Canon Speedlite 600EX RT: Optical Slave Trigger Function with the Built In Flash | Video Tutorial

Canon Speedlite 600EX RT: Optical Slave Trigger Function with the Built In Flash | Video Tutorial

Hello again, Izzy at Digital Goja showrooms. Today we’re going to take a look at what are you going to do if you have yourself a new EOS camera with a built-in flash and guess what, you received as a present or maybe you bought your own present, a new Canon 600 EX RT strobe and you want to work with it wirelessly, you don’t have an additional flash, you want to work with the built-in flash on your camera. We’re going to show you how simple it is to set this up wirelessly. If this video helps you out remember to hit me up with a like button underneath and subscribe to our Channel and remember when in Miami come visit Digital Goja showrooms. Digital Goja showrooms has one of the nation’s largest in-stock selection of Canon authorized lenses and cameras. Alright so, I’m going to start on the program mode, that seems to be a really popular one and this is one that does allow you to override your Flash capability on your camera. So, let’s activate the menu and you want to scroll down to flash control, that’s on the first folder for camera and again scroll down to built-in flash settings because we’re not going to have a secondary flash unit at this point and we want to go to wireless functions and use the combination of the built-in flash and a secondary flash source so, you activate that and notice how it’s now ready for wireless. Alright so, now we have the 600EX RT turn it on and we’re going to press the mode button until we get to E-TTL so that we can work on the TTL setting and then you see this little button here this is the one for your Flash link. So you’re going to keep pressing it until you have it to this which is the optical shooting mode which means it’s looking for the signal, the optical flash, on your building flash and you press it again since we’re going to be using this one as a slave. So notice, we have channel A channel 1 and that little lightning bolt that means it’s now switched over to optical and you’ll notice that the light is blinking because it’s looking for the light source from your built-in flash. So we can now go ahead and pop up the built-in flash and when I fire with that notice how it fires off this flash, but you have to remember it is an optical so it has to be able to see the light source, which is pretty accurate, notice how I’m not even aiming it at the flash and it’s still being able to pick it up and fire off. So this makes wireless flash capability very simple with your Canon Rebel or EOS camera and a 600EX RT. Happy shooting!

20 thoughts on “Canon Speedlite 600EX RT: Optical Slave Trigger Function with the Built In Flash | Video Tutorial”

  1. Ezzy, wonderful tips.
    Wish more shooters would go to your channel to learn rather than seeing Kai, Chris & Jordan, Jared, Matt, Tony & Chelsea showing products & reviews.

    Today shooters are really camera collectors and cheaters. They think new equipment every 3 years will make them better photographers.

  2. Hi Ezzy!
    Very helpful video.. But i couldnt use it on my 5D markii. could you help me house to use the 600ex-rt on 5Dmarkii as a wireless flash please?
    thank you !

  3. Thank you for the video, it was short and clear.
    I have 5ds, but it doesn't have built in flash. Can I trigger my 600rt ll from the camera ?
    Thank you!

  4. Hi there…I have two Canon Mark III's and I don't see the Flash Control option on the camera menu. Why would this be? Thank you!

  5. can i use HHS (high speed sync) using this method? just with optical slave using my built in camera to trigger the external flash in hhs?
    someone answer me please

  6. Hmmm, my humble Rebel T3 doesn't seem to have that menu setting. I'm thinking that setting the on camera flash to low power will trigger an external speedlite any way?

  7. Hi, I have a Canon 80D but I can't configure my camera to shooting the Canon 600 Ex II RT via Radio. In it specs are described  that 80D has "Radio transmission wireless flash shooting" Do you some about it? Have a another tip?

    80D Specs:

  8. My flash units and soft boxes are always forward of my camera. So would there ever be an advantage for me to use a wireless transmitter and receiver instead of the optical trigger? Thank you, and GREAT video!

  9. I own the 1300D and my menu does't have any wireless function in the built-in menu or wireless menu. Will this work with the rebel series?


  10. I’m looking for a little help. I have a set of Profoto B1X and want to have a third light while on a location job. I have a canon 600ex and will love to at least set it as a optical slave and have it fire when my b1x fires. Is that possible?

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