Advanced Features When Uploading Basic Images – Working with Design Space – Tutorials for Beginners

In the previous video we learned the
basics of uploading an image for Print Then Cut. In this video we’ll cover how
image types and advanced upload options are used to simplify the colors of an
image to create more complex cut lines within a Print Then Cut project. For
example, removing the background of an image. Remember these options? These are essentially presets that tell Design
Space how to simplify the colors so that you can easily remove those areas of the
image to create cut lines. But we have advanced options available to give us a
little more control. Let’s see how they work. This image is a complex image with
a lot of colors, so select Complex and let’s move to the next step. Now,
using the Select and erase tool, click the background of this photo.
See how uneven and messy this looks? That’s because colors in that area are
not the same value, so Design Space left the pixels that don’t match. If I had to
click every color variation one at a time, it would take a while to clean up
this image. I’ll undo that. To use this image for Print Then Cut and remove this
broad area of color, here’s what to do: make an adjustment to the color
tolerance. Color tolerance tells Design Space how many pixels to select and
delete based on how alike they are. For example, set the tolerance to 1 and
Design Space doesn’t select very many pixels. Notice only a few pixels in that area were erased? Now I’ll set the tolerance much higher, like 60. And, sure enough, it removes nearly all
pixels close to that color value. Now I’ve got a Print Then Cut image that
will print the colored areas and a cut line will be created where the
transparent and opaque pixels meet. I’m going to undo that. What if I don’t want
the image to be a Print Then Cut image? What if I just want to make it a cut
image? That’s where reduced colors comes in. We can simplify color so it’s much
easier to remove the parts we don’t want. I’ll start with three.
Now the image has been simplified to three colors. I can click away and remove
the colors I don’t want, which will create my cut lines.
When I’m done I can move forward and save this as a Cut image. And that’s it! In the next video we’ll take our first look at pattern uploads.


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