5 Top Film Cameras for Under $1000 feat. JapanCameraHunter

5 Top Film Cameras for Under $1000 feat. JapanCameraHunter

so yeah this is a very special analog Reve where we show you where to go for film cameras in Hong Kong but also top five picks for vintage all film cameras under one thousand US dollars over that we've got a special expert person expert Bellamy hunt a wise known as Japan camera hunter hello everyone all right let's go shopping yeah one thousand dollars about the cost of a decent DSLR if you have one thousand dollars to wisely invest in a decent film camera system body and lens which ones should you get Bellamy is a camera trader blogger photographer film lover living in Japan needless to say he knows his stuff about carers so what are his top 5 picks for buying film cameras the shopping arcade winning the Charlie Sheen shopping arcade it's got some n3 and – okay he's got like lots of plus $10,000 that's they're out and they're out it might seem like a big budget but if you want a useable classic or modern classic a lot of options are out anything with red dot isn't no go but if you want a rangefinder there is one left Mr Hunt highly recommends contacts g2 is difficult you see you can get one of these with a lens $101,000 and it is an outstanding camera either save the lenses on this as some of the best there it you know there are you know but again it's a case of this is camera that can't be repaired you really do need to hold hands with the seller and walk them down the beach and give them smooches to make sure that it's right because otherwise it's going to be an expensive brick more things go wrong with it just stops working it's fully level it's a fully electronic camera they just sometimes they just stop but one of the cool things about this camera is yes if it does stop working you have got the lenses you can have the lenses converted to mm so they do have an afterlife which you can do through me if say you've got the camera body and lens if the body stops working other lens is so good that you just say okay getting that body yes absolutely yeah I would say that yeah go out and get another body find another one it won't cost you that much money you can get a contact g2 with 45 millimeter f/2 from around $600 if you want a good solid SLR Bellamy's top pick can be had for way within budget oh there you go they call that free NIC on f3 yeah is 55 2.8 yeah it's it's an interesting lens it's a micro lens it's kind of cool not terribly expensive but really accessible and you're pretty easy to find it but this this would be my Pig there are a sub $1,000 SLR film cap has got loin meter it's got a light meter it's got you know aperture priority it's got everything you want on it it's tough it's whether seat well if you get the entropy on the press you've got the press version it's where the seal is this is back in the day this was a full-on pro camera this was about as good as it got what I like about this camera is right you've got your preview here so you can light up a finder yep right there's a place in Japan that does a hack for this because it only usually stays on for like three seconds and there's a place where you can hack it and they will hold it press the button at Stanford 15 seconds brilliantly which is really cool you know such a wonderful camera you can change the screens you know interchangeable screen so you can squids fighters you yeah yeah overall a really great camera so and taking apart like taking a gun apart it's what it feels like weapon it does it does you could probably get B to everybody for little over $100 up to over 200 for excellent mint condition ones the lens Bellamy went from micro nickel you can get one those for under $200 but there are loads of nickel lenses to choose from all of these lenses will work obviously they don't of the air the air won't work but they will still meet her they will still mount on your NIC one f3 all of them this is an Italian designed camera that you know is just gorgeous yes it's it's a utilitarian but but at the same time this piece of industrial design beautiful so this would be your s laughing personally this would be where I look and that's reason I'm biased because I have another top place to peruse and perv over film cameras champagne court as a few secondhand watch shops there but there's a nice collection of film camera shops that sell Tanna quality and rare stuff ah here we are all good friend all good friend Schemmel check out bling who's them gold owl yeah that's a even the lettin the leather nice touch there's no better way to invest your money than this yes unless you want meeting formats ton and then you would get gold once compact cameras $1000 is a fair wedge to throw on a compact thus there's lots to choose from so which one would be the best compact to go for and all good friend have tons of stuff lots and lots and lots of you got any contacts T 2 minus T – yeah right so you know there's a little thing about these cameras right it's all of the Japanese cameras the fitting was made for the 5 yen coin the Japanese marketing coin so it fits the Japanese side yen coin better oh yeah II okay right here we go the contacts t2 this is a personal favorite so this Auto reco you pick this I pick this this also cannot be serviced just like the reco brought but this is way tougher yeah these things are tanks you know I've I've had hundreds of them literally hundreds of them and of my personal ones I've never had one break down on me yeah and I've only had one that I've sold break down on me and you know yeah okay it happens but it's so rare whereas recall oh no it stopped working you know the context is i love whatever I've looked dents in the top plate look it has it's got a dent in the top plate and it's still working fine you know they're tough they've got a cool a Carl Zeiss 38 millimeter 2.8 lens on them right which is a nice nice focal length but it's beautiful like mrs. sharp it's it's excellent I would say this is one of the best components there is if not in the best toss-up between the t3 because the t3 is just that a little bit better so either way it's going to be a contest for me yeah yeah very simple to use it's usually autofocus but you can you know you've got your focus selector here in distance as well and you can select your aperture on there and your flash and stuff like that really that's all we need simple to use cameras cut it nice and smooth expect to pay anything from around $300 up to 500 for tip-top condition one in original packaging and what about medium format Pentax success yes but it's massive yeah the shutter is like a north thunderclap going off here Wow you can't be subtle in this camera you know people complaining about shutter slept with nex-7 let's try one that's the original shutter slap so that a seven it's a huge camera it's a very heavy camera you don't really want to lug it around all day long but what is that guy using lugging around diverse that's how I like my cameras ranked like that that's why I drop them one time also got a lot of variations on the camera on the lenses lots of different versions so you really kinda had to know the system you have to know what you're looking for it takes a bit of time and learning how to use the camera as well it's a hefty beast the body was standard 105 millimeter lens and metered prism ways of wrist snapping 1.7 kg but that 6-7 setter would cost you around $800 that's a lot of care of your money one last recommend if your right to blow your whole budget on one yeah now here's a good rangefinder foot under $1,000 if a canopy or the Canon seven but you can also if you're lucky and you look you can find a Nippon s and s – not obviously this one but you can find them for hundred thousand dollars with a lens usually I think that is a better choice than the Gannet I would be inclined to agree personally I would say go and get yourself a nikon rangefinder and you really wouldn't regret that decision I don't think and the the the rangefinder lenses yes the con rangefinder lens is a gorgeous just gorgeous but Nikon is a way of getting into rangefinder and then finding yourself spending way more than $1000 very very quickly yeah Nick honours range finders are pretty special and probably a rarer sight than a Leica there are loads of stupendously good film cameras out there to be bought the only trouble is having the money to buy all of them there are some practical choices some cheaper choices some rarer cameras but if you want a camera that is good to use good to collect and are classics in their own right you should definitely consider Bellamy's top 5 picks you you

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  1. My Leica M6 cost me $1000, got 3 at about that price. People should also remember the only reason to buy a camera is to make good photos. Do not forget to make the photos, and get all hooked on the gear crap. PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS

  2. One really nice camera I recommend for the price is the Cannon QL Series specifically the QL-17 GIII. This camera usually only costs $90 to $150 on ebay. I picked up a QL-19 and it runs like a dream 🙂

  3. So many youtubers hyped this guy up. There are zillion of camera shops in Tokyo focused on film and film cameras most of them have listing on eBay.

  4. Solid selections. Fun video. Other good ones — Konica Auto S3, Yashica Electro CC or GX for rangefinders. Hard to beat the Nikon F3, listed. And he's bang on about that Contax.

  5. was hoping a manual camera would be on here 🙁 2 many times my film will be rewinding on my Olympus, and the battery dies before its finished rewinding

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