Canon Cameras Being Announced Soon | IS 8K VIDEO REALISTIC?!

Canon Cameras Being Announced Soon | IS 8K VIDEO REALISTIC?!

What’s going on everyone? Kellan Reck here
and today we’re going to talk a little bit more about some of the rumored Canon
cameras for 2020 do these cameras make sense are they realistic and what’s
likely to come from Canon this year so the first thing I want to look at again
I did a video recently on it and it did really well a lot of people were talking
about it it’s the canon eos r5 is this camera real the latest rumors have been
saying this canon this camera could be released as soon or at least announced
as soon as February 13 2020 so that’s about a week away there’s a lot rolling
here and a lot of these rumors are seeming to be true but do the specs make
sense for this camera the biggest one being 8k 30 frames per second is this
really gonna happen does canon have the capabilities of producing 8k video in a
camera of this size at a reasonable price point to me it just doesn’t
necessarily seem to make a lot of sense now again the rumors are looking more
and more true they’re still coming out and saying that this is likely to happen
so what is it all coming from I talked about in my last video that maybe it’s a
time-lapse mode then I’ll shoot off 8k resolution photos put it at 30 frames a
second into a video mode essentially giving you 8 K video but that would just
be a bunch of photos stitched together so what is it well if it’s actually 8k
video continuous video number one we’re gonna need cards that are gonna be able
to handle this without the camera overheating they’re gonna be able to
have to be able to capture this amount of data
the processor is gonna have to be powerful enough number two the files
that need to go on these cards are gonna be huge
will the computers that people are using the type of people who are buying this
camera be capable of editing that footage in a reasonable manner I mean
certainly someone for YouTube wouldn’t really want 8k it seems a bit of a
stretch unless you’re punching in and getting multiple shots out of one shot I
don’t know it seems like a lot to me it doesn’t quite seem realistic seems as
low Canon would almost be jumping too far I know people probably would say
that’s crazy but it does seem like a lot to go from where they are currently with
their cameras to jump to a k2 play the other side of it hey maybe they want to
jump in and really take the market by storm
jump ahead of everyone else and say hey we’re
coming out with 8k we’re gonna come out with 4k 120 frames we’re gonna have is
in this camera and just go all in on this co-star 5 we’ll see what happens
and we might see as soon as next week or the week after so stay tuned for the ESR
5 announcement that may potentially be coming there was also rumors of the eos
r6 which is similar but a little bit of a step down think of it like you think
of the 5d compared to the 60 the 60 being a little bit of a step down from
the 5d well that’s how the r6 to the r5 looks it would be a 20 megapixel
full-frame camera mirrorless camera it would have is it would have 12 frames
per second continuous shooting mechanical then it would have 20 frames
per second continuous shooting with the live view and for video we’d see 4k at
60 frames now this sounds a little bit more realistic it seems like it could be
real some of the numbers and some of the specs are sounding like the EOS our mark
2 so maybe that’s a name change that’s happening there but that’s what the EOS
r6 is looking like in the latest rumors we’re hearing a lot about more RF lenses
coming out which is good for everybody jumping into the mirrorless game these
RF lenses are smaller than EF lenses they are very powerful they look great
so very exciting to see the canons diving in and developing more of those
and finally it looks like we might get a rebel 850 d @ e 8i which would be the
next iteration of that series great cameras with nice specs for a beginner a
really good camera to jump into so if this is coming in 2020 it’s very
exciting for new DSLR users who want to jump into the game the t8i 24 point one
megapixel sensor a crop sensor of course in this line a digit 8 processor it
would have 45 autofocus points 7 frames per second continuous shooting and 4k at
30 frames per second from video so a solid starter camera the fact that
you’re getting that 4k is great you’re gonna get that at a relatively decent
price so exciting news for early photographers who are jumping in and
want a camera to start with the t8i that 850 D could be a good jump for you if
it’s going to come out in 2020 as it looks like it may a lot more exciting
things to come from Canon in 2020 but the
big one lately has been that ESR five which hopefully we’re gonna learn about
soon I’ve told you what I think about 8k 30 frames per second does it make sense
yet maybe not in this line maybe in the cinema line but not quite here we’ll see
how it goes and if it does come I can’t wait to see what creators are doing with
it it’s gonna be an absolute beauty if Canon does pull this off and if they do
we’ll be here to tell you about it so thanks for watching guys go ahead and
subscribe if you enjoyed leave a comment down below let me know what you think
about some of these rumors what do you expect is 8k actually realistic in 2020
in one of these cameras let me know down below what you think thanks for watching
and we’ll check you back in the next one

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  1. Seriously I would prefer 6k much better than 8k let’s see I really want to go To RF system jumping from 1DX mark ii it is really hard to use it on ronin S

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