31 thoughts on “Can This Chimp Figure Out How to Use a Video Camera?”

  1. Send them your old Iphones and teach them social media skills so the tribes can communicate without leaving their trees. Be a lot of pictures of bananas and mangoes and such being posted for what they are eating.

  2. That is crazy. Watching a video made by a chimp, seeing what they chose to look at, it's a kind of communication. Getting into their mind to see how they think.

  3. I love how at the end she looks up at the person filming her looking like she's connecting the dots and thinking, "🤔 Soo this is the reason y'all been following us around and holdin these thingys up in our faces this whole time" 😂

  4. Giving evolution a mantra or cheat code !!! But figuring what humans did is special and cannot be recreated or be taught !! .opportunity of being a human has been handed down or chosen and not a chance by nature

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