Beginner’s Guide to Night Photography I Canon EOS 80D

Beginner’s Guide to Night Photography I Canon EOS 80D

So now we are going to take a look at one of the most frequently asked questions on the EOS 80D for beginners I’ve got news for you, remember this coming Thursday we’re going to have our first Live streaming event on YouTube that’s right Digital Goja is going to do live answering questions Adam and I right on YouTube it’s going to be from 12:30 PM EST and for you watching us on the West Coast it will be at a bright and early 9:30 AM PST place your comments and questions in the comment section below. Can I shoot handheld night scenes? Absolutely but you will have to get out of the Intelligent Auto you have to set it to “Scene Mode” and then we are going to hit the “Q” button and low and behold, there it is notice how you do we have the “Handheld Night Scene” so that means that you can now do night shots without a tripod Well I hope I answered your questions about the EOS 80D if I didn’t please place it in the comment section below and we will get to it to help you out and as always don’t forget to hit us up a like button and if you are ever in Miami come say hello at our Digital Goja Showrooms

24 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to Night Photography I Canon EOS 80D”

  1. Hi izzy. What's the best inexpensive, light tripod available? I travel quite often and would like the right tripod to use without much weight to the already heavy cam and lenses. Thanks

  2. hello are you located in Miami? we are youtubers based in Miami and we have a youtube channel of travel and ad enturez in Miami and also a film production company so we used a lot od camera equiptments. irt will be great to collaborate or maybe pay you a visit to chat for some way of collaboration. thanks Jose from villas channel

  3. Is there any major difference in the iso performance between 80d and 77d? I have been thinking about switching to either 77d or one of the apsc Fuji mirrorless. Thanks for the videos!

  4. Why do your videos show up first all the time! I always get tricked into clicking on them not knowing who the uploader is. You give literally zero real information on how to use a camera in real world situations, "Scence Mode" come on this is the lazy mans way to shoot photos. Get out in the field and use the cameras and show how to shoot different scenes using manual mode or recording video in different types of lighting and speeds etc.

  5. Hi I had a Canon t3i, I love astronomy and I need to upgrade my camera, Which one is better for this Canon 80d or Nikon d7200? (I want to take shot of milky way)

  6. Hello. I had some great success when shooting long exposure fireworks the other night, but when I went to shoot an even longer exposure of a dark, starry sky, I couldn't get the camera to shutter to fire. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  7. Hi I was wanting to know if I needed to do any modifications to my Canon 80D so I could film video in infrared or night vision

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