Canon G7X Mark III VS. Mark II — Video Test, Autofocus Comparison and Review

Canon G7X Mark III VS. Mark II — Video Test, Autofocus Comparison and Review

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  1. QUESTION OF THE DAY ⚡ What camera do you think is better for vlogging and YouTube? Let me know! 👇🏼 **** In my opinion, the Canon M50 is the BEST all-around camera for YouTube. WATCH my complete review of the Canon M50 here ➡️

  2. Hey Sean! thinks for the comparison info, I currently am using a canon g7x mark ii and I do love it but i would prefer to get a canon M50 because you can change out the lenses and attach a microphone to it.

  3. Just got the G7X Mark III – Updated the firmware to 1.2.0 – and I have had no issues. It's a little out of focus every now and again, but compared to having to deal with my massive DSLR , it's all good. Nice to have a decent camera that I feel comfortable using in public, and I can literally take it anywhere. Love that about it. I mean, how much can we really expect in such a small form factor

  4. Think you for the review!! What is your favorite camera cage for the Canon M50? We took your advice and bought the m50.

  5. Shoutout to the new youtubers grinding it’s tough but I am and I’m sure you all are passionate and dedicated too!

  6. The fact it is almost as expensive as a Nikon z50 and the Nikon z50 is just better has a mic input too what the point of buying a g7 mark iii ?

  7. This is the video I have been waiting for! Thank you so much! Makes my decision on which G7X or Sony to buy. I think I will go with the G7X Mark ii even though I would have loved the option for external audio.

  8. What camera should I buy for automotive video DSLR or mirrorless
    Budget around $500-1k
    Need image stability and auto focus.
    Should I buy just body and lens separate?

  9. I bought the G7x Mark III a few months back and I've been playing around with it to understand it however, where is the 30fps that everyone is talking about? I have 4K 25fps, FHD 50fps, FHD 25fps, and HD 50fps…

  10. I like that the g7x is compact but its sooo expensive. My canon 200D was cheaper than the g7x mark 3. I like my sony a5000 I just wish it was more compact to fit in my handbag. Or maybe I need a bigger bag.

  11. sir i have a canon mark III 5D. im new to youtube i was using it for photography. is it usable for vlogging on the go? i have a 50mm lense for it.

  12. Which firmware version were you using on g7xiii? They just release 1.2.0 a week ago and supposedly improves AF again. Anyone tried it?

  13. Aloha Sean, I was very impressed with this story. I currently have a Canon SX740HS. I Took it over the G 3. I only have a left hand working. I need a vlog camera that has microphone. I am planning on M50 unless Canon solved all their issues. 🌴Aloha🌴

  14. I have produce 24 videos. I have been analyzing and inproving each one. I got to 100 subs after six weeks. I am committed to producing one video each week. How long do you reckon it will take me to get there? I am focused on camera gear and Youtube content, and tutorials. Thanks for reading and your support.

  15. Great video!! I got the g7x2 last year. After watching this I don’t regret my decision. I agree, for this price range I would go with a dslr or M50. The $650 price tag was already a lot and anything so similar with a higher price tag is just pushing it .👀Thanks for the review!

  16. But how you can transfer your video from your cam to your android phone or laptop i just wanted to know because im a vlogger too

  17. Hello Sean, i want to ask .. i want to buy my first camera, what do you recommend camera to buy ? canon m50, sony a6400, canon g77xmark III?thank you Sean

  18. Hey great video! I am really on the fence about which camera to get I really just want one that is going to provide me with the best possible video quality so would you say the mark 2 is the way to go!

  19. Is it possible Canon release more firmware updates to completely fix the autofocus? I did a side by side video on my channel with both cameras …

  20. I really enjoy your videos and find your way of delivering information very helpful. I have an m50 and love it! I'm considering adding a G7X Mark III to my kit and am wondering if you've found that the software update fixes the autos-focus issue. Thanks!

  21. I’m a start up YouTuber, and I getting frustrated whenever using this camera, it’s totally not worth, auto focus is really really out of control, wasted 999S$

  22. The G3 seems like a Frankenstein monster some great things some awful things and at nearly a grand I’d expect better!!! ,poor focus come on that’ll kill this camera dead. I was considering upgrading my g2 but I’m not now. 5 minutes of 4K video hardly anyone broadcasts in (certainly not YouTube) isn’t worth the extra $300 nor is the microphone input. The sound on the g2 is adequate to good. Why should I pay even more money to be able to balance the microphone???! Charging meh I got a dual battery charger with batteries for $45 on Amazon. I see only negatives with the g3 like it burning my house down, their thinking about the future with futuristic prices now

  23. I have the Canon G7 x Mark 2, had it for a while but now it is not recognizing that the batteries are fully charge it just tells me to recharge my batteries everytime i turn it on and it shows that the batter is dead.. when i charge the battery it is fully charged. So i was thinking to get the Mark 3 cause i do vlogging but i changed my mind … thanks for this video!

  24. But the M50 doesn’t have Dual Pixel autofocus in 4K, which is the main reason why I’m looking at the G7X MKIII. My Lumix LX15 has very poor autofocus, especially in low light.

  25. I have the mark 2 almost 2 years, i hate the audio quality, it is extremely bad, so if that is a bummer for someone the mark 3 is absolutely a better deal

  26. Great video! How does the AF hold up in low light on the mk3? My other choice is the g1x mk3 but it lacks the mic jack which is a bummer…

  27. why they didn't add dual pixel auto-focus? I was waiting for it, that is the most important feature.
    and the overheating issue, man it's not even worth it.

  28. Being a business owner and listening to this I realized the mark ii is better better for me filming me making my products and the mark iii is better for taking photos. I fell like I need both but I’ll stick with the mark ii.

  29. Great video, but he kept holding up the Mark II and calling it the Mark III. The G7X branding is on the top on the Mark II model and on the bottom of the Mark III. How do I know? I bought the Mark II in 2016 and my branding is at the top.

  30. Thanks DUDe!! I just got a mark 3 and am like why don't people like it ?? but i wanna use it for photography as well so i guess we will see.

  31. I couldn't care less about vlogging features. I want to know how it performs in everyday video shooting, handheld with moving subjects – Not on a tripod. From other reviews it seems Canon hasn't changed much from 10 year old models that find it impossible to stay locked on anything. The cameras act like they have severe A.D.D. and constantly bounce from one subject to another. I was hoping this one would be different and maybe Canon learned something from Sony over the last few years. But…. NOPE.

  32. I would have got the mark 3 had it not been for the focus issue.

    The mark 2 is super fast and I have had no issues with it even for photography the mark 2 is still amazing but it would have been God mode if they added the audio jack to the mark 2

    There are many compact point and shoot cameras that have 4k at that price

  33. Its so hard to find information about these cameras that arent related to vlogging. Im just looking for a good camera for stills that will fit in my pocket

  34. I have the mark II and I can't export the videos to my MacBook Pro, can you please make a video on how to do that or reply to my comment please, It would mean the world to me. I'm so stressed over that right now

  35. hi there, can I charge or use this camera directly plugged with Fxlion NANO ONE 50Wh 14.8V Ultra-Compact V-Mount Battery?

  36. Which one would be best for low light photos and video alone with doing photography at concerts where there are different kind of lighting?!

  37. I had such a fun time transitioning from iPhone to canon. iPhone told me “storage full” all the time and it ruins my streaming. I so love the camera and it’s the best!!!! It’s so much fun vlogging now.

  38. My Sony a5100 over heats I’m tired of it 😒🤦🏾‍♀️ idk now if I should get the g7x mark lll seeing that it over heats as well the mark ll sounds like a better option tbh

  39. I currently have a Sony Rx100 3 & I was thinking about trading it in for a canon. My camera is great I just want more of the cinematic & blurred out when filming without having to actually edit my videos as such. Should I just stick with what I have ?

  40. Canon said there is no any updates fir this camera. So i can't shoot in 24p and use improved autofocus. It made me sad…

  41. For what I need and prioritise the mk2 is the best, but I do like the addition of mic socket.. if I was to upgrade from mk2 It would absolutely be the m50

  42. Hi Sean, great video. I have a sony a7iii with a fair few lenses but have been thinking about getting a point and shoot so I dont always have to take a rucksack out with my family when we are just having a family day out. How much better are either of these than the camera on my galaxy note 10+ for photos and video's and is it worth investing in either of them for my purpose which would be photos and videos of the family? Thanks in advance, pete.

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