Camera Gear and Motovlogging Setup | Germany to Pakistan and India on Motorcycle

Camera Gear and Motovlogging Setup | Germany to Pakistan and India on Motorcycle

In today’s vlog, I will show you my camera gear a lot of people have asked me in my previous vlogs and how I’ll carry it with me on my bike and how will charge it while riding so I thought to tell you all in this vlog so first I will show you how I’ll carry it I have two bags only for camera gear both are waterproof and in the bag, I will keep my Notebook and extra camera lenses and in Tankbag I will keep my both cameras for easy access to take out and place back inside The bag has one charging pot inside to charge for camera batteries and power banks and also one extra charging pot for mobile and one Grip for Mobile also for Gopro similarly here on the side as well a Gopro holder also on the other side for Gopro to record from different angles now let’s go back home and I show you all my gear camera, GoPro and Drone etc. let’s start with tankbag My main camera gear is inside because I need to have quick access for taking pictures and making vlog place back inside and continue the ride my main camera which I have used for all my previous vlogs I have placed it inside this protective cover for protection if bike the bag fall down or the bike Sony A7iii my main camera with Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 lens my previous vlogs are recorded with A7iii but with Sony 16-35mm F4 lens which I’ll also carry with me Now I use this camera for mostly pictures because for pictures I prefer a second lens like this but for vlog a wide-angle lens is needed and I had to swap the lens often also, this camera doesn’t have flip screen it can be tilted a little so often I had to record myself and then then look back to see everything is fine it usually took a lot of time now I use a different camera for vlogs which is currently used to record This is Sony A6400 my main vlogging camera now with Sony 10-18mm F4 lens both camera and lens are very lightweight The camera body doesn’t have an image stabilization so I needed a lens with Image Stabilization to have a smooth footage without image stabilization footage is very shaky I would have prefered a lens of F1.8 or F2.8 but F4 is acceptable and the camera does have a flip screen now I can see myself while recording and do all the settings since I record in Manuel mode now I don’t need to look back and can record in one take Similar to Sony A7iii I have one L bracket here as well to use with the tripod horizontally or vertically also it has one cold shoe to attach a microphone the cold shoe of camera is at the top and it blocks the flip screen when the microphone is attached let’s have a look at the other items a lot of comments came from people asking for the microphone, I use Rode video Micro the reason I use is It doesn’t need extra power I can simply attach it to the camera microphone pot before I had Rode videomic Pro which need external power and manually on/off and I often forgot to on/off it recorded few clips then checked and realized no sound which ruined a few of my vlogs that’s why I use this microphone It is lightweight, cheap and sound quality is very good I also carry a spare small micro phone Saramonics I use it when I don’t feel comfortable with Rode micro which is much bigger in size it is easily plugged into the camera and it is a compact vlogging system this is omni direction Rode Microphone is Uni Direction and catches sound only in one direction the Saramonics can catch sounds of surroundings as well but the quality is still acceptable also in this bag, I have some ND filters ND filters for GoPro Hero 7 from PolarPro This Peter Mckinnon ND Filter for my camera lens similarly GoPro Hero 8 these filters are used to make good quality cinematics otherwise it is bit boring It is a big topic which I don’t want to discuss here if my viewers want to know then sure I will make a video this is all in it also some GoPro mounts Now let’s talk about Helmet Setup I use a Dango Design chin mount on my helmet which I can easily take off and on also, the microphone is on the back of the mount I’m still not satisfied with the sound quality in my previous vlogs maybe my GoPro settings are not right yet because I have no experience yet in Motovlogging if someone knows how to improve it do contact me on Instagram and I’ll be very thankful for your help I’m using GoPro Hero 7 Black on my Helmet with Microphone adapter This is Hero 8 I use Hero 7 for vlogging because GoPro Hero 8 Microphone pot and battery both are in the same compartment then I’ll have to remove the battery door and by doing so it is not waterproof anymore also, the battery can fall off that’s why it’s not yet feasible for Motovlogging I will use Hero 7 for that Let’s show you what I have in my other bag This bag on the tail rack has everything that I’ll need when I stop somewhere camera lenses, Notebook etc. Let’s open it first I have some bags for easy access and also for protection some more ND filters for Drone and camera lenses remote control for Timelapse and long exposure shots My Drone and remote control it is DJI Mavic Pro 2 I’m using it for more than a year now I have already crashed it once into the trees in Austria you can check out my vlog from Austria I got a replacement as I had an insurance policy two extra batteries I’m very happy with the image quality of this Drone it is little heavy but perfect in windy conditions especially in the mountains Mavic Air is smaller and lighter but not stable in windy conditions some spare wings I carry two Power Banks I can even charge my Notebook with it that’s why I bought it similarly this one for batteries I have Sony F2 28mm Lens I hardly use it but it is very lightweight and can be useful Another Sony lens 70-200mm F4 for Photography I don’t use it often but for some pictures I need it especially in the mountains This is Sony 16-35mm F4 I used it in almost all of my previous vlogs great lens perfect for vlogging but needed another lens for photography That’s why now I use the Sony A6400 for Vlogging This lens will be my spare lens If I have to use Sony A7iii for vlogging then I will use it This is for Night Photography mostly Astro Photography Samyang 14mm F2.8 full frame very cheap and a manual lens also produces awesome quality pictures It is the cheapest lens in my camera gear kit I have a separate case for all the chargers and cables GoPro, Camera, Drone chargers etc. This is my Notebook also in a protective case hopefully, it will be protected inside It is Dell XPS 15 I’m using it since last year I hardly use it at home but I use it always while travelling it is lightweight with 16GB RAM almost everything that I need from a Notebook also some more GoPro and Camera mounts in case I need them to capture from different angles Similarly in this case Hard drives Schock proof from Lacie Perfect for Adventure to have some protection for the Data one is 5TB so in total 10TB I also have a number of Memory cards I think it should be enough some more mounts everything is in separate cases so I know where everything is and what I need GoPro 3-Way Selfie Stick I like it alot one more selfie stick The Tripod is Manfrotto Befree also very lightweight for travelling not sure if I will carry the Joby Gorilla tripod or not I already have a lot of cameras gear which is probably more than 12kg in total which is a lot so maybe I drop a few items but I think I will manage it so if you have any suggestions for improvements especially how I can improve the sound of GoPro I’ll do some experiments to improve it and if you know then hit me up on Instagram and if you like my content then please do like and comment so youtube will recommend my content to more viewers and also please follow me on Instagram I try to upload some stories what I’m doing and during my tour, I will update regularly there Vlogs will have a delay of a few days but Instagram will have regular updates I hope you liked it if you have any comment do let me know and See you in the next vlog

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