BEST YouTuber Camera Money Can Buy!

BEST YouTuber Camera Money Can Buy!

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  1. You can make videos with ANY Camera! BUT, if you are looking to step up your game from you phone, this is the camera I recommend, and it is actually pretty well priced vs DSLR's.

  2. The best camera to create content with is the one you have with you. Cell Phone, Pocket Camera, Action Camera or the Video or DSL Camera will all work but you to have it with you. Dan you can put an adjustable ball-head on anything. Switch Foot, Tripod, so long as it has a 3/8 or 1/4 stud to screw on to.

  3. We are use DJI Osmo Pocket and DJI Osmo Action cams! Great for vlogging! Please check out our Dutch family vlog channel!

  4. My ma and dad have a old band video recorder/camera with 41x optical zoom its amazing! But it is on a band😑😕

  5. 4k looks great but nobody can enjoy it because many devices cant even watch 4k. Save your money and invest in a lens.

  6. I liked your iPhone the best. Sound quality was good and camera quality is great. I think for vlogs you should stick to that!

  7. I'm afraid to switch to 4K for video since it'll result in such massive video files on my computer for editing and storage. And for youtube I'm not sure it's really that necessary. (granted it does let you digitally zoom and maintain quality…)

  8. I love your videos and both channels but I don't agree with 4k. There is no need for that quality today. Companies force it on you just to make money

  9. Your iPhone took the best video in comparison to all of them. Don’t know what phone you are using but the new 11 is pretty awesome.

  10. The $3000 Sony has horrible dynamic range, I guess you need to color grade it for it to look good. Your camcorder and the iphone takes way better video out of the box. Also, the image stabilization on the sony sucks, probably need a gimbal.

  11. The AX53 is awesome. I use one quite a bit, though most of the time it is relegated to overhead shots while I use a nicer camera for my main angle on my YouTube videos.

    My only real complaint with the AX53 is that it doesn't look great in low light.

  12. I can't even watch the video with the 20/30 FPS… I have a 60 FPS screen but the new camera your recording with records at around 20/30 FPS.. my eyes are just kinda.. I guess bothered with that framerate.

  13. Honestly A6400 base camera. Get your self some nice variety of focal lenses like the 16-55, 18-105G, etc and you wont be switching that much and that A6400 body is pretty dang amazing.

  14. Quality may look better with the new expensive one but it seems like its not that smooth? Looks kinda choppy – just like 24fps vs 60fps. Some settings are wrong or am i just trippin'?

  15. One thing the camera pros forget is how heavy these cameras are. I always hear "these cameras are so small and portable!" because they come from huge DSLR but the noobs come from their phone… So even a mirrorless is huge.

  16. Just wanted to say 4K isn’t the only good quality 1080p is just as clear in fact you can’t tell the difference if you saw them side by side.

  17. I don't get the 4k thing, I don't know anyone with a 4k monitor or television and most people watch YouTube on their phones (I get made fun of for watching it on my tv).

  18. Definitely not way off but I just can’t afford a $3000 ones/camera especially I’m thinking about doing a YouTube something with the blind and cooking with a disability probably not the best camera to use for that rightful but I really can’t afford $3000 worth of a camera there’s no way maybe 800 yes $800 yes

  19. Nice but for people who don't want spend $ on camera then get a good smartphone. My top 2 fav youtubers use smartphones. I've seen too many expensive cameras take way too long to focus. Why ? Idk.

  20. Really excited to see you make this video! I've been struggling with my current setup. Can you go into a little more detail with audio and what editing software you use?

  21. That camcorder is way more expensive than the equipment I am using. However I do miss the stabilization you are getting, but I suspect for studio work the DSLR or mirrorless will get much better video.

  22. Quick problem, the camera doesn’t matter to the viewers if their service is trash and the best they can see is 480p

  23. I use a smart phone with an 8 megapixel video camera, OK shots but that's all I need. The actual camera has a 12 megapixel lense with full auto adjustments making for nice still shots though

  24. A phone is not a camera. It just amazes me how my dad’s slides from 1962 are massively superior to any shot a current iPhone or other can take. Not to mention their sorry low light capabilities or their just generally pixilated exposures consider the trash that lives in your pocket and accumulates on the lens. It’s amazing how far backward we have gone in expectations of what a great picture looks like.

  25. That was very courteous of you to thank your hosts on this video. Also, I appreciate your plain speaking about the equipment you use. I have worked for a few professional photographers in my life, and sometimes the video or audio on a youtube channel will bother me. In the past I've never really noticed the video quality on your channels as being particularly good or bad. So for me your current equipment does not get in the way of the stories you tell. Best wishes, -Bruce.

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