Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack for DSLR Cameras | REVIEW

Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack for DSLR Cameras | REVIEW

hey we're on today I'm going to tell you everything you're gonna need to know about the al-tohra photo camera sling backpack Adam here at the digital goda Sherman if you're looking for a light compact camera bag to carry your camera and the essentials for a full day of shooting this may be the back for you and now if you're looking to purchase the alto photo camera sling backpack we'll have the links in the description box below so this bag may look compact but it's designed to hold the full set of gear like what you see here on the counter and it's ideal for compact and advanced DSLR cameras as well as mirrorless cameras and lenses this is a sling style design that's well padded and comfortable to carry now what's great about this design is that you can swiftly move the bag from your back to the front to access any gear what I really like is the fact that you don't have to remove the bag and place it on the floor to access anything you need for the shot alright so let's see how much you could fit in this camera bag well in the main compartment you're going to be able to fit a DSLR camera with three to four lenses depending on the size of the lenses and how you configure the velcro padded dividers now the velcro padded dividers are really easy to configure and you can set them up for how you want for that day of shooting so if we take a look at the top zippered pocket you're gonna notice that there's quite a bit of space you can fit anything like a shoe mount flash if you're gonna carry around an additional lens you can even keep it stored in a outer photo protective neoprene pouch or I like to bring around the Bluetooth speaker that way I have some music to play while I'm photographing a model out in the field you also notice that there are two pockets there's a mesh pocket in the back and that will allow you to organize a cleaning cloth filters maybe extra batteries memory cards and then there's a zippered pocket on the inside of the flap that's going to allow you to organize and store some small accessories on the top compartment there's a shallow zippered pocket and this is gonna allow you to place small items like your keys some extra cash or maybe your earbuds now if you're looking to go out and shoot some long exposures landscapes or even video and you need to carry along a tripod or monopod you're able to do so with the outer photo camera sling backpack you can easily attach it to the side of the bag you put one foot in the elastic pouch in the side and you secure it with the quick-release straps that are adjustable now if you're not looking to carry a tripod or monopod along with you there is an accessory loop on the side of the bag this is gonna allow you to attach different types of accessories to the side of the bag we have an ultra photo shoot mount flash with the provided pouch and now this will attach directly to the side of the bag this is gonna free up some space on the top portion of the bag now this will allow you to carry around different types of accessories maybe you want to carry around another lens or a small camera body on the main compartment you'll notice that there are two buckles these buckles can be released to open the bag completely when you want to configure your gear now when you're wearing the bag you can secure those buckles but still open the bag enough so that you can grab your camera by keeping your other lenses safely in place the latest version of the altura photo camera sling backpack features brand new zipper pulls the made of high-quality nylon and it's gonna make opening and closing the bag a breeze now this is the kind of attention to detail that makes altura photo bags so great the bag is made of top-notch materials with reinforced stitching at all the critical points this is going to give you the confidence that you'll know that your camera equipment is safe and secure the bag features a contoured padded strap this is gonna make it comfortable when carrying a full set of gear the padded strap will sit on your right shoulder and swung from the back to the front from the left hand side you can adjust the strap to a comfortable fit for your body size and to simply do that you pull or release the strap to the desired fit and you can hide any excess strap with the elastic band the bag also features an optional underarm strap now this is gonna keep the bag in place while you're moving and you'll notice that it's adjustable in length to fit most body types now if you don't want to use the underarm strap you can tuck it away in the pocket on the bottom of the bag the bag features mesh padding on the back for added comfort bag also features a single adjust buckle that connects the main strap to the bag this allows you to release trap when you don't want to remove the bag over your head now that you know everything there is about the al-tohra photo camera sling backpack let me know what you think and if you already own one I like to hear how it works for you in the comment section below hit us up with a like button underneath if this video helped you out and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more amazing content remember if you're in the Miami area come by say hello at the digital go-to showroom out of here keep on shooting I'll head to the next video you

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  1. How many times are you guys going to feature the same bag in video reviews? I see them going back years. Obviously a sponsored video which was never mentioned.

  2. I just recently purchased a Sigma lens which comes in bundle. Sweet deal except when I open the mono pod it looked used already. Kind of disappointed about that but I don't have the will to return everything just because of that.

  3. How many bananas can I fit in this bag? Or is it strictly a apples only bag? Can I move it from the side to the back to the front then the top to the bottom without removing the strap? Can I play my records out of it or 8 tracks only? So many questions, did I make the quota for this year?Have a safe and happy turkey loving day my brothers.

  4. 28 bucks sounds like a choice deal to me! Those bags (and tripods) that come in kit packages are useless! 💯

  5. I have just ordered the new Tamron 28-75 f2.8 Sony mount from your website, please can the staff members make sure it's sealed, brand new? I noticed a couple customer reviews who purchased off Amazon mentioned their copies looked used. I trust you guys and your website, don't let me down haha cheers!

  6. I'm curious if there is a bigger size than what you are showing? I don't think that would be big enough….. Thanks

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