yes, yes. Thanks for the help, Danny Lou. My pleasure. You guys, I’m sorry. You’re sorry? Yeah, it was an accident.
Let me out. Judge Stark will
give you a sentence. You should be happy
you only got my leg. But I have a life to live. You should have thought about that
before you pulled your gun. If there’s nothing else,
I’ll go and see the wedding show. I’ll keep an eye on the dirty dog. I’m only joking. A man’s wit is more worth
than a woman’s. Since it’s so rare. Four score and seven years
ago our parents brought forth on this
continent a new nation, convcieved in freedom,
and dedicated to the idea that all humans are created
with the same value and with the same opportunity
to follow their dreams. Abraham Lincoln.
It’s time to meet your maker. John Wilkes Booth.
What the heck are you doing here? I’m here to kill you,
in the name of the South. Why on earth would you do that? Because we stand for total freedom. The freedom to live as you wish.
The freedom to seek your dreams. And the freedom to despise,
oppress and enslave a people because of their brown skin. That last part could be discussed. Enough talk, Abraham Pinkton. Donna? Is there a doctor
in the house? Hurry! I got you, Donna. Move away from the wagon. Go! How are you? How are you? Put her on the table.
Right, hammer and nails. Wait, hammer and nails? What am I saying? The saw. I meant the saw.
Where did I put the saw? The saw? No coffin if the boards
are not cut. Are you really a doctor? No, I’m a coffin maker. What are we doing here, then? He’s really good
at removing splinters. Splinters!? Was I supposed to be a doctor?
I’m wearing the wrong hat for that. There’s no time!
You’ve got a human to fix. Oh, my God! She’s bleeding.
I have to fix this. Everyone out. I need to work in peace. There we go. How did this happen? Out. Out. Now where’s the chisel? Ok, let’s begin. Accidents like this should not happen.
At least, not to me. Wasn’t it Donna who got shot? Yes, but who’s suffering? Me. It’s stinging and banging in here. Ouch, ouch, ouch. And when I suffer, do you know
what’s going on in this poor old head? How you feel powerless
to life’s uncertainties? No, not at all. No, this poor old head
thinks about suing. That’s right. If I suffer, then someone
has done something wrong. If someone has done
something wrong, then that person owes
me a whole lot of money. That person is Paul Hoffmeister. You shot my wife. I swear on the warts of my mother.
I loaded the gun with blanks. Nonetheless, she got shot. Someone must have
switched the bullets. Hedda, you saw me
loading the blanks. Yes, you did.
But maybe you reloaded. Maybe you did. Me? I was on stage. Yes, with me! Right. What are you saying?
Wasn’t it an accident? Was it… attempted murder? Oh, my God. That’s… that’s a lot more damage payment. But who? What do you think, Danny Lou? I think that you shouldn’t
jump to conclusions. The bullet it is out. But it’s not looking good.
She want’s to write a will. A will? But that’s something you write
if you’re planning not to survive. My condolensces. Donna! You’re not allowed to die. All your dresses to
Miss Hedda Hunt. Anything else? All my other savings
are to be donated to the retirement home
in Lonely Creek. …the retirement home
in Lonely Creek. Do you really want to give
all of it away, just like that? I guess you know best,
my beloved rose. Oh, bubby. I’m sorry things didn’t
work out as we dreamt. Don’t say that.
You’ll pull through. No, I won’t. Lou? I know this must be
horrible for you but we’ve got a great
sortiment of coffins here. You sing so beautifully. Damned stupid people. We had a pleasant
time yesterday, right? A wonderful day, everyone smiled.
How long did that last? I want the responsible one
to come forth and confess. No one? A coward of course. I swear that if Danny Lou
doesn’t find the one who did this I will personally
ask the Almighty to mark him with a
lightning bolt in the head. Damned stupid people. When will you learn? Oh well, ashes to ashes,
and all that stuff… lower the coffin. O you fair maiden, such
an unjustice that has befallen you. But I promise you,
someone will pay dearly. Very, very dearly. You’ll find the one responsible? Yes, I will. Do you know who it is? No, I don’t. Who do you think it is? Right now I think it’s you. Me? But why? You want to sue for damages
more than you want Donna back. The nerv! You dare to… I challenge you to… A duel? No. To… poker. I look forward to that.
Playing cards is fun. Mr Dixon, Mr Lou. Judge Stark will be here
to sentence Johnny, maybe she can look
at the will as well. I would be grateful if
you also could attend, Mr Lou. I suspect there might be trouble.
Actually, I expect it. I’ll be there. Excellent. Let us begin. Does your Grace wish to begin
with the criminal case or the will? Johnny Pony Andersonny.
Is that really your name? Mama thought it was funny. I guess it’s a bit funny. Johnny Pony Andersonny,
for attempted murder of a state officer I sentence you to
seven years of prison work. Next. But I didn’t get to defend myself. Do you want ten? Milhouse Dixon, at the time of the wedding you had
assets worth six million dollars. At least. I’ve been doing quite well. Donna owned 50 dollars at the time. That seems about right. When you got married,
these assets were joined. To share in sickness
and in health, yes. Excepting her stage costumes, she has donated all her assets
to the retirement home in Lonely Creek. A generous soul,
with the little she had. Kindly write a check to the retirement home
for the sum of three million and 25 dollars. What? When you got married
half of your money became hers. She chose to give them away,
to the retirement home in Lonely Creek. But that’s my money. It was yours, then it was Donna’s,
now it’s the retirement home’s. This is a scandal. No, it’s the law. I’ve just lost my wife,
am I to lose my whole fortune as well. No. Half. Half!? But that’s all I’ve got. Are you going to take
half my body as well? Do you want the upper or
lower half, right or left? I will never pay.
Never, I tell you. Note that Milhouse Dixon is now
guilty of contempt of court. Danny Lou, catch him. With pleasure. Is there any coffee? Giddiyap! Schucks. Well, wasn’t that unnecessary? Hello?
An apology would be nice. Stop the thief. Get out! Right away! Out! -Isn’t it Danny Lou?
-It sure is. I’m sorry, I didn’t
recognize you. No worries, but
I’m in a bit of a rush. Maybe we’ll bump
in to each other again? You’re coming with me. Sign now. My money… It’s Donna’s last wish
and it shall be honored. She had never wished to ruin me. Law is law. Sign now. I refuse. I can’t do it. You’ve got a choice.
Sign the check… …or check out. Good boy.
That wasn’t so difficult, was it? Danny Lou, could you take
the check to the retirement home? I’ve got a murder to solve. You will do that later. It’s a check worth
three millon and 25 dollars. Yes. Mr Maggot, could you take the check? No way. I’m allergic
to very valuable checks. I would not survive. Sheriff Thompson? I’ve just been shot, in the leg. All right, I’ll take it. A tip. The fewer that know
about that transport, the better. Do you understand? Oh yes. -Clear as a bell.
-As a bell. Ok, so what are you supposed to do? Steal the check from Danny Lou. And then we give it to you,
as fast as we can. As fast as we can. And if you have to..? Then Danny Lou
will have a little accident. A misfortunate event. And then we’ll
take the money for ourselves. What? No, no, no. -No accident.
-We’ll shoot him in plain sight. And then we’ll take
the money for ourselves. No! You do not take
the money for yourselves. Ok, then I get it.
Sorry. Don’t worry. Are we allowed to shoot him then? Yes, if you have to. Do we have to? Do we have to? You don’t know that now. No, we don’t know that now. -That we don’t know.
-Not that. Do you understand now? Oh, yes. -It’s clear as a bell.
-As a bell. Help! We won’t get anywhere until
you take this seriously. Let’s continue. Where were you the night
before the fourth? Had a coffee with Mr North. -The third?
-Coffee with Mr Bird. -The second?
-With Edmond. -The first?
-Then I quenched my thirst. Grandpa, we’re not getting anywhere.
Tell him! He had nothing to do
with that accident. How can you be certain of that? He sat here all night. And I know that because
I was here too. -Where are you going?
-To look for clues. -Just don’t be out too late.
-Okay. Thompson, do you want to know
what I did on day number eight? I took a dump on a plate. Hello there! I’ll just throw up the third bandit
and then you can return to High Chaparral. Wait. Dolly!
You need the third bandit as well. Food! What’s for lunch? -Cabbage rolls.
-Yummy. Howdy, is this the retirement home
in Lonely Creek? You mean the godforsaken shit hole?
Yup. I’ve got a check for you.
It’s left by the will of Donna Starr. The will? Has she..? No shooting at the dinner table. Sorry. A real shame about Donna.
She used to work here, you know. Probably the reason she
wanted you to have it. We can’t keep this here. My task was to bring it to you. But such a huge amount of money… May I go and pee? You’re Danny Lou, aren’t you?
She spoke of you sometimes. Is that so? I know what she wanted with the money. She was always saying we should
bulletproof and soundproof this house. No shooting when peeing. Sorry. Could you take this check to New York,
cash it, and hire a team of workers? Would she have wanted that? I’ve got a murderer to catch
but I could come back. Do you have a place
we can keep the check for now? This is the only safe
place for the porcelain. They only shoot blanks but
accidents do happen. So the check is safe here? I’m the only one who knows the code.
Nowadays. I should get back to the city. Don’t you want to spend
the night here? There’s a mail carriage
coming tomorrow. They can give you a ride. Sounds… nice. Good night, you princes of history.
You queens of the wild west. Sorry. Are you attending
Mr Johnson’s funeral? No, he didn’t attend mine. I know another one. It’s about someone
who hid in a chest. Felicia, what are you doing here? Looking for clues. We’re doing that too. Really? So where were you
the night before the eigth? We were here on stage. And then I shot
my best buddy in the world. Well, that was stupid.
Why did you do that? Because someone had loaded
with live bullets. So it wasn’t you? So it wasn’t you?
No, it was not. No, it was not. But we have an idea of
who it could have been. Who? Mr Corps. Oh no! No shooting before breakfast. -What’s going on?
-The check is gone. I was going the set the table
and now it’s not here. -Well, that’s strange.
-I have not taken it. I recognize this color. The thief is probably on his speedy way
to cash the check in New York. A telegram is even faster.
When will the mail carriage get here? Any time now. Good. Where have I seen this cloth? “Death awaits, when time runs out.
He extends his hand, at your last shout.” So, it’s time to come home now. Where have you been all night? Been thinking. You and your darned thinking. Why can’t you be awake during the day
like everyone else? You don’t get nothing.
You’re just old. You don’t get nothing… Kids… Donna was burried in
Mr Corps’ finest coffin. A real treasure,
that almost no one could afford. And what do you do if have
something really expensive to sell? Create a demand
for the city’s richest man. Exactly, only Milhouse Dixon
could afford such a coffin. And that’s why Donna had to
kick the bucket. For a coffin! Have you got any evidence? Have you got any evidence?
No. Not yet. No. Not yet. Look. There’s Amanda. His daughter.
She’s also suspicious. What’s she burying? By the way, what were you doing
with the shovels? We were… digging. Digging what? -A tunnel.
-A ditch. It started as a tunnel.
And then it collapsed into a ditch. Why were you digging a tunnel? -Our carriage is leaving soon.
-Yes, we have to scamper off. But keep an eye on the Corpses,
they are up to no good. There.
This will work out fine. Howdy. Yes? I would like to send a
telegram to New York. Not possible. Isn’t it possible? No. It’s not possible. Why isn’t it possible? The cable is broken. -Can’t you fix it?
-I’m trying. How long until it’s fixed? I don’t know.
Maybe a day, or a month. A month? You could go back and forth to
New York a couple of times during that. Yes, that’s correct. What is the problem? The cable is broken. Maybe the solution is to fix it. Yes. Exactly. Then why don’t you? I have a very important
message to send. Last night, a buffalo
got a mosquito bite. This buffalo is situated somewhere here,
on this continent. The cable runs here.
And it’s held up by 955 557 poles. So if you could just ride out
and tell me which pole, out of these 955 557 poles,
the buffalo scratched down, then I would be a very,
very grateful. Because then I could
fix the cable. And you could send your little… message. Schucks. The suitcase? Excuse me.
What are burying outside your house? -Food.
-Food? Yes, for the worms.
They are hungry this time of the year. Was there something else? What were you doing the night
that Donna got shot? If you promise not to tell. I was at the library. Got any witness? Yes, but you must not tell. I was there with the librarian. And we read all night,
we read Fanny Hill… All right. You can leave.
I’m done with you. You won’t tell, will you? Greetings. Correct me if I’m wrong,
but aren’t you the telegrapher? Yes. Weren’t you supposed to fix the cable? Yes. I see. When is the next train
to New York? In two days. Could you arrange so that
the train skips this station? What? I have reason the suspect that
a most unpleasant person will take the train
to New York from here. So if you could arrange
so that the train wooshes past this station
you would simplify my job conciderably. Your job? What about my job?
Have you thought about me? Have you any clue of how many
complaints I would have to process? How many extra tickets
I would have to print? How many cursed replacement ponies
I would have to order? No way. No.
Won’t be discussed. Over my dead body.
No. Schucks. -She saw.
-Not good. -Greetings, Danny Lou.
-Howdy, howdy. May I interest you in a coffin?
Excellent quality. Maybe not that one.
But this one. Could this be of interest? Have you seen my horse? No, does it also need a coffin? Ok, let’s go. I truly hope you’re right. I’m always right. What are we to do with her? Well, you can’t unsee
what you’ve seen. No, are we too…
I mean, are we to get rid of her? No, we can’t do that,
can we? Are you sure we can’t? No, I guess we can’t. But if she rats on us
she’ll ruin everything. We could put her
on a boat to China. -But then she’ll rat on the boat.
-Not if send her in a crate. I’m not sending a child in a crate. We’ll have to bring her along. With Danny Lou in town,
should we change the plan? He’s going to ruin everything. Yes, but we can’t speak here.
Little pitchers have big ears. Who would steal a corpse? -Clever.
-What? The air peters out fast in a coffin,
if you decide to breathe inside it. Why would you do that? If you want to play dead. How do you get out? Well, not so easily… I think you’d need help
from someone outside. Who digs you out. But we saw.
She was dead. How can she live? That’s a very good question. And I think I know
who we’re going to ask. No. “…if you fear death,
so ride out bleak rider, if you’re feeling brave,
give me death and corpses, to fill my empty grave.” Does anyone want
to earn some cash? How much? Loads of cash. What are we to do? Howdy. Well, hello there. As a citizen in this city
I will use my right to make a civil arrest
of you, Danny Lou. What crime have I committed? Murder of Donna Starr,
may she rest in peace. Ah. But then you should know
that she’s not dead. Of all idiotic fables
you could choose, you choose to
claim she’s alive. Well, don’t you realize that we
saw her at the saloon, that we saw her at Mr Corps, we even saw her in the coffin. Yes, but if you listen for a moment
you will see that I’m right. So that’s why it’s impossible
for me to be guilty… We’ve all heard about
your little romance. You couldn’t bear seeing her
with someone else, someone a lot more
handsome than you. And since you’re are a
horrible, horrible person you took her away from me. You were at the saloon. A man as cunning
as you can easily switch bullets
without anyone seeing. What is your defence? That she isn’t… I changed my mind.
I don’t want to hear. But she isn’t dead. Danny Lou, you will hang until
you die to death of it. We’ll just see about that. Mr Corps, perfect. Exactly the person
I wanted to speak to. Danny Lou, I’ll be outside,
preparing a hanging. Mr. Corps. I imagine you want a coffin.
I brought a broschure. Mr Corps,
Donna Starr is alive. Well of course she is. Oops, that was a bit stupid. My question is how. I don’t know anything about it. If Donna Starr is alive then
you must be in on it somehow. What about this one?
It’s made out of peppermint. Something happened
at your house. Maybe one that’s round,
so you have room for your hound. Mr Corps! Ok, I will tell you
everything I know. If you buy this one.
The one that’s pink. All right. The pink ones are
sort of hard to sell. It will be great. I think they’re
quite pretty actually. Just tell me what happened. Donna loaded the gun herself. Paul Hoffmeister is a very
accurate shooter. And he aimed very, very, very
carefully at Donna. The shot only scratched her. And we painted her so she
looked more injured than she was. Donna Starr is a very good actress
but for her to lie so still we had to give her a sleeping pill. Thank you, Mr Corps.
You’ve explained a lot. But why did you
go along with this? The cash of course. I have a daughter who dreams
of becoming a biologist, and universities are not cheap. What was I to do? She loves those worms.
Feeds them every day, she does. So do you want the pink one? So, Danny Lou,
time for justice to be served. Well, we’ll see about that. May I have some last words? Danny Lou! Danny Lou! I’ve seen Donna. That doesn’t surprise me. No, no, she’s just lying
to save Danny Lou. But we’re not so stupid that
we’re fooled by her, are we? No. But you can’t hang him
if he’s innocent. No, but he’s not innocent, is he.
So then it’s all right, right? Yeah. I’d really like the opportunity
for some last words. Oh, no you don’t. It’s sort of customary. All right, carry on. Thank you. Well, then I’d like to
recite a poem called: “The long babble to get time for
help to arrive.” Very well, let’s hear
the poem already. It begins like this: “In the beginning,
there were 38 goddesses. Their names were:
Beatrice, Astrid, Jörgen… Well, her name was actually Jeanette, but she really liked being
called Jörgen. And there was a Loridana…” What do you think
you’re doing? Nothing to worry about.
We’re just executing a criminal. Not in my city! Well, I thought the sheriff would be
interested in administering justice. We have here a criminal, and
according to law he should be punished for
stuff like that… Was that necessary? You piss-ants. Don’t you understand the
effects of a hanging? A death penalty. Don’t you see that what you’re doing
is much worse than killing somebody. Why? You’re decreasing
the value of life. And that’s the worst sin
you can commit. -Is that really in the Bible?
-I don’t care if it’s in the bible. It’s common sense. For every life you take,
you decrease value of life. And what does that lead to? More murders,
and more death penalties. Damned dumbnuts. Damned thickheaded dumbnuts. I wouldn’t mind killing you all. But I won’t do that. Because it is wrong! But if he’s guilty, then we
can hang him, right? He’s not guilty.
I can certify that the coffin was empty. But if he’s innocent,
who should we hang then? Why don’t they listen? But, if Danny Lou isn’t guilty,
who are we then going to hang? For the theft of
three million 25 dollars, we should arrest
Paul Hoffmeister, Hedda Hunt and Donna Starr. Hello there. Not another one. If there’s room in the heart,
there’s room in the house. Well, there’s no room
in the heart here. In the heart there’s always
room for one more. Not if they snore and fart. Speak for yourself, fart-man. Where can I find Donna Starr? Why would we tell you that? How about
one year less in prison? She’s going to take the train. -To New York.
-10.45 -I said it first.
-No, you didn’t. Could you shut up
so I can get some sleep. It’s gonna be quiter if you
if you keep your trap shut. Calm down.
Let’s sit over here. You’re dripping on the floor, Danny. I know that, Felicia.
I know that. Aren’t you going to
wipe it up? Sure I am. But first am I going to change clothes. A train will be passing here… Excuse me. Could we hold the train a moment
while I check the passengers. Schucks. Howdy, I’m here for the mail. Hello there. You weren’t going
to rob the train, were you? -No.
-Good. I’m searching for Donna Starr.
Have you seen her? No. -Maybe she didn’t take this train.
-No. -I’ve been looking everywhere.
-Yes. Lou. Donna. Well, this is awkward. I would like the check
you stole from the retirement home. How do you know it was me? You used to work there,
and knew the code to the safe. Could have been Betsy. I found this in the safe. This is from the coffin
you were buried in after your, Paul Hoffmeister’s and
Hedda Hunt’s talented performance. The same coffin that you later were
unburied from by your companions. It must have stuck to you
from the coffin to the safe. The check. Are you angry with me? Disappointed. And… why? Because we needed the money. Do you know how many immigrants
arrive to New York every day? Thousands. And do you know
how many children? These poor children, do you know
what they’ve gone through? We were going to start a theatre. A theatre that could give them some hope.
Do you understand? Isn’t that a better use for the money
than in Milhouse’s account. Where they grow with interest
at the same as childeren are suffering. Maybe. But in a world where people just take
stuff from each other, what are we to offer them? You have to let me go free. Not possible. Yes, it is.
Do you know why? Because you love me. Maybe. I’m going to run now. -Then I’ll have to shoot you.
-No, you don’t. Because you still love me. You love me more
than you love law and order. I want to be
where you are, Donna. What’s wrong? Nothing. I think you should
have one of these. Having a good time? I’d just like to say
that stealing is wrong. Did you ride all the way
out here just to say that? And that I heard about your plan. Even though stealing is wrong,
you had a good purpose. The importance of theatre for
children is underestimated. What are you talking about? Theatre, for newly arrived
children in New York. Nice. -Did Donna tell you this?
-Yes. I had her by her heels,
but she slipped away. -Theatre for children?
-Yes. So… theatre, for kids? Wasn’t it like that? No, we were going to run
away with the money. Yes, to Europe.
Paris, Rome, Wienna. Surrounded by all the lovely dresses. Chocolate pralines,
wines from Bordeaux. Donna wanted fame in
Austria-Hungary. She always talked about it.
“I’m going to sing for the empress.” She lied to me. Is that a surprise? Who do you think spread the rumor
that it was you who switched the bullets? The plan was to frame
Mr Corps, or his daughter. But Donna thought it was
better to frame you, so we got you
out of our hair. You know, Donna wanted you… dead. Theatre for kids. Who does that? -You don’t make any money on that.
-Just for amateurs. Are you laughing at the fool? Theatre for kids! “The child with laughing, playful feet will loose its joy
if it had no dreams. And the one who speaks
with a longingful voice…” Get him out of there. That’s enough of that. Was this your dream? It’s just a phase. What’s next? My new life
with the Mozart balls in Wienna. Without friends,
without contacts, without… I’ve got my dream, all right? You can never force
a dream to become reality. It will die in the process. It will die in the process… Still overdramatic. Still a bit cruel. Have you come to arrest me? Yes. No, you’re not going to shoot me. You’re not going to shoot me, because you love me more
than you love your dream. You know… I think you’re wrong, Lou. You’re not the only one who can
switch bullets in a revolver. Let’s go. I’m sorry. It’s all right. If you corner a rat,
it may bite you. I didn’t want things
to play out like this. But this is the way it went. I’ve taken so many steps
in the wrong direction. And I’ve always felt
that it was wrong. But all these steps… I thought that my heart
would thank me, eventually. But it never did.
No one has thanked me. I’m sorry. But this is the way it is, I love nothing more
than my dream, not even myself. Did you find her? No. Was she dead? Yes. Are you saying that
because you think so, or because you want
her to get away? I think that’s enough questions. I think that’s enough questions.
But I want to know. But I want to know. You don’t get
all you want in life. She’s good with her head this one,
but a bit rough around the edges. The head is important, Felicia. But whatever you do in life never forget what
you’ve got in there. The lung? What? The right lung? Yes… exactly. Never forget about your right lung… See you in the sunset. He meant the heart, didn’t he? Yes, he did. Then why didn’t he say that? I think he tried. Oh. Do I have a big heart? I guess it’s as big
as you make it. Does Danny Lou
have a big heart? Yes, he does. A big lonely cowboy heart. The End

5 thoughts on “Danny Lou & Donna Starr (2018) – Full Feature – English Subtitles”

  1. Satt verkligen och väntade i slutet på "EN ENSAM COWBOYYY", så lite besviken där.. Annars coolt gjort! Kul att se så många man kände igen från jobbet inkluderade

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