Create Your Self Image Carefully: Subtitles English: BK Shivani

Create Your Self Image Carefully: Subtitles English: BK Shivani

Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris. Sister Shivani is with us. Welcome, Sister. Om Shanti. Om Shanti and welcome to Living Values. Thank you so much. I would like to share what I read. Your whole idea about yourself Is borrowed. And is borrowed from those Who have no idea of who they are, themselves. This is such a powerful line. What we are and what our Sanskars are We don’t know ourselves completely. The whole idea of who am I Which means what is my idea of who I am Your idea about yourself Is borrowed from those Who do not have an idea of who they are. We are taking knowledge from people who do not have knowledge. On this journey of life We are born as a child and as we grow We have brought a few Sanskars from the past And then we got certain information from our surroundings. Information about who I am and information about how I should be. We got this information on this journey of life. From whom did we get? From parents, teachers, friends From people around us, from the society As and when we started getting these ideas We created an image of who I am. Now the image that we create about ourselves Sometimes could be wrong. Mostly could be wrong. My image of myself when I was 7, 20 and 50 years old, they were all different. It was all different based on? Sometimes if I was Harsh with somebody I would label myself as a very angry person or a bad person. Based on the situation I would create a different self-image. We will also create an image based on what other people felt about us. We will also believe whatever other people felt about us, as the truth of who we are. When I was new to the Satsang Many people would say – I don’t need this, I don’t drink that, I wake up at 4 o’clock I would feel depressed. That they are doing so much and I am so weak. So I would put on myself looking at other people. No matter what they do, important is that the image I create about myself. Now be an artist and look at yourself An artist who needs to paint his own picture. When we start painting our picture, which we actually start in childhood itself. An image of who am I The colours that we pick for this painting We actually take the colours from people around us. Somebody says you are like this. So we pickup that colour. Someone else says you are like that. So we pick up that colour also. When we go to school one teacher tells us that we are a certain way. We pick up that colour. We pick up all these colours and we start making the strokes of our painting accordingly. And a majority of the time, the image that gets finally made It is a collection of colours that we got from people around us. What your father said about you. Or what he thought about you. That is the colour that radiates to the soul. What your mother thought or said about you. That is the colour that radiates to the soul. We are not saying that all the colours are negative. Most colours are very beautiful. But a few colours here and there are negative. But the most important is – How many of them were the original colours? Because of that what happened is that the colours I created on this journey about myself It was based on the colours that I got from other people. What was the risk in that? The colours which other people were radiating to me, what were they based on? It was based on their Sanskars. Which means what were their Sanskars based on? The colours which they had got from other people. Where had those people got their colours from? Again from other people around them… Somewhere the colours kept on passing down. So that line very beautifully says that we have created our image On the basis of what we borrowed from people Who do not know who they are. Which means the image which I the soul have created It is based on acquired things. Why? Because the colours that have got from people around me Those colours were through their acquired Sanskars. Suppose my parent is a critical parent. It is possible. Somebody’s parent has a Sanskar of criticizing. They don’t know who they are. They don’t remember that their original Sanskar is acceptance. They don’t remember that their original Sanskars are love and wisdom. Their Sanskar is of criticism. The colour which that parent gives their children, through the filter of that Sanskar of criticism Will that colour create the right image of the child? Even if the child does right things, what is the colour given by the parent? But even the child has carried forward certain colours from his past That is the image of his previous life. But we have such a huge power of creating our own image in the present birth. Even if I have carried forward black self-image from my previous birth I have the power to create a white picture today. It is like a recording tape where you record new songs. Recording Sanskars. Important is to check our image today. What do I believe about myself and who I am As a soul who do I want to be? For example somebody can hold a self image or a personality of being very innocent. But people around them start giving them different colours. Doesn’t it happen? What are the colours they give him? What kind of a person is this? How will he survive in this world? Anyone can cheat him easily. With so much Innocence he just cannot thrive. When he started getting such colours, what did the soul start doing? Change himself. So many people we meet today who say, we were not who we are today. We were not. Our values were very different. People who go on criticizing you can make you feel so bad Now look at this line – people who go on criticizing you, make you feel bad. Which means what happens to your self esteem? It becomes zero. Why? Because what is the basis for our self esteem today? Other people’s opinion. And that is the line. Information given by other people. And most importantly, those other people who don’t know who they are. If our self esteem becomes dependent on the information given by other people. If our self image gets created based on the information given by other people And who are those people? Who are saying and doing everything based on their acquired Sanskars. When acquired Sanskars are not pure Criticism is their acquired Sanskar. Somebody has Sanskar of criticism, someone has anger, someone has rejection. Someone has a Sanskar of scolding, someone can taunt Even when a child falls down they scold as, can’t you be careful while walking? That child has fallen down, hurt himself, and is in pain Your adding another problem for him to think can I not be careful while walking? Why do they say such things to the child? Because they are talking through their acquired Sanskar. So see how it’s happening. I the soul I am surrounded by other souls. Who are living by their acquired Sanskars. So they will radiate vibrations to me only through their acquired Sanskars. They will talk to me and give me my own introduction through those Sanskars only. How does a child get to know himself? Who will tell him what kind of a child he is? First of all, the parents. The parents are the first people who will give the first colours, for the child to create his image. If a child has parents who keep finding faults in him They keep pointing out mistakes. Even if it does good they will find something negative in it. What self image will this child create? That I always make so many mistakes. I do not have the confidence to do anything properly. This is a programming going on the subconscious mind. The images getting created. Who is giving the colours? People around us. Now irrespective of the self image that is created already, because it has been created years ago. Even today we have the power to change that self-image. We really need to work on this. We need to take a lot of care and pay attention That whatever other people think about us and speak about us We should not immediately believe it. And we should not get influenced by it. Because whatever people think and speak about us They think and speak only through their acquired Sanskars. That is why, different people have different opinions about the same person. Won’t opinions differ? All the you are the same person, different people give different opinions about you. On what basis will they carry different opinions? In the same situation, in response to your behaviour in that scene Five people will give five different opinions about your personality in that same scene. It reminded me of an incident. I would walk my two dogs at the beach everyday. Some people asked my family members why I cannot hire someone to what my dogs. So even my family members started insisting. But I was enjoying and playing with my dogs. What other people will say has become such a big problem. In this case what are the people say is about external things. What other people will say about outer things has gone very deep in our lives today. What we wear, how we speak, where we go, what we eat and drink, We are getting influenced by what other people say about every aspect externally. We need to think. If in our outer world If that is influenced so deeply by what other people say Then how much more deeper will the influence be on our inner world, of what other people say. When they say why don’t you do this, why did you do that, it is about our outer world. Inner and Outer worlds are connected isn’t it? Inner world means our Sanskars. How deep will the influence be on our Sanskars, of what are the people say? But for that we feel people don’t even know my Sanskars, because I am speaking sweetly to them outwardly. Even when people say something about our Sanskars Which means when people say something about our personality Or when they think and give their opinion Let us not accept it immediately. Why? Because they can only see my acquired Sanskars Through the filter of their acquired Sanskars. Suppose you are wearing this white dress And if there is a stain on it. Suppose I have worn glasses and those glasses are also dirty. There are stains on the glass or lens. Now see what is the risk. My spectacles are not clean. But when I see through the stains on it I just saw the stains on your dress What opinion will give about your dress? That it is very dirty. But at least if my spectacles were clean If even that much happened I would have given the right opinion about the stain on your dress. Suppose you are looking at my dress and there is dirt on it. But how dirty is it is a percentage. But if the spectacles that you are wearing is also dirty If there are patches and if it has not been cleaned for many days When you see the dirt on this dress through the stains on your spectacles Will you just see only the stains present on this dress? You will see double the stains. This is it. When you see the stains on this dress through the stains on the lens of your glasses And then when you give an opinion on my dress Will the opinion be accurate? The opinion is wrong. It is not about percentage but the opinion is not true. It can be either right or wrong. Either true or false. How is my dress? It is white. If you saw stains of soil on this actual dress And you saw it through stained spectacles Just visualise. Through the lens of stained spectacle lenses You saw stains on a white dress The opinion you give about that dress If I believe that. You will say what kind of a dress is it? So dirty? And I will say really? Is it so bad? And I will not like myself anymore. Because I got affected by the opinion of another soul Someone who saw my acquired Sanskars through their own acquired Sanskars. What does Rajyog and spirituality teach us? Through our original Sanskars, we need to see other people’s original Sanskars. And what had we been doing all our life? Through our acquired Sanskars, we kept seeing other people’s acquired Sanskars And we were giving our opinion The other person would believe our opinion That this is who I am and then would try to change and become something else. Can you repeat what Rajyog teaches us? What does God teach us? Let us take one line – you are a pure soul. If I get this knowledge It means the stain on my eye spectacles is removed. I do have the acquired layer But what am I practicing right now? That I should not see the other person through my acquired layer I need to see the other person through my original layer of Sanskar. The opposite can also happen that no matter what the other person says, I know I am a pure soul. This is what we have to do. That is what we shared that we should not get affected by the opinion of other people. About the same dress and about the stain on this same dress Different people will give a different opinion about it. Isn’t it? Your spectacles had dirt. So you gave an opinion that I have worn a dirty dress. That’s your opinion about my dress. Somebody else who is wearing a black spectacles comes That was their opinion through their acquired Sanskars. Another who is wearing red spectacles will say my dresses red. Everyone’s opinion about the same dress was so different. And what did I start feeling and saying about my dress? They feel I am like this. Is it fair that there talking like this about me? I am very hurt because they are saying this to me. I am very upset because he is saying this to me. I am very angry that she said like this to me. Because all the people who saw me through the different coloured lenses and stained lenses that they were wearing and gave their opinion I did not like what I heard from them. Because what they said was not nice. Why did this not say nice things? Because they were speaking through their acquired Sanskars. I did not feel nice and the moment I did not like it But I did not remember the original colour of my dress. So I started getting affected by their opinions. With each person I felt sad, upset, hurt, irritated With someone else I got angry. Who do they think they are? Is this what they are going to say about me? When I start thinking this way and speaking this way My stains started to become more deeper. Which means my acquired Sanskars became stronger. Why was all this happening? Because I don’t remember my original colours. And the people whose opinions I am accepting They don’t know their original colours and they don’t know my original colours. Taking their opinion I became disturbed, hurt, and affected. And because of that my acquired Sanskars kept increasing. In Kalyug it is extremely important Not to get affected by the opinion other people have about us. Because that opinion is not the truth. This image building and my image in the world There are people who approach me and say – You pay us a certain amount. We will create a wonderful image image about you in newspapers and magazines by writing good things. We will publish your photos, especially photos of you making donations. So basically you will be building your image. What they are referring is about my image externally. But if I internally think of my image which the supreme God has created Which is the original colour of I the soul. So what image can they build when the image is already present? Image can never be built from the outside to the inside. If you try to build an image That you are a philanthropist, give a lot in donations and you help many people We can build an image where we click many photos, go to a certain place, and do charity. We publicise and promote it. So we think we are very benevolent. Actually these are things which have to be done secretly. That is right but even if you still build an image by publicizing charitable activities It will not be right. If our original intention is not of charity but we are just doing to build an outer image and are focusing on that image. A lot of such things are happening in Kalyug. And Kalyug all the focus is only going from the outside today inside. That if I do something outside then my image will build. People will know me and understand me based on what I do outside. Important is whether I know and understand myself. Because if I know and understand myself Then I will not get affected by anyone else’s opinion. If one person comes and tells me you are very egoistic. Someone else will come and say you are a very angry person. The third person might say you are so humble, you do everything by yourself. A fourth person might tell me you are so loving towards everyone. Different opinions about the same soul. Everyone will definitely have very different opinion about the same person. Who am I? Self esteem means what is the value you are putting on the self? What is your opinion about yourself and how worthy do you think you are? If we set our worth based on the opinion of other people We will not be able to estimate our right worth or value. Because everyone will give their opinion through their acquired Sanskars. So when someone says good things about us, we will feel good. But if someone give the negative opinion, we get affected and disturbed. If we start knowing ourselves After that, no matter what people say about us Then let anybody say anything, we will listen and we will just say Okay. That is your opinion. Your opinion through your Sanskars. Your Sanskar, your lens And which means people’s opinion about us It cannot have any influence on our state of mind. This will happen if I know my my self worth and value, and if I know who I am. But if I don’t know who I am, then and I will think I am good only if people say I am good. If people say I am not good, then I am not good Then I will always be like this, fluctuating. Today we have given our self esteem in other people’s hands. If we give our self worth into other people’s hands. Each one will put a value based on their perspective. Consider anything for that matter One person will perceive it to be so valuable. Another person will not consider it to be valuable at all. So what is the actual value of that item? Who will place the actual value on it? That is why we need to take care and make it our Mantra today. What do people feel about me? Not about what I am doing outside But what do people say about who I am? What do they say about my Sanskars? I should not take it as it is and allow my mind to get disturbed. They do not know who I am. And right now even I am in the process of getting to know who I am. Even in the business world it happens the same way. One person will evaluate a diamond as worth of 2 lakhs and other as 20 lakhs. So we need to know our own value. What is the value of I, the soul? What are my Sanskars, what should I change in myself? Who am I and what are the changes I need to bring about? What direction should I go? We need to study ourselves. Irrespective of the opinions we are getting from outside. Because most of those opinions are not true. So that was a very beautiful line. That the image we are creating of ourselves We are creating it by taking information from those people, who don’t even know who they are. So how can they tell us the truth about who we are? We need to check throughout the day. When we hear someone saying something about us Someone can tell me – they said this about you. We get this information either from other sources Or people give their opinion directly to us Self esteem. I know who I am and I know where I am heading. I know my worth, I know my value. Then we will not be disturbed, but will remain stable throughout the day. Thank you so much, Sister. Om Shanti. Om Shanti.

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  5. Thank you so much didi to give us deeper & detail meaning of thaughts…i only follow your guidance…& changing my thaughts…love you & god bless you…see you in next one…

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