BLACKPINK’s Billboard Cover Shoot: COVER’D

BLACKPINK’s Billboard Cover Shoot: COVER’D

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  2. I can’t choose a favorite between these women, I would wife all of them, but Jennie is so beautiful. They is a mix of super sexy and cute at the same time. I want all of them tho for different reasons!

  3. Rose music vocal beauty
    Lisa manoban model swag Rap vocal dance Barbie
    Jisoo Angel vocal Artister model beauty
    Jennie Vocal Rap Fashion sexy beautiful

  4. dear billboard,
    don't you have better artistes to feature?
    we are all sick and tired of seeing BP on our feeds everyday.
    Need to unsubscribe you if this continues….

  5. 👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍❤

  6. Even if they are considered as one of the queens of kpop already and dominated a lot of countries, i still see them as jisoo being the 4d personality, jennie being the yg's princess, rośe being the blackpink's goddess and lisa being the real life barbie doll. Time flies so fast! 😂❤

  7. Wtf, now y'all are giving more attention to Rosè because you think she has some type of issue, just like the other members 💀

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