Artists Draw Magic the Gathering Villains (That They’ve Never Seen)

Artists Draw Magic the Gathering Villains (That They’ve Never Seen)

– [Nathan] Welcome to Drawfee, where we take dumb ideas– – [Julia] And make even dumber drawings. – I’m Nathan.
– I’m Julia. – I’m Jacob.
– And I’m Carolyn! – Oh, no.
– Wow. – [Jacob] I’m not liking that one. I’m not feeling–
– Go with it. – [Jacob] Do you want to take it again? Do you want to take it one more time? – Sure.
– Say, I’m Carolyn. – I’m Carolyn.
– That’s so much nicer. – [Nathan] Guys, Carolyn Page is back. You may remember her from the other Magic: The Gathering episode we did? – Yeah!
– The one without Tristan. We’re doing Magic: The
Gathering villains today. – Woo!
– ‘Cause that game’s got some villains. We did some heroes, we drew some planes walkers. – Sure did.
– Last time. – [Carolyn] Who did I draw, a Justin? – [Nathan] You drew a– – You drew Ajani.
– Ajani Goldmane? – Ajani Goldmane.
– How could you forget– – [Julia] The coolest guy in the world. – [Nathan] How could you
forget Ajani Goldmane? – [Jacob] Justin? – A J name.
(group laughing) – A Justin.
– Justin? – A Justin?
– Justin Goldmane. – He’s a Justin fine.
(many people laughing) – [Nathan] Carolyn, thank you so much for coming back on the episode. – [Carolyn] Oh, absolutely. – [Nathan] Excited to
hear what other voices you’ve got in store for us. – Holy moly.
– After that intro. – [Carolyn] So many voices,
you want to hear this one? Yeah, this one’s kind of German, yeah? – [Jacob] It kind of is! – It kind of is, yeah!
– It kind of is almost! – [Nathan] It’s like the the
character from the Simpsons. – [Carolyn] And then
this one’s a little bit like Kiwi, Aussie, ‘ey! Good on ya!
– It again, it kinda is. – We’ll–
– Those are both really close to being accents. – [Nathan] We’ll workshop
it during the episode, but I am excited to try and draw a Magic: The Gathering card, a drawing,
– Heck yeah. – Of a thing, a person,
– Heck yeah. – [Nathan] A character, a villain who appears on a Magic:
The Gathering card, or multiple cards.
– All of that. – [Nathan] Based on your description. – [Carolyn] All right, so you’re
wanting the first one, huh? – [Nathan] I would be
wanting the first one. – [Carolyn] Well, we’re gonna start off with the kind of biggest nemesis in the Magic: The Gathering universe. His name is Nicol Bolas. – [Nathan] Oh, you mentioned
him on the other one. – [Carolyn] He’s an ancient dragon. – [Nathan] He’s a dragon. – [Carolyn] The oldest from
the beginnings of time. – That’s an old dragon.
– Thank you for giving the dragon
to Nathan and not me. – [Jacob] Yeah, he’s the
best at drawing dragons. – Yeah.
– Oh yeah, is he? – Yeah, maybe he’s–
– Yeah, no– – [Jacob] Genuinely
good at drawing dragons, and me and Julia are just horse shit. – I draw fat worms.
– Oh, no. with wings every time I have to draw a dragon.
– Isn’t that kind of what a dragon is? – [Julia] Yeah, but see there’s a way of making it cool.
– It’s wyrm with a Y, instead of an O. – Wee-erm.
– Way-erm. – Wee-erm.
– Wee-erm, wyrm. – So–
– Now, I have a confession. – [Nathan] ‘Cause I watch
videos on the internet, Magic: The Gathering has
– Bad. been sort of promoting itself? – Sure has.
– With these ads? – Yeah.
– And So, I feel like I have an inkling of what Nicol
Bolas might kinda look like, just sort of based on these ads. – [Carolyn] You’re doing
a bang-up job so far. – [Nathan] He’s like a demon dragon almost lookin’ guy, right? – Yeah.
– He’s sort of got a gobliny face?
– Yeah, he does kind of have a gobliny face. Really, his most distinguishing
characteristics are he’s got big horns, he’s got big giant horns, – [Jacob] That’s the stuff. – [Carolyn] He has an egg floating in between those horns. – He’s got an egg?
– He’s got a head egg? – He’s got a head egg!
Wow! So, I think they’re like– – [Carolyn] Sometimes you
wake up in the morning and you have such a big
head egg that you just, you gotta stay home, you know?
– Exactly! – [Jacob] Yeah, we were worried Carolyn wouldn’t make it in today, because she had a bad head egg. – [Carolyn] I had a bad head egg, exactly. – [Nathan] What do you
take for a head egg? – [Carolyn] Tylenol, eggstra strength. You’re just literally drawing the character, this is very good, you’re betraying the premise of your own show.
– This is it from memory for me, from sort of vaguely seeing him in the background. – From an actual memory?
– Yeah. – [Julia] He also looks
like a possessed Yoda, a little bit.
– A little bit! – [Nathan] He’s kind of a possessed Yoda, that’s sort of the impression I got. – [Carolyn] It’s like Yoda mixed with Diablo from Diablo. – [Nathan] He’s kind of a Diablo. He’s a little bit of a Diablo. – [Carolyn] He’s a Diabloda. – [Jacob] He’s a Diabloda. We can all agree.
– We can all. – He’s got a little egg up here? – Yeah.
– Why does that sound like something I’d call my grandmother? – [Carolyn] Diabloda. – [Julia] Oh, there’s another accent guys. – [Jacob] They’re all comin’ out today. – [Carolyn] Oh yes, this
one is also an accent for talking to grandmas.
– I have no idea. – Yeah, what is–
– Where you from? – [Carolyn] Sort of Greece, maybe? I don’t know. – [Nathan] Sort of Greece,
maybe, I don’t know, I love that.
– I love the sort of world that you entered. Wow, that’s a strong a strong jaw. – [Nathan] I think this is him. This is sort of his face. – [Julia] You fuckin’ nailed it man. – [Nathan] And then he’s got like a sort of a straight neck for a dragon? – Yeah, old straight neck.
– Old straight neck. – [Nathan] Old straight neck. Well, tell me more about him. ‘Cause he’s he’s kind of an asshole right? – [Carolyn] He’s big asshole. He wants to rule the universe. He’s a simple dragon with simple wishes. He wants to dominate all life. He’s a very powerful psychic? – Oh!
– He’s a mind mage? He can miniplate time and space. – [Nathan] I’m sort of at
the end of my memory here, now at this point in the drawing. I need a little bit more guidance now. – [Carolyn] Okay, well he’s got wings. – And he–
– Big wings? – [Jacob] Since when do you
get guidance on this show? – [Julia] Yeah, when do you get guidance on this show?
– What is this new– – Where are we?
– Premise you’re doing, where you draw your do your best job at drawing the actual dragon from Magic: the Gathering. – Okay, okay, okay!
– I didn’t know that asking for tips was something I could do? – [Jacob] There are rules here. – [Julia] My career on this
show would be so different. – All right well–
– You can get lore, but you can’t get fuckin’
art tips from Carolyn. – I was gonna get some lore! – Okay so, the lore–
– Like that he has wings. (girls laughing)
– And legend states that Nicol Bolas would
fly around on his wings. – His big cool wings.
– On his big cool wings. – [Carolyn] He is very ancient. – [Nathan] Okay, so he’s kinda old. – [Carolyn] He’s super evil. – Kind of old guy.
– Is his first name Nico? – [Julia] Nicol. – Oh, not Nico.
– Not Nico. – He’s like, hey Nico!
– Hey, Nico! – Nico, Nico Bolas.
– He’s always kinda call you up on your cell phone saying, my cousin, hey!
– It’s my birthday! – [Jacob] Nico! Cousin!
– Is he wearing a jersey? Is that what’s going on here? – I was just sort of–
– It does look like he’s wearing a basket ball jersey. – [Nathan] I was trying to just
sort of give him skin folds, but I like the basketball jersey. – [Julia] He’s a big Bulls fan. – [Jacob] That’s strong “Space Jam” vibes. – Oh, man!
– Oh, yeah! – [Nathan] He stole all of the other planes walkers’ talent– – At basketball.
– At basketball. – [Caroline] That is kinda what happened in a recent magic set. – No it didn’t.
– Yeah, it did! He stole all the planes walkers, he tried to steal their sparks, which is what allows them to planes walk.
– And then he put them in a basketball?
– Exactly. – [Nathan] So, we’re gonna get that. – Now that’s–
– But he’s old, so he has to have appropriate length basket ball shorts, but they have to be hiked up to his chest, so they’re just real
itty bitty on his legs, you see to much thigh. – [Carolyn] Grandpas love a high waist. – [Jacob] They do, yeah. – [Carolyn] His neck folds are really, they look touchable.
– You like those? – [Carolyn] I do like those. Run your fingers through those. He’s a regular old gilf, dragony gilf.
– I hate the idea of running your fingers through neck folds.
(girls laughing) That sounds horrible. I have no interest.
– Just like rivers of flesh. – [Jacob] Rivers of flesh, huh? – [Julia] That’s a basket ball. – [Nathan] Yeah, that’s where he’s kept– – That’s a spark.
– All of the other planes walkers’ talent. – [Caroline] You guys
are so good at drawing. – [Nathan] We said–
(congregation laughing) – Hell yeah!
– Are you sure? Do you see what you’re looking at? – [Carolyn] I do! I can’t draw anything. – [Nathan] This is Nicol Ballas. – Ballas!
– Oh my God. – Nicol Ballas!
– And you’re good at puns. – [Jacob] Oh my God. – [Julia] Only Nathan’s
good at that, out of this. – [Jacob] Does Magic ever do AU cards? Like a joke set? – [Carolyn] They do do joke sets. They’re called the unsets. So, they’ve done unstable, unhinged, I think there’s another one. I haven’t played any of them.
– Would they do a b-ball one? – [Nathan] Yeah, would they do– – [Julia] That feels like a munchkin set. – [Carolyn] I don’t know they
do a lot of inside jokes. – [Jacob] What about some outside jokes? – [Nathan] What about some
inside-outside ball jokes? – [Julia] Wow, everyone’s favorite sport. – You are friends with magic.
– I am, it’s my only friend.
– Mr. Magic. – [Jacob] Can you ask
them if we can make a set? – [Nathan] Can we make one? – [Jacob] Just one set. – [Julia] Drawfee ex-wizards of the coast? – Yeah.
– And ours’ is basketball. – Ours is basketball?
– ‘Cause we know so much about basketball. Anyone who watches Drawfee knows. – [Jacob] What if we just made art at the right ratio and we told our fans to paste the pictures over the pictures on the cards? – [Julia] Uh-huh, sure. – So, like this would show up on the card, instead of the original one. – [Julia] We can make that happen. – [Jacob] Are they allowed to do that? – [Carolyn] Oh my God, his little legs! – [Nathan] We ran out of room. – [Julia] He has some real human here, – I like it.
– And I love it. – [Carolyn] His knobbly grandpy knees. – [Nathan] Yeah, he’s still old. – Oh my God.
– He didn’t get less old. – [Carolyn] He’s so cute! – [Julia] He’s so cute. – He’s ready.
– Oh, wow! – [Jacob] Magic Johnson The Gathering. – That’s good!
– Nice. – Right?
– There we are, you’re right. – [Nathan] Magic Johnson The Gathering! – We got there.
– Hell yeah. – [Nathan] Thank you, thank you everyone. Thanks for listening, this
has been Drawfee show. – [Nathan] I don’t think
we need to do anymore. – [Jacob] The show where we wait until one of us makes a good enough
joke that we can stop? – [Carolyn] Yeah. – [Julia] That’s why we make art, just in general. – [Nathan] We make it,
so we can stop doing it. – [Julia] To someday quit. – [Nathan] I can’t wait to quit. That’ll be a good day. – Hell yeah.
– Well, you can quit now, ’cause you made that joke. – [Jacob] Yeah, but I feel
like I don’t have enough money to live on for the rest of my life. I wanna make one art good enough that it just gets me set.
– Oh wow. – For life.
– A Banksy, if you will. – [Jacob] Yeah, I need to make a Banksy, – [Nathan] ‘Cause Banksy
stopped after his first one. – After he shredded it.
– Maybe he should have. – [Julia] And now there’s a new Banksy, – New?
– Jakesy. – [Carolyn] The Dread Lord Pirate Roberts. It’s a Dread Pirate Roberts.
– Oh, it’s a title! Banksy’s a title.
– Yeah, it’s– – That’s passed down.
– It’s a mantle, like Batman. – [Jacob] From graffiti
artist to graffiti artist. Is this good?
– Yes. – That’s great!
– Yes, confirmed good. – This is Nicol–
– Confirmed good. – Ballas.
– Nicol Ballas. – Let’s look it up.
– Look him up. Oh wow.
– Oh my God! – Wow.
– It’s exactly the same pose. – [Jacob] Oh, he’s doing the hand thing and everything.
– Yeah! (everyone loudly laughing) – [Carolyn] Nathan how? (group intensely laughing)
– How? So good!
– That’s amazing. – [Nathan] Look at me, ah, great. That’s the closest I’ve ever been. Thank you, internet YouTube adds. – Holy cow.
– For cluing me in. – That’s so good.
– Carolyn. – Next up.
– Me. – [Carolyn] We got a great one for ya. – [Jacob] Thank you for
picking a great one for me. – [Carolyn] This guys, or girls, gender nonconforming thing’s name is Ashiok. – Ashiok!
– Ashiok! – [Julia] Ashiok’s most
defining feature is, they don’t have a top of the face. – [Jacob] They don’t
have a top of the face? – [Carolyn] The top of the
face for Ashiok is made out of pure nightmare energy.
What? – Whoa!
– Nice. – There you, we have challenge you. – [Nathan] They have bottom of nose, and mouth, and chin? – [Carolyn] Yeah, it’s
kind of the eye of Sauron, I mean mouth of Sauron
situation a little bit. – Oh, that’s fun.
– Cool. – [Carolyn] And Ashiok
is a nightmare mage, and feeds off of nightmare
energy from other people, and steals nightmares.
– Love that. – Jacob, this is Bart.
(Jacob laughing) – [Nathan] It’s Bart, this
aint the top of the head, I’ll tell you that much right now. – [Carolyn] It looks
like a teeth situation. – This is a teeth situation
– Ah, I see, okay. – [Julia] Oh no. – [Jacob] Well I know
that there’s a bottom. – [Nathan] If Bart was gums. – [Jacob] Yeah, if Bart was gums. So, you said, they have a bottom half of the face?
– Mm-hmm. – [Julia] They got a
bottom half of the face. – [Jacob] And the top
half is nightmare energy. – Pure nightmare energy.
– Pure nightmare energy. – [Carolyn] Also with horns, it’s like just horns, nightmare horns. And then dark wispy energy kind of flying around it.
– Yeah, as you do. – [Carolyn] And they went
to the plane of Theros, which is a Greek mythology inspired plane, and tried to put the whole plane to sleep, and give them eternal nightmares, so they could feed off the
nightmare energy forever. – [Jacob] That’s messed up. – [Nathan] Does one of the
horns send everyone back to high school?
– Is that your recurring nightmare?
– I had– – That’s one of mine.
– Yeah. – [Carolyn] That’s also one of mine. Is like having to repeat senior year, and then I wake up, and I’m so glad that I’m an adult, and then I go play switch, and have ice cream for breakfast. – Being adult is the best.
– It really is! – [Nathan] Nothing gets
me in a better mood to go to work then remembering that I don’t have to go to high school.
– Yes. – [Carolyn] And then if you
didn’t want to go to work, you could just not come, and the cops can’t tell you to go to work.
– That’s true. There’s no going to work truancy officer. It’s just eventually Bridgman will be like, hey!
– You gotta come to work. – You have to come to work.
– Be like, yeah sorry, that’s my bad. People would tweet at me, and be like, why isn’t there a Drawfee episode? (members of group faintly laughing) – Then I’d feel bad.
– You’d be like, oh my bad. – Oh my bad, I’m sorry.
– I’ve stopped going to work. I was eating a lot of ice cream. – [Nathan] I had a quarter life crisis, a third life crisis? Where am I at? – [Julia] Depends on how long you live. – [Nathan] Yeah, depends
how long I’ll live. – [Carolyn] Yeah, that’s kind of a, only you can say that in retrospect, kind of thing.
– That’s true. – [Carolyn] This is actually scarier than the real Ashiok.
– I like this design a lot Jacob. – [Jacob] Thank you,
I’m working through it. I’m experimenting with some things here. I’m trying some things out.
– The bottom row of teeth is really funny though, It’s like, it’s very cool it just sort of looks like you’d be going, (guys grunting comically) (Nathan mildly laughs)
– With the cleft chin? I love it. – [Carolyn] I’m so hungry. – Just drop it in.
– Just drop it in. – Drop it in.
– La, la, la, la, la. – [Jacob] Maybe he’s got like a tongue. – [Nathan] The orthodontist
said I have an underbite, but I did not want to get braces. And this is what happened. – [Jacob] He’s definitely
got a tongue coming out. (group comically stuttering) – [Carolyn] This is what
happens when you don’t floss. You lose the whole top of your head – I only floss-
– What accent is that? – I don’t know.
– Illegal. That’s an underbite accent.
– You lose the other top of your head you do. – [Carolyn] I lost the top of me head. – Hello mum.
– Hello mum. – Hello, mum.
I lost the top of me head. It’s nightmare energy now in it. – [Carolyn] I’m just a tongue
and horns now aren’t I? I can’t put ’em down me
old tongue and horns. – [Julia] Tongue and horns! – [Nathan] I’m all tongue
and horns, aren’t I? – [Carolyn] I’d go for
the old tongue and horns if you know what I mean. – [Jacob] That’s all I can give her, that’s all I got, tongue and horns. – [Julia] Oh! With the collar? – [Nathan] The tongue and horns of course is a traditional British pastry. I saw them make that on
the British baking show. Awe, that’s a thick collar. – [Jacob] I think it’s like an armor, one of those armor collars. – [Carolyn] It looks like a foam mat that I used to roll around on– – Maybe it’s also–
– In gym class. – [Jacob] Like a foam mat? – [Nathan] It looks
like a very intense one of those head pillows you’d take with you on an airplane. Because again, he’s
doing a lot of sleeping. He puts everyone on the plane to sleep.
– That’s true. – [Julie] On the plane? Oh, I get it.
– Oh! – Hey, planes walkers. You made what I said into a better joke. Thank you Carolyn!
– Jokes are about teamwork. – [Nathan] On Drawfee they are at least. – [Carolyn] You guys have made all these characters cooler so far. – [Nathan] Did I make Nicol Ballas cooler? – [Julia] Yeah, you could grandpy. Grandpy’s are always cooler. – [Nathan] I made the Sitcom
spin off, Nicky Ballas. – [Jacob] Nicky Ballas, starring Dwayne, “The Rock”, Johnson. – Wood watch.
– Wood watch, yeah. – [Jacob] Wood Watch, starring
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. New fantasy series. He finds a watch made of wood. – [Carolyn] What happens when
Groot becomes a detective. – [All] Wood watch – [Jacob] Coming to CBS All Access. (everyone laughing) – This guy.
– Thick neck. – Has a thick neck.
– Yeah, what’s his neck doing? Is it just thick? – [Julia] His skull could be floatin’? – [Carolyn] I like your take on it. I actually think the thing conically has a pretty slender neck. – [Nathan] But then, why
does he need such a big piece of armor protecting his neck?
– It’s cool! – [Nathan] It’s just cool. It’s purely pathetic!
– Fashion statement! Well, whenever someone aims for like the one mouth
part that he’s got he kind of tucks his head down. – It’s like a turtle!
– Tucks it in, yeah. – I love that.
– I get it. – [Jacob] So then, he’s
definitely got pauldrons. You gotta, you gotta have pauldrons. – [Nathan] I like this close up. We don’t do enough just sort of shoulders up poses. – [Jacob] I was taking
some Julia inspiration, ’cause I wanted to make it a
little creepier and weirder, and not like my usual style, so I decided I’d go like
a Julia sort of portrait – [Julia] Give yourself less to draw? – Yeah.
– Yeah, that’s my tactic.
– You can put more detail in the important bits.
– I do that, ’cause I don’t want to
think about drawing legs, or feet, or hands. – [Jacob] Sometimes you don’t. – [Nathan] I don’t want to do that either, but I still draw the legs, and it shows.
(Julia mildly laughing) – [Jacob] It shows that you don’t- – That I have not–
– You were not interested in– – [Nathan] I was not interested in those. – In doing that-
– Those ones. – Those knobbly knees
– Those knobbly knees. Those old man knees. – [Jacob] And then we got one of these. – [Nathan] Asymmetrical pauldron design. Hell yes.
– Oh, you know that’s a villainous look. – [Jacob] One of these
big flamey ones over here. – Oh, fuck yeah dude!
– I think I’m done with this. – Wow, I think you-
– I’m just gonna add a lot more lines later, at a later time.
– You rushed it. – [Carolyn] Those lines
are very satisfying. I would run my hands through
grandpa Ballas’s neck, and through this Ashiok’s pillow. – His neck pillow?
– I wanna touch it. – His lack of neck. – [Jacob] Slide your hand under his head, and wiggle your fingers around in this. – It’s so cold.
– In the hole. – This is great.
– Let me look them up. – [Jacob] Ashiok – Whoa, what?
– Whoa! He’s rad!
– They’re cool. They’re even cooler than what I did! – [Julia] Rad as hell. – [Carolyn] They don’t
have a big tongue though. – [Jacob] It’s not just
lower jaw half, huh? It’s below the nose. It’s like what Nathan said.
– It’s like what I said, but I like yours better. – [Jacob] Mines got a big
licky tongue at least. But, I love his armor, – It’s pretty–
– Got a big collar going on. – [Nathan] You didn’t even
see this in a trailer, and you got pretty close. – Look at those nails.
– Wow. – Yeah, I forgot those–
– Should’ve described the nails.
– Fingernails. – [Julia] Well, real scratchers. – Well.
– Forgot those scratchers. Well, I like what I did. I think it turned out fun. – [Nathan] Nightmare monsters
always got big scratchers. – [Jacob] Yeah, they gotta have big scratchers.
– That’s the rule. – [Jacob] Julia you ready to hop in? – Yep, this is the best one. This is one of the three Eldrazi titans, which are creatures from
the blight eternities. Born out of pure energy of space time. – Hi there.
– I love that. – [Julia] This creature’s name is Ulamog! – Ulamog. – Ulamog.
– Ulamog – [Julia] You know that
bottom half is all tentacles. (multiple people laughing) – [Julia] It’s just tentacles, and then a big kind of bony skull face, but not like a human
skull, just like bones, and then the torso is kind of like a human torso and it’s all pink and purple. The upper arms are regular, and then the bottom lower
arms are four of them that are like split.
– Hey. – [Carolyn] You know, and I
mean this in the best way, you know when kids try to describe you their own OC that they haven’t drawn yet?
– Yep! – [Carolyn] That’s what you sounded like. – It sounds like nonsense.
– It’s human torso, a skull head but not
human skull necessarily, and tentacle legs. – [Jacob] And arms that
split into four arms? – [Julia] Yeah. – Get outta here!
– Not forearms. – It seems pretty simple.
– The forearms are four arms. – [Nathan] This seems right up your ally – [Julia] Is it though? – [Jacob] It’s one of three titans made of space time energy? – [Julia] Yeah, the other
two are Emrakul and Kozilek. – Emrakul?
– Bird skull. – Love it
– Hell yeah. – [Jacob] Take me to plague doctor town. – This guy’s–
– That’s where I like to live. – [Carolyn] Goin’ to plague doctor town. – [Jacob] I don’t actually
want to go there I don’t think. – No.
– No. – [Carolyn] You know where
I grew up we weren’t allowed to cross the field by my house, because it was full of prairie dogs that had the bubonic plague.
– What? – Really?
– For real? – [Carolyn] Yep, yeah, for real. – Prairie dogs–
– Yeah. – [Nathan] Have the bubonic plague? – Plagued prairie dogs?
– Yeah, a couple people in Colorado every year
get the bubonic plague. – And don’t armadillos have–
– Quite treatable. – Leprosy? – Do they?
– Yeah, they carry leprosy. – That’s disgusting. – Wow.
– But, they’re not affected by it? But like, humans who interact with armadillos can get it, I don’t know, its really weird.
– That’s crazy – [Carolyn] Nature. – Nature?
– How gross. – [Jacob] Did you know that
all chipmunks have racism – That’s ate up, like in squirrels? They’re super racist–
– Yeah. – Like squirrels?
– All chipmunks, they spread racism like a disease. – Is that why it’s–
– If you let a– – So rampant?
– Bite you. – That’s terrible.
– Chipmunks are horrible. (Nathan faintly laughing) – [Julia] That really
re-contextualizes Alvin and the chipmunks.
– Oh no! – [Nathan] You were trying
to think of a disease, you gave up! – [Jacob] Well, it kind of is a disease, it’s a social– – Yeah, it’s a–
– It’s a social disease. – A social disease, it’s a–
– It’s a rot, a moral social sickness at the core of a lot of the worlds problems. – And isn’t that?
– And it’s all from? – It’s from chipmunks
– Chipmunks! – [Carolyn] And the vaccine
is education and experience. – Wow.
– Yeah, Carolyn. – [Nathan] Chipmunks hate those things. – This is-
– Don’t be a chipmunk y’all – This is-
– Be like a squirrel. – [Carolyn] Crazed girl,
be like a squirrel. – That’s a White Stripes reference. – Sure is.
– Awe, I love that album. – [Jacob] Julia, of course
drawing the inside spaghettis, they need–
– This is fantastic! – [Julia] I had to draw
the inside spaghettis. I was trying to figure out how to connect this bird skull to this human torso! – [Nathan] So far we’ve had wrinkle neck, no neck, and spaghetti neck. – [Carolyn] You can call
this one the neck episode. – [Nathan] The three necks. – [Jacob] I think we’ll just
call it the neck episode. (group expressively snickering) – Probably be the best–
– Title it, the neck episode. – [Carolyn] What? Unsubscribe. – The neck generation.
– Not interested in- – Nice.
– That was a good joke, Julia. – [Julia] Thank you. – This character–
– You guys have a- – That you’re drawing is–
– I like this – I’m attracted to?
– This delicate dress. – [Jacob] This bird is
wearing Marge Simpson’s dress (group faintly snickering) – [Carolyn] Its kind of like
got an Egyptian thing going on. – [Nathan] Yeah, I like this – [Jacob] Yeah, by way of Marge Simpson – [Nathan] Egyptian by
way of Marge Simpson. That’s a new aesthetic
– Very cool. – We’re Breaking new ground.
– Julia’s breaking this arm. – Gotta split that arm.
– So, Ulamog– – It’s four arms right? – Yeah.
– You said? – Two on each side?
– It’s forearms, or four arms.
– Is it two on each side? – Yeah.
– Is it two on each side? – [Carolyn] So, Ulamog,
and Kozilek, and Emrakul, the three Eldrazi titans, in the lore they are but small outcroppings. Their physical forms are just like what they let you perceive of them, and they can bend space time, and do all kinds of crazy stuff, and they like destroy, they just love to destroy. (group mildly giggling)
– They just– – [Jacob] Really into destroying lately. – [Carolyn] They just
can’t get enough of it. – [Nathan] That’s on their dating profile. Interests? Destruction.
– Destroy. – [Nathan] Just looking for someone I can just destroy with
– I’m ravenously hungry, I love to destroy, and if you wanna go to a craft brewery, I’ll do it.
– Not a huge beer drinker, but love to experience new things, and also destroy those things. – [Carolyn] So, this character is a very bad monster in the lore.
– In my design, yes. – [Carolyn] And I mean I think
you’re freakin’ killing it. – Your design is awesome.
– And the other one, Emrakul, was trapped in the moon for a time. – The moon?
– That’ll happen. – A Moon.
– A moon, okay. – [Carolyn] Not our moon. – Just, a moon?
– And then, this one was imprisoned for a few millennia by something called a hedron, which is like a pointy shaped rock. – [Jacob] It’s weakness is a pointy shape? – [Julia] Yeah, they were
like magically entrapped by some magical pointy shaped rocks. – [Jacob] Not a pointy shape! – [Carolyn] Is this
character wearing clothes? – [Julia] No, they’re just
kind of pink and purple, they don’t really wear clothes, but I like that you’ve got this– – Well.
– Going on. – No, this is the fashionable– – It’s rad.
– Yeah, they could, there’s no reason why they
couldn’t wear clothes. – [Nathan] This is a new skin – [Carolyn] Sometimes
they’re misunderstood, and worshiped as Gods, and then those Gods do wear clothes. So, this I think canonically checks out. – [Nathan] From a game play perspective, are these good cards that you’ve been giving us? – [Carolyn] Ulamog is a very good card. It’s very expensive, but it’s a very good card. – [Jacob] Is it the kind of card that you could build you deck around? – Sure
– Sort of. – [Julia] Yeah, sure thing,
it’s a legendary creature. – [Jacob] It’s the kind
of card you really just wanna build a deck out of. I really wanna settle down with this card. – [Carolyn] This is cool! – [Jacob] I really like this design, Julia – [Nathan] The cool thing about magic is it seems like it’s anything. – It’s everything
– They just take from any mythology, and a bunch of their own stuff. – [Carolyn] Some of the
coolest creatures are from totally made up from their own minds. This is Eldrador inspired
kind of thing, but. – [Nathan] Love any world
where there are Eldrataurs, and just cool cat men walking around. – Totally
– Just so many cat men. Just some strong beautiful cat men. – [Carolyn] There’s speculations that there’s gonna be
a viking inspired set. – Oh!
– Which will be pretty cool. – Oh, that’s fun.
– I love me some Norse mythology.
– Yeah, that’s right! – [Nathan] So, you’re
saying basketball maybe not? – [Carolyn] I don’t know about basketball – [Nathan] There should be
an entire basket ball plane of existence.
– They don’t do a lot of sports.
– Well, not yet. – [Carolyn] An entire
basketball plane of existence? – [Nathan] In Futurama we established that the Harlem Globetrotters are from outer space. So, I don’t see why, and space jam also there are
basketball playing aliens. We know this?
– Yeah. – [Carolyn] But, they
only play basketball, because they’ve stolen Earth
basketballer’s talents. – [Nathan] Well, that’s just
because they haven’t found an even more powerful
source of basketball talent. – The basketball dimension?
– The basketball mana. – Yeah.
– Yeah, sure. – You think there can
be a new type of mana? – Yeah.
– Orange? – [Jacob] Like you have mountains, and ya know planes, and then– – Courts?
– Courts, yeah. – [Nathan] Courts it’s the courts, yeah. – [Jacob] Yeah, you put down court. – [Carolyn] I mean, that opens
up a ton of possibilities. You’d have tennis mana, foosball manna,
– I love this. – I’m out of sports.
– See you’re talking about- – Tennis and foosball?
– Foosball, the two sports. (everyone intensely laughing) – The two genders
(group loudly laughing) Tennis and foosball. (Nathan mildly coughs) – [Julia] Oh my God. – [Nathan] That’s it,
that’s all the sports! – We got ’em!
– We got ’em! – [Carolyn] We solved it. – [Julia] Did I cover all the bases here? Was there anything else in the descriptor that I missed?
– Oh, baseball, that’s a third one. – It’s your baseball.
– That’s a big baseball! – [Carolyn] Her baseball,
baseball, baseball. – [Julia] If you’re looking
for more to draw each of the titans has– – A big ol’ dick.
– Trillions– – [Julia] Massive cock. No, trillions of minions.
– All right! – [Carolyn] Minions? – [Julia] No, like little
ones that they send out to- – [Nathan] You said
minions, Julia’s gonna draw- – Oh, no!
– She’s gonna do a minion. I don want to see a minion. – [Carolyn] I like minions. They’re cute.
– No they’re not! – [Carolyn] I don’t go on Facebook much, so I’m like less inundated by peoples cousins posting minion memes. – [Jacob] I don’t go on anymore, but I used to go on Facebook a lot and it was enough that I
got the bad part of it. – Julia!
– This is a cute one though. – [Nathan] Julie can’t remember
what anything looks like, but she can bust out a minion in seconds. – [Julia] They’re just tubes! – [Carolyn] They are tubes! That make me disturbed for them. – [Nathan] He’s so happy to be there! – [Group] Yay! – [Nathan] We know that minions serve whatever is the most powerful, evil- – That’s true!
– That exists, so. – [Carolyn] Economically. – [Julia] I’m taking this minion out. – No!
– No! – No!
– You drew it it must remain! – [Julia] No! – And it looks like–
– The baseball stays too. – They’re about to hold hands.
– Oh, no! – [Carolyn] Now it looks like a good dad. (everyone intensely laughing) – Let’s play catch son!
– Teachin’ ’em how to play catch. (laughing hysterically) – [Carolyn] It’s about to hold hands, It’s like, slide down my tentacles, wee! – I’m having a good time.
– This is great! – [Nathan] Oh, what a joy! Should we?
– Yeah, look it up. Let’s look him up.
– Wow, wow, wow. – [Jacob] So, it’s just a big crazy thing. – [Nathan] It’s just
sort of a large torso. – [Carolyn] You try to
describe it better than I did. – You can’t.
– You just said, a big crazy thing?
– Yeah. – [Carolyn] That’s your
prompt, a big draw, a big crazy thing.
– Let’s just draw a big crazy thing.
– It’s T-posing in this picture, it’s sort of a meme. It’s sort of doing the meme. – [Carolyn] It’s such a nasty card. When you cast this spell, destroy target permanent, gross. – [Jacob] That’ll do it, that’ll do it to ’em. – [Carolyn] When we say, gross, in Magic, that means that it’s really good. – It’s good gross.
– It’s like saying, something is sick, in the real world. – It’s nasty.
– But, it’s not actually disease ridden, you’d think it’s cool. – [Jacob] Unlike
chipmunks, which, you know. – [Nathan] I’d like to
destroy chipmunks, permanent. – Awe.
– Are we done? (air whooshing)
– This was so much fun. – You guys crushed it.
– We gotta get you back on. – Anytime!
– For more stuff. – I also about Tolkien, so.
– Hell yeah! – We’ll do some of that.
– Or X-men. That’s kind of it.
– We got it all. Food, different cheeses, you guys wanna draw
different kinds of cheese? – [Jacob] I think we should have you on for a sports episode.
– Leave it in the comments. (everyone loudly snickers) – [Carolyn] Where you just
have me describe sports, and you have to guess what they are? – Yeah.
– Oh, that is fun! – [Carolyn] There’s guys
and they’ve got helmets, and there’s a ball, what is it? Cricket. – [Julie] That’s so many sports! Wonderful.
– Oh, well– – [Jacob] Go watch
Carolyn’s stuff on Dorkly. On the Dorkly channel, she does gaming vids.
– Sure do. – [Nathan] You guys are in those, right? – Yeah.
– Yeah. We’re in one of them.
– Yeah, we were. – [Jacob] And I believe we are in a – Dream!
– Dream episode, – I’m gonna be in one.
– Tomorrow. – It’ll probably go up–
– Or in a couple days. – Before this episode goes up.
– Wow, space-time continuum. – [Nathan] Yeah, Ulamog is doing that. – Controls the channel.
– Because he’s a good dad, and he won’t let you watch the news too much. – Thank you Ulamog.
– Thank you Ulamog. – We’re sorry.
– Sorry! – Sorry!
– Sorry!

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