100 thoughts on “Action News has obtained video showing the last known images of 5-year-old Dulce Maria Alavez”

  1. Jesus Padre mio desde el fondo de mi corazon te ruego, te suplico que porfavor traigas de nuevo a este angelito a casa, te ruego que la cuides y la protegas ya que para ti no hay nada imposible, todo lo puedes padre y yo se y creo que esta nina regresara bien a casa, padre asi lo creo en el nombre de Jesus Amen.

  2. So innocent getting ice cream at the store and playing and some sick animal takes her my god this breaks my heart ive seen the mom interview and she seems careless! Id be in the hospital cuz id be going crazy !!

  3. Ok. I have a couple of theories but I think this was the meeting point. He- the pervert in the cap, was going to check out the "merchandise" in her inappropriate, oversized high heeled sandles(probably at sickos request?) The mother took her time at the counter and gave him ample time to gawk.(notice the kids got ice cream which was probably melting as she took her sweet ass time at the counter..) Nothing was to be said in case of cameras. If he liked what he saw he was to follow them to the park and take Dulce, while she waited in her car, established an alibi and gave him enough of a head start before calling police. I'm sure the police looked at her phone but did they look for drop phones?? That love is free t-shirt does not sit right with me. AND… the man's clothing dosent sit well with me. Everyone has on short sleeves and he has on a long shirt and work boots but he's not dirty. He is either hiding identifiable tattoos or clothing underneath to change his appearance when he takes her. Plausible??

  4. The bald head dude at counter staring at them when they walk in. Who does that? He then moves to another part of the counter as if he is signaling someone else.. maybe the dude in the cap? Odd to me and my opinion only!!!

  5. Has the police notice the guy wearing a cap looking at the little girl and he doesnt seem like hes buying anything hes just looking at her

  6. Exactamente eso dije yo miren ese hombre de cafe como observa la niña ese vato esta suspechoso lo eh dicho desde que vi el video la policia porfabor agan algo

  7. Porfavor dios mio regresa esta niñita con bien 🙏😔😢 tengo una hermanita de esa edad se parecen mucho… yo me muero si algo le pasara a mi hermanita como ella 😭😭💔

  8. Revicen bien el video e investiguen con la policía sobre ese hombre de la gorra negra .
    Que le pidan el video completo de la tienda como entró ese hombre cómo salió O trabaja allí o quien verga és porque estaba bien sospechoso. Despierten familia de la niña agan algo…
    Pidan el video completo al dueño de la tienda y pónganse analizar el video.

  9. En este video de la nevería se mira a un hombre entrar detrás de ellas y se para a mirar a La Niña cheken bien y me darán la razón pueda que este hombre desde ahí las empezó a seguir

  10. The man is staring at dulce alavez
    Police could gp back and ask for that specific tap and when he payed they could of checked his information!

  11. Now look at the drawing of the person that might of seen what happened the possible witness looks just like the guy in the ball cap watching her in the store 🤔

  12. I think its super creepy how that dude is staring at dulce looks like.. theres no REASON for a grown as man to be staring that hard at a little girl.. and especially to just be standing there not buying anything. He's obviously not in line to buy cigarettes or anything.. he's clearly looking.. I'd start with that man first. He absolutely looks suspect to me.. the way he's staring at that little girl gives me the chills.. he could be an innocent bystander but like I said, he clearly wasnt in line about to buy something nor did it seem like he was looking around to buy anything.. he SUSPECT for sure!

  13. it look like he was about to pay for something and then he went to the back and then he came back around and then he stared at the girl for like a long min

  14. Investiguen a ese hombre de gorra que entra y se para aver a los niños bien se mira en el video para mi que el la tiene busquen a ese hombre los mira muy sospechoso a los niños

  15. I’m just seeing this video for the first time and my FIRST thought was THAT GUY RIGHT THERE IN THE STORE!! Wtfff. He’s watching the kids and how the mom isn’t paying attention to them

  16. 0:35 it breaks my heart when she starts carrying her little bro…Btw, did anyone see that creepy guy staring at her…? Pretty suspicious….

  17. They shut check in the cámara if the juy left the store right away after Dulce María and her mom left the store and if he buy something from the store because he look very suspicious because he was staring at her the most of the time and also they shut interviews the cashier

  18. First of all why is the footage edited? Who is that man? From 0:34 all the way to the end of the clip he was staring at the kids. Question him.

  19. Did anyonelegit see this creepy guy didnt even by anything but just standing there keeping an eye on Dulce the whole time!!!!

  20. The guy with the hat is obviously on some weird shit. I say someone investigate this man. He fits the description perfectly plus his actions speak loud

  21. Dulce looked very wary of the guy walking past her. She was also watching her younger brother in the store. I don't think she would go voluntarily with a stranger.

  22. As someone who worked in a gas station.. you don’t know what he was doing. People wait food to be made for them.. especially if they are regulars

  23. 0:37 the way this man is looking at these kids creeped me out holy shit… maybe they should try to ID him and find him… he walks past them and then comes around, stands still and stares at them!

  24. The guy in the hat stopped looked at the little girl for longer then normal continued to buy whatever he bought then as he was going to pay he couldn't keep his eyes off of her, could be treated as a suspect!

  25. Maybe someone from the store followed the mom to the location she was heading to and maybe one of those guys in the store took her… I seen the guy in hat just stop all a sudden and staring at the kids. Kinda scary

  26. that guy in the hat look suspicios and he look like the guy in the sketch. idont understand why the police havent looked into this man ???!!?!?!??!

  27. i think i know if you see that back gu he bought something and then that man that luceros lifestyle tv the man could also be involved because when we first heard the news and found out she was missing they said a black guy and another white man took her..so i dont know really if its them.

  28. It had to be someone that Dulce knew or recognized so she went to them.. Or the kidnapper pulled up and pretended to be selling candy or puppies..

  29. The mother was careless and now she is paying the consequences. You take your kids to the park.. you get off the dam car and push them in the swings slide etc.. If she were right there with them.. this never would of happened.

  30. Alright watching and watching and there are 4 men in total in that store, the clerk, the bald black dude at the counter, a man with a turban walks past then another customer comes and walks down the aisle, then comes and waits in line while the shit show of a circus is going on in front of him, he is not stalking the kids 🤣🤣 what ever is everyone going on about! Hes a customer waiting!!

  31. The man is obviously waiting in line when dulce picked up the brother he said mommy that’s why the man was looking

  32. Isn't it obvious for the FBI?! That dude with the baseball cap. The same guy the basketball girls described! They also said they've seen her with a man in a baseball cap. Look why would he just look at dulce like that? He didn't even buy anything. Researches should be made on and they should investigate him! I'm afraid dulce might not be alive anymore.,

  33. I still believe that man took her. He probably paid for all, so that she can trust him. He should had been taken into custody by police til he confessed it. Over here in florida another case, the mom got crazy about it and she knew nothing about english, but that didn't stopped her from searching for her daughter. And the suspect she thought it could be, was taken into jail and he was telling that had nothing to do with that, but mother said that she still had that feeling. Police were going to release him from jail. The mother insisted to investigate him, and it felt like it wasn't getting anywhere with that, but he got desperated and ended up confessing what he did and couldn't remember the place where he abandoned and buried her death body. The mother til now is hoping that she is alive and can come home some day, even when he already confessed that he killed her, the mom still wants to see the body to believe that she is dead. See, a mom, no matter if it speaks english or not, still will do anything for a daughter or son. Search for missing girl diana alvarez in bonita springs florida and see the difference.

  34. The little 3 yr old boy holds the key to her rescue. He knows who took her, how it happened, and where they left. The very first week she went missing they should've taken him to a child psychologist and have him slowly open up. Now we might've lost hope, he's 3 so his memory might not be good. Had they started asking about the situation everyday, maybe they could've gotten something. In any kind of way or form they HAVE to talk to that 3 yr old boy because he's the one who can lead to her recuse.

  35. No hay nada más q buscar el asesino está en el vídeo seguro bajo engaños se la llevó investiguen bien chequen las cámaras

  36. everyone keeps commenting on the man in the video but police have interviewed everyone. he obviously isn't the suspect they are looking for

  37. There were TWP men right by the counter and I assume the 3rd guy that passes by the children is am employee? BUT… NOT ONLY DOES THE CREEPO "WATCH AND STALK"… But if you watch starting at the :40 second mark… The little boy is WEARY of that Isle. Then, the older girl looks like she is bowing (But it Appears she is trying to get Dulce to notive somethinf) The older girl (For the 2nd time in a couple seconds) "Dramatically tries to get Dulce's attention, and she does the bow thing again except it's WAY more obvious she is looking at "SOMETHING" (Chips on Shelf) "SOMEONE" (Video is only bits and pieces. Maybe man put something on shelf?)
    ***Side note- Growing up us older kids would do some kind of silly dramatic hand, head, foot or EYE movement to point out something "Quietly and Secretively" that we wanted them to ask our/their parent for… The older kids ALWAYS get told No 🤓 but the little one's…. ALMOST always get what they ask for…. I have watched it SOOOO many times and the part that us missing from the slight delay in video could be CRUCIAL! JUST SAYING

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