[Applause] then enjoy whispering if you're out there videos [Applause] I know how can you have that maturity and that responsibility when there's been no one to support you we know your eyes you know you're strong always [Applause] I'll shoot the sweetest dream relaxation


  1. Sometimes it feels like I can’t take a full breath, too. I think it could be a factor to anxiety. I just force myself to yawn or take in a huge breath and hold it in until my lungs give in and let me take in a full breath.

  2. I was thinking – wouldn't you prefer to have a darker background like it used to be before? Darker colours are more relaxing.

    I appreciate EVERYTHING you do of course by the way! 💕 Thank you for your work. 💕

  3. Does anyone else just automatically like the videos of their preferred asmrtists incase you fall asleep before you decide whether you actually like it or not?

  4. I love when you speak up, when you share your wisdom with us, because i am myself 19 and i sure can learn a lot from you. I also feel very related and connected to you and i'm ao grateful and happy you exist because you bring so much hope into the world. Thank you for your wisdom, Grace. Thank you for your hard work, for your videos and for what you do for us. Thank you very very much. 🙏💕

  5. It is unreal to me how smart you are for your age! It’s like your from another generation placed in a younger body! Love this video, keep more of them like this coming…please?

  6. I’m 14 and when I was young I didn’t even know what asmr was like I was in like year 2 but every night I’d be on my iPod and I used to watch this videos that I found relaxing like there were these Dutch women that would do doll reviews and I didn’t care about the dolls I watched they because I would always fall asleep to them and like there were these girls that did those lip tattoos and I found them so satisfying and relaxing and then in year six I discovered asmr and I’ve been watching asmr since then

  7. Gosh do you have POTs?! So do I! Along with EDS. if ever you want to chat about it feel free to add me on FB 🙂 x adding on to this comment. Just managed to finish the video. I absolutely love how you talked about feelings and reactions. Totally resonated with me. X

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