business before beauty – painting a picture of tati westbrook

business before beauty – painting a picture of tati westbrook

Hi all. I just wanna apologize for lying to you. We’re not trying to cancel James Charles. I think it would be silly to think that you
even could cancel somebody who has 15 million subscribers. He did wind up getting cancelled and I was
wrong. I know nothing I can do can make up for that,
but I still want to give back to this community that has supported me so much throughout all
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your curiosity and your career, unless your career is over like mine. Because I was unable to put any ads on this
apology video, I think I’m gonna need to use my free trial too. So make sure you’re one of the first 500 people. Thank you Skillshare for sponsoring me and
supporting me during this time. You guys, what I want more than anything is
for you to feel sorry for me and I hope I’ve accomplished that today. Not a chance. I’m so tired of seeing videos about Tati Westbrook
and James Charles. Anyway, in today’s video I’m gonna be taking
this painting of James Charles I made and turning it into a painting of Tati Westbrook. Hi how are you doing? That’s fantastic. I’m here to make some art, talk about some
people. Those are my only two skills and that’s why
I had to become a YouTuber. Let me give you a rundown of the situation,
in case you haven’t seen any videos about it yet. Tati Westbrook had a big channel. James Charles had a tiny channel. James reached out to Tati. Tati helped James with a bunch of stuff, James
became a giant channel. Tati started a vitamin company. And then James promoted a rival vitamin company
and then Tati released a very, very long video about how James Charles was secretly a terrible
person the entire time. So I hope that gives you some context. Now, does any of this affect me personally? No. But in terms of ad revenue, I care very deeply
about this situation. I think it’s interesting to look at it from
a different perspective. But first we have to look at who we’re talking
about. I’m pretty sure we all know who James Charles
is. As far as Tati goes, my opinion of her was
pretty good but then it dropped to lower than James Charles’ sub-count. Well actually, my opinion took a couple of
days to change so I guess it wasn’t that fast. At first, I have to be honest, I thought Tati’s
video was amazing. Yeah, they had us the first half, I’m not
gonna lie. They had us. I watched it not once, but twice. That is almost an hour and a half. I watched Tati the movie, and that is how
I figured out that she is not the protagonist. Those memes comparing her to Thanos might
be onto something. Thanos was all like, “Guys, I’m the good guy. I’m just trying to save you.” And then Iron Man… Well, that’s spoilers. Okay basically, we didn’t take Thanos at face
value when he was trying to tell us that he was a savior. But then when Tati showed up like, “Guys,
I’m the good guy and I’m just trying to save James.” We were like… “This is it chief. I believe literally everything you just said.” I did anyway. Where’s Iron Man when you need him? Oh yeah, dead. Bottom line, if I am misled by some influencer,
do not cancel that influencer. They caught me slipping. It is on me and I’m going to unsubscribe. See, YouTubers don’t fool me and if they do
it’s never for long. Tati Westbrook had me fooled at first. I thought she was just like this caring, genuine
YouTuber who would never hurt a fly. But I assure you, I did some research and
turns out, flies were harmed. Well no, not flies, but people. Basically equates to the same worth in this
grand scheme of the universe. Honestly though, who cares if flies get harmed? Like why is it even a saying. “Oh, she wouldn’t hurt a fly.” Why not, Karen? It’s right there. Kill it. But you know, maybe Tati wouldn’t harm a fly. After all, her vitamin company, Hollow Beauty,
is cruelty-free, so that’s good to know. Too bad it’s not FDA-approved. But flies aside, it seems like she is okay
with hurting smaller YouTube accounts if it turns out that they’re a threat to her brand. Chances are you’ve never heard of Kiki Chanel. Her real name is Kylie Dennison. She only had 160,000 subscribers at the time,
in October 2018. Tati Westbrook made a video reviewing some
makeup palette. They all look the same to me. But after that, Kylie released a video saying
Tati’s video was biased in her opinion. But it was pretty biased in my opinion and
I think in a lot of opinions as I was reading the comments of the video. I confirmed that myself, by forcing myself
to sit through Tati’s makeup review. A lot of you know that I am not a fan of the
concealer. We’re talking about makeup revolution. You guys, I don’t like this formula that much. I know a lot of people really, really love
it. I just am not one of them. She says in the first 30 seconds of the review,
that she doesn’t like the product, before trying the product. It’s a literal bias. Whether it was a fair review or not, it’s
completely subjective. I didn’t think it was and neither did Kylie. So what do you think Tati did in that situation? She made a very, very long video about how
Kylie Dennison was secretly a terrible person the entire time. Again. For the first time. Are you seeing a trend here? My point is, she has a habit of painting people
that jeopardize her brand or her professionalism in the worst way she possible can but she
does so in a very calm, professional and reserved manner that makes everything she’s saying
just sound like gold. It even worked on me, the most cynical person
on this platform. How did I fall for emotional manipulation
when I don’t even experience emotions? In her video response, Tati had misinformation,
hypocrisy and misconstrued truth. The misinformation was she said something
was wrong with the way the makeup palette was formulated, but there wasn’t. And then with hypocrisy, she called Kylie
out for using affiliate links, which are like links that give you money if someone clicks
on them to buy a product. She said that meant Kylie was money hungry
but then there’s a bunch of videos where Tati has affiliate links too. So by Tati’s own logic, is Tati money hungry? I mean, yeah, she is and so is Kylie. We’re YouTubers. I’ve seen people literally interrupt themselves
mid-sentence with an ad break and that honestly just shows me that they don’t care where they’re
putting the ad. They just wanna put an ad on their video to
make money. Then the misconstrued truth, or as I like
to call it, lying. But when someone’s pushing me into a corner
and telling me that I’m a horrible, selfish, awful person, and that I don’t ever do any
good, and that I am just going after another creator because of my own insecurities and
because of what I don’t have. I need to speak on it. Kylie never said that in her video. But the 4.3 million people who watched Tati’s
video all believe that Kylie said that. So this is all to back up my claim that we’re
dealing with lies and hypocrisy. Because when I make claims about people, even
here in my small YouTube channel, I like to back them up with examples and evidence of
what I’m talking about. Instead of just expecting to believe everything
I say at face value, just because I have a nice voice. Even though honestly, I couldn’t really blame
you for doing that, I mean have you heard me? And the size difference between Kylie’s 160,000
subscribers at the time, and Tati’s 4 million subscribers was so one sided that Kylie still
gets hate comments about the situation on her channel to this day, over half a year
later. I checked. Now, with this information in mind, I took
a different look at the situation when I watched her video again. Think about it like this, a lot of the people
are using the fact that she didn’t put ads in her video as some sort of indication that
her intentions were good, but the video was actually monetized, as there was an advertisement
at the end. So on more business terms, companies pay for
impressions. Meaning when their customer sees or hears
about a product. So if Tati mentions her company, Hella Beauty,
over and over in this 43 minute video, and this video got 50 million impressions, 50
million. Do you know how much money she saved on advertising? That’s not a coincidence, it’s a business
decision. These are business people making business
decisions, they’re always trying to sell you something, even if it’s just their charming
personality. Now wrapping this up, one thing I wanna be
respectful of is a lot of people say that Tati’s very genuine and hard working, and
that she doesn’t do things for money because she loves them. I haven’t followed her long enough to come
to this conclusion for myself, so I can’t really argue with it, but I can explain my
point of view. Because I love making YouTube videos, I spend
a lot of time on them, some of them, every other one. And because I’m putting a lot of time into
them, I want money, so they’re not mutually exclusive. And the other thing people were saying is
that, “She’s one of the most genuine YouTubers I’ve ever seen.” But take it from me, you cannot be genuine
while talking to a camera. There’s nothing more unnatural than speaking
to literally nobody… Imagine how I look right now. Actually, you don’t have to imagine… You’re seeing. Imagine how I look from an outside perspective. People who seem genuine on camera are actually
way better actors than people who don’t. And YouTube isn’t really the place to find
genuine people. We’re all behind the camera… In front of the camera. Am I behind the camera or in front of it? We’re all talking to cameras. You might love watching these people, and
these people might love creating content for you, but we don’t know each other. It’s a para-social relationship. It doesn’t make it any better or any worse,
but you should just know what it is. So if I could go back and watch Tati’s video
for the first time I would tell myself, “Pay attention. Is there evidence being shown for the claims
that are being given? Are you aware of who you’re listening to right
now and things that they’ve done in the past? Is this a credible source?” For example, you just listened to me for about
10 minutes, but little did you know, I… Well… That’s all gonna come out later anyway, I
may as well just get cancelled when the time comes. Here’s the painting I did, I hope Tati likes
it. Anyway leave a like, buy my merch, tell me
what you think and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thank you for watching and a big thank you
to my 120–

100 thoughts on “business before beauty – painting a picture of tati westbrook”

  1. oh my god I totally forgot about the Kylie thing. I totally left a comment flaming her and defending tati. Now I’m a religious viewer of Kylie’s and Tati never crosses my mind. I literally hadn’t even remembered until you used that clip. I hate how easy I was to sway, I need to recognize and work on that. Thank you.

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    Edit: people easily cancels other people who have opinions different from them. Having different opinion is not an attack to a person. Cancel culture is just toxic crap.

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