A Local’s Guide: Winston-Salem

A Local’s Guide: Winston-Salem

(upbeat music) – I love Winston-Salem because it has the offerings of a major city with a small city vibe. It’s very easy to get around. It has a small footprint. And the community makes it feel like you’ve been there forever. I’m Bryan Ledbetter. I am the owner of Airtype
and Camel City Goods, and a co-owner of The Ramkat. And I’ve been in
Winston-Salem for 20 years. Camel City Goods sells
apparel, drink ware, coasters, and accessories that celebrate Winston-Salem and the state of North Carolina. There’s a lot of cool things
to experience in Winston-Salem. What I would recommend is
spending the day in Industry Hill, visit art galleries downtown, and, if you’re the outdoorsy type, we have Quarry Park and Salem Lake. (upbeat music) The cool thing about Industry Hill is you can spend a day here
grabbing a good bite to eat, shopping at some retail stores, or visiting some breweries. Some really great places to eat include Sweet Potatoes, which is
amazing Southern food, as well as Mary’s, of course. For retail, you have Sunnyside Mercantile, which features local artists, as well as handmade spoon
carving and furniture. Or you can grab a beer
and hang out with friends at Fiddlin’ Fish Brewery
or Wise Man Brewery. There’s a lot of great
art galleries downtown. Some of the ones I like to frequent are Delurk and Artworks because I’m always
excited to see what’s new. Artivity Park is one of my
favorite places to hang out. Initially, it was just a parking
lot with weeds all over it. And then they transformed it
into this beautiful space. You have live music, you can sign up to do spoken word, and then there’s the
awesome murals on the wall painted by local artists. Winston-Salem takes a lot of
pride in repurposing things for public use. One of those things is Quarry Park. Quarry Park has this really
cool architectural feature, an observation deck that also has these
really cool vantage points to look into the quarry and experience it with picnic tables and just hanging out
with friends and family. A cool outdoor feature
we have in Winston-Salem is Salem Lake. That’s about 365 acres and
there’s a seven-mile bike trail. You can either bike or run,
you can fish, there’s a marina. It’s a really cool water
feature for the city. (upbeat music) We want you to come to Winston-Salem to experience our art, our entertainment, our culture, and our community. (upbeat music)

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  1. The building on the left at 2:32…some of us call that the deodorant building. Looks just like roll-on deodorant. 😊

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