Ballez Class Everywhere no. 2: warm up

Ballez Class Everywhere no. 2: warm up

The first exercise we’re going to do
together is the warm-up. Ballet arose out of the French and Italian courts system in which people were dancing in beautiful palaces and they did these exercises at the barre to kind of refine their technique for those court dances. In this context we’re gonna think of our barre as a nice queer bar that we’re arriving at, and we’re going to use a sense of mirroring to reflect each other
as we do these exercises. We’re gonna reflect what we appreciate and what we value and what we’re into about each other. So you can do all of these movements with your own special flair and sense of style, and you can also do them kind of mirroring things that you see reflected here on the screen, or
reflected in a group that you might be doing these exercises with. We’re going to turn towards our barre. Be in a place where you can see someone or see the screen. We’re gonna take our arms to first position and then up to fifth: feeling nobility and pride, belonging as you extend your arms out to the side, seeing the people that are next to you or imagining them and then bringing your arms back to the barre, we’re gonna take the right arm up and around: seeing the magical beauty of this queer court that we’re inhabiting right now, do the same thing to the left: seeing the beautiful space and then we’re gonna go through our right foot and nod to all the noble people to our right and through your left foot, nodding to
the noble people to your left and then changing, eight more of those. Kind of like Pony prances going side to side. And then we’re gonna take our right foot back, this is just a stretch for your calf, you can just get into it, and then you’re gonna flex, throw your hanky in to the center of the court and flex and stretch your left leg and maybe your hamstrings get involved and then you’re gonna flatten out your back, sticking out your butt, getting a nice stretch for your armpits and then you’re gonna bend your knees and flop all the way down, maybe
seeing somebody upside down, shake out your head and then you’re gonna bend your knees and roll up and come back in. We’re gonna do the same thing to the
left, and then we’re gonna do this again in a turned out first position. This
time, the legs, as you prance, will go side to side. And when we step back, you’re gonna arc up and back like a Prince. You’re still gonna toss your hanky but leave your left leg turned out as you flex that leg. We’ll bring the legs together in a turned-out position, bend your knees we’ll stretch this way, and still, see somebody upside down and then roll back up, and we’ll do that to the left as well. Let’s do it all together Music- Dreams by The Cardigans We’ll stand in parallel position, bring your arms to first, and then up to fifth very noble and then opening out There’s a friend, hey! I’m gonna make space for you every time and then we’re gonna bring our arms down and back to the barre and take your right arm up and see the magical beautiful space of our queer barre and come on back, and then the left arm goes
up and around, Seeing this amazing space, oh my gosh and then we’re gonna go through the
right foot and gesture to the folks to the right and through the left foot, gesturing to the left and then changing step the right foot back. Stretch your calf, yeah we’re stretching, it’s real and then we’re gonna toss our hankies into the center of the court and flex the left foot. You can keep your hands on your barre, and get a nice stretch. And then bend your knees, and drop down Some things to keep considering as you move are: can you embody your own sense of nobility and pride.


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  1. Wow! Doing this with you guys popped my back in 5 places, and since Iv been dealing with back pain, that felt GOOD! Woo!

  2. WOW, I feel incredibly blessed to have found Ballez. I wish I could be dancing in the same room as y'all, but I am grateful all these vids are available so I can follow along from home! I miss dance class v v much but I def don't miss all the gender roles of it. Ballez has be feeling ALIVE. <3 <3

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