BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY with Nikon Z6 | camera settings, camouflage, permanent photo blind and coffee..

BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY with Nikon Z6 | camera settings, camouflage, permanent photo blind and coffee..

Bjørn, you have to be quiet when they come… It’s still quite dark outside and too dark to
photograph. I arrived here before sunrise, around an hour and a
half before sunrise, just so that the birds would not see us come here.
I’m here with Bjørn, and he’s very excited. I have to make him pull his head in very soon when the birds start to be able to see. I think they’ll be here in about an hour
if they come, so it’s just a wait-and-see. Bjørn, get that head in. Bjørn! I’ll just let him do it because for the
rest of the day he has to lie over there and sleep so he doesn’t scare them away. So now, it’s his little free hour. It’s so nice to be in the photo blind. A lot of
things have been made – a little table, a good friend of mine made a table, some hangers for
the bags and stuff I want to show you, and outside there’s also been some
improvements and I’m going to make even more. But more about that later. Right now it’s
just really, really nice to be here. It’s just to spend the day here waiting for the
birds and yeah, it’s awesome. So now, I’m going to set up my camera, make sure the
settings, everything, is perfect and I think this is the perfect
opportunity for a cup of coffee! A cup of coffee! You don’t want coffee! You don’t want coffee! Ok, are you done?
Because then I’m going to take this off. Okay let’s get that coffee! But first, set up the camera! The Jay has just been here, and I really
hope he comes back so I can show you. I got a few photos, and some video, and then the magpie came. I think he saw the lens
or something. Oh, I hope he comes back. He didn’t seem
that shy – he just basically landed on the stick and then jumped down, took some seeds,
and then off he went again. Yeah, let me just show you… It’s so nice with the grass, and in this
low position I can shoot through the grass to make it very blurry – it’s
really nice. There’s not a lot of things happening out there today… I was lucky to get the Jay, and I can’t
wait to see the photo on the big screen at home, and also looking forward to showing
you what I got. But it has been really quiet out there. There’s been some
magpies, some crows, far away in the trees but… yeah. I’ll say this is a typical day
in the photo blind. It’s not always that I’m so lucky that I get buzzards, and
magpies, and jays… It was a jay! The jay was landing out there, out of nowhere! And then it flew straight
towards me. That was fast! And then it landed up there on the
roof! I don’t know why I’m whispering because it’s not there anymore so I can
just talk and they’re not super sensitive for sound. I don’t know
why I have the habit of whispering all the time! It’s just because you get so excited when… Time for a coffee! That was good! It’s gone now, no birds. So, I’ve been waiting for quite a
long time now. It’s been about six hours since I came this morning and only a few times
I’ve seen the jay. It was crazy that he just landed on the roof in here
but he hasn’t been back since, so now Bjørn has been sleeping for a
while, and now… he’s still sleeping and now I’m going to pack my gear,
go home and look at some of the pictures. I’m looking forward to showing you what I got
today. It was not a lot but this, I think this was what I was about to say
say before, this is a typical day down here – it’s not always I just see
buzzards and magpies, jays and crows and ravens. Most of the
time I go down here I spend 10 hours, 15 hours, in the blind and if I’m
lucky I get a picture of a bird. If I’m not lucky, I come home with no
pictures at all. But it’s also the nice thing about nature photography
and wildlife photography that we can’t always just predict. Even though I
have a nice blind, even though I put nuts out for the birds and small seeds it’s
just you know there are other things they can eat in nature, they don’t have to
come here to eat. It’s wild animals! I can hear the magpies but they don’t come. So yeah, I think I’ll come back tomorrow. I don’t know if I have the time… I’ll come back if the weather is nice. I’ll come back. And when I say nice, I mean no sun. Today is perfect with clouds and stuff and when it’s sun it’s too hard, the light down here. But yeah,
looking forward to showing you some of the photos of the jay from today. So, see you out there!

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  1. Brilliant Morten. This brought back so many good memories from the last few days. You capture the feelings so well with your amazing cinematography and carefully chosen words. Setting up a blind with my daughter over the next few weeks…

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  4. Excellent video and story telling once again Morten, since I started watchin your channel nearly 2 years ago, stories like this have pushed me so many time to get out more and more.  Days when I have found myself sitting on some mountain for 8 hours trying to get a Condor, or trying to find a nice Elk, many times in the back of my mind when wondering if should go or should I leave a site early since seems no activity, I think to myself what would Morten do!  In doing so, I found myself sitting longer and enjoy just the overall experience of being out in nature and regardless if I got a photo or not, the days were always good.Yesterday was a long day for me doing just such, and though not a whole lot of action found myself alone overlooking a field where Tule Elk were know to be and not seeing anything for hours, the thinking of what would Morten do made me stay a little longer and finally it paid off and I saw a nice Bull Elk off in distance.  Was able to get a shot, though not the best due to distance and heat reflection between him and my lens, manage to get a shot nonetheless and proud of it and it will bring back memories for years to come.Best to you and Bjorn

  5. My favorite thing about watching your videos is how it brings me back to reality, reminds me it's ok to do things for the passion of it and not focusing on trying to make money from it. It's hard not to get wrapped up in the rat race of today, with YouTube and Instagram making it so easy to feel like you need to be famous from something you like

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