Advice for being comfortable on camera – Vlogging

Advice for being comfortable on camera – Vlogging

what’s up shenanigans John here and I am
back once again once again straightening my shirt out here to talk about
something that I think is extremely important for vlogging I think you’ll
agree whenever I hear the compliment John you’re in natural in front of the
camera that makes me smile ear to ear because a lot of people think being a
natural in front of the camera means you were born with the ability to do it I
disagree and I hear me out yes some people have a tendency to be
more comfortable in front of the camera and it’s probably because of a couple
things first is they probably practice quite a bit I practice quite a bit I
practice at work for giving presentations interviews and things that
I’ve done I practice talking quite a bit and talking is just vlogging many people
aren’t gonna get away with never ever practicing the craft and talking and
being comfortable speaking in front of people is a craft it is something you
have to practice practice talk I talk to myself all the time when I would run and
I’m pointing over my treadmill you’re not seeing it and I would practice
talking to myself I practice things I was gonna say in collecting my thoughts
it is you know like fine tuning a muscle you need to practice you need to be able to
conduct yourself and be able to speak logically and incoherent sentences and
not feel weird when you’re talking in front of people now a tip that I’ve said
on this channel before that I think is an extremely important tip look into the
camera and you talk like you’re talking to a person and I am I’m talking to you
right there sitting right there on your phone or desktop or wherever interview I
think that’s your game console wherever it is I am actually picturing talking to
a person somebody walks into your house and you’re talking to them it’s not
gonna be awkward why would it be any different now so look into the camera
however you need to trick your mind into it pretend that you’re talking to a
person next know what you’re gonna say before you get on camera I know that is
probably common sense but a lot of times and even in the past when I would vlog I
turn the camera on and go I’m gonna vlog I turned the camera on and it would be
awkward because I didn’t know what I was gonna say what’s up guys I’m gonna talk
to you about being good on camera okay now these type of videos I have a
general outline about what I want to talk about and I’ll get on here and I’ll
stick to that but even when I’m doing my regular family vlogs when I turn that
camera on I kind of know what I’m gonna have
going on at that time so I filmed to edit so now when I film I know what I’m
gonna be doing so that I can edit a little bit quicker years ago it used to
take me four or five hours to edit vlogs now I can zip them really quickly
because I’ve logged that way I know exactly what I’m gonna talk about I know
exactly when I’m gonna show and I piecemeal my segments like that so it
gets a lot easier at the end when I’m doing the vlogs and that’s a another tip
for you too but feeling comfortable on it is knowing exactly what you’re gonna
talk about having it planned out now not scripted because again if you script
this and you memorize it it’s gonna come across unless you’re really really
really talented I’m not I have to get on here in freestyle if I try to script
anything it comes across very plainly that I’ve scripted it and it is very
clumsy that’s the best word I have for clumsy now this is another thing I think
it goes without saying but talk with passion talk with excitement you want to
be fake on here because that will come across but again I probably wouldn’t
talk like this when I’m looking at somebody I would be like oh that
actually made me laugh so you don’t have say when you’re watching a video it is
really engaging when somebody is passionate and excited when they’re
talking to you so it’s like amping yourself up a little bit maybe ten
twenty percent more than your natural self it comes across in the camera much
better I’m using my hands a lot I told you before I talk with my hands I don’t
know what to do with them if you’re talking about something that you’ve
liked that you love that you’re passionate right let that be known
that’s why we can watch motivational speakers they’re full of energy and I
guarantee you 100% that’s not how they walk around life you don’t see Tony
Robbins walking around life completely jacked in at school needs on stage he’s
passionate he lists it’s passion from people and it’s engaging and that’s what
we’re trying to do we’re trying to engage an audience when we’re talking to
him on the camera now this last one be confident and I’m going to pull a line
from one of my favorite movies of all time boiler-room Ben Affleck’s character
says when he’s standing at the boardroom table and he’s talking to the people he
tells them to act as if and I’m not gonna go into the full because I think
it’s got some cuss words and he tells them the act is it they’re the owner of
the company is there selling these stocks to people and I’m telling you act
is that you’re the biggest vlogger on YouTube act as if you have a million
subscribers you don’t have to feel like you don’t have a voice because we’re
small youtubers do you know what you’re talking about just because I don’t have
a million subscribers behind me doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about
I am like you I have the work I’ve put in the studying I’ve
put in the effort here I’ve put out over 350 videos I know a little something
about being on YouTube now has that translated 100% a huge sub-county no it
has it but it has shown me some things over time I know how to video I know how
to edit I know how to talk to people that doesn’t change with the size of
your YouTube audience please don’t lose confidence because you’re a small
Channel don’t do that feel confident own your space this is your space this is
your channel this is your video so when you stand up or sit down or whatever
you’re doing on your vlogs remember remember what Ben Affleck says act as if
act as if you’re the biggest vlogger on YouTube and don’t ever ever lose
confidence because of the size of your channel i’ma leave you with a final
bonus tip here this is one that I’ve learned quite a bit from over the years
learn from editing I’ve gotten better over time even though I was confident on
camera I think probably most of my life but even before I vlog because of my
acting and and and podcast days but watch your videos and learn from them
really take in what you’re doing take in how you talk and adjust you can do some
practice vlogs edit those and see how you come across you can become your own
best critic in that way you can learn to director so I know most people probably
still have a problem here and their own voice and watching themselves I tell my
wife all the time when I’m watching me I’m not editing me I’m editing a person
I’m directing a person tell myself to shut up quite often when I’m editing and
that sounds funny but when I’m editing myself I have a tendency to talk a lot
and so when I’m editing that I learn from that I’m like why am I talking so
much John shut up and I’m probably gonna do it right now cuz I’m rambling every
single time you release a vlog it should be the best version of the vlog you’ve
done learn don’t ever put something out that’s subpar just because you want to
get something out so learn every single thing you put out learn from yourself
looking at yourself listening to yourself you’ll become a much better
editor and you become a much better vlogger because you’ll know what to vlog
you’ll be able to kind of boil down to what you want to say you want to prepare
you want to practice you want to get that confidence you won’t get that
passion across to everyone you’re talking to out here on YouTube alright
guys that’s all I have for you tonight please smash that thumbs up and remember
if you aren’t subscribed please consider doing so and if you’re still
with some of the things that I’ve talked about today tell me down below maybe
I’ll shoot a video and I’ll discuss those a little bit further with you guys
thanks for watching again I appreciate the support and I will see you next time

16 thoughts on “Advice for being comfortable on camera – Vlogging”

  1. Hey John hope everything is well.. I think the thing that helped me the most when talking in front of a camera is getting to know my followers. Before anyone was following my channel, I would be so nervous talking to the camera. However, now that I have some followers and I've engaged with those followers through the comment sections, I now no longer feel like I'm talking to a camera, but instead talking to my followers, if that makes any sense.

  2. I used to write scripts, but I would usually deviate around it at times. Now I only jot down bullet points that I know I want to cover, and I go from there.

  3. Awesome points, man. Now I have a legitimate reason to give my wife for awkwardly talking to myself! #AlwaysGrindingMyCraft

  4. Nice tips. I’m still learning and I’m still trying to find out what would work best for me. Maybe I should start writing out what I’m going to say. Not a script but maybe bullets points. Two thumbs up!!

  5. Practice makes perfect.. you're right. The more you record, the more comfortable and confident you get especially if you know what you're discussing. I can relate to what you said. I don't really like seeing or hearing myself in the editing stage but I learn to get past it like you said. Great topic here.

  6. One Great thing, drina was very very shy, Being on youtube has really helped. I think she feels alot more comfortable in front of the camera

  7. You have some excellent points on here! Some of them I have had in my head, in going through with vlogging. Like don't feel less confident because your channel doesn't have many subs. Good job!

  8. Great video! I honestly feel like I could have said every single one of those things myself, you were literally describing me! Talk to myself? Check! Learning from editing & telling yourself to shut up? Check! Talk with your hands & never know what to do with them? CHECK!! (Have you seen my Instastories?!)

    Keep up the great work!

  9. These are perfect tips and you put them to work through the whole of the video. I'm learning every time I stream. No cuts in a stream though. But I remember my dad watching a video and listening to how I spoke and he was amazed it was me. I have a very monotone voice IRL but on video I try to be more interesting to listen to.

  10. Great ideas. I’ve told you before that I think you’re great at speaking. I find I pause a lot when I speak to the camera

  11. I feel like even good youtubers with tons of subscribers get like no views/likes like this video should be so popular!!!!

  12. My older kids and wife are a little shy in front of the camera still but I think it is more of a problem with self confidence.  If you are confident on camera you look more genuine and people may enjoy watching you.

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